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The Invitation

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1 year ago

There stands the table. Made out of wood material. Paired with it is a chair, black, plastic, standing on a mat to not slide on the tile flooring. It faces the table. On top of the table, there stays the portable device. Just propped there for the hermit to use...

Perfect! the hermit thought while discreetly looking at the set.

Wait till the people are gone... Hush now, hush now... You'll have your chance.

Hubby goes to work, the children go and play. It seems forbidden to even sit in front of the monitor. So...

Yes! Finally! She exclaims.

But the floor is unclean, the sink is dirty. She observes.

She sweeps first and does the dishes.

What else?

Then she turns to that place.

Anybody could see the light coming from her eyes every time an opportunity comes for her to write.

She sits on the black plastic chair and positions herself to work on the device.

Type type type! Type type type! Chegedeg chegedeg chegedeg! The sound shoos the mice away. Chegedeg chegedeg chegedeg! Where are her thoughts coming from?

The world becomes still as her mind wanders through the places on her memory. She squeezes the juice out of every fruit she could find. Then she puts them together, mixing, blending words and phrases to become a story.

She drains everything into who knows where...

I'm done for the day, the hermit concludes, even if it was just an hour that passed. How quick was that?

Then she remembers her children who went out playing. She goes around, finds the little people then play with them and brings them home to feed. Then she claps claps claps with the story behind her head. How did it fare, she wonders.

She tucks the children for daytime nap and decides to take a nap herself. But then her eyes wanders and rests on the thing on the table. The room was not closed so she was able to see her work area.

Slowly, she creeps out of the room and goes to the place that is inviting her soul.

What is it with writing that she goes extra hours without rest? Only the night will be her rest time. She even becomes a night owl just to extinguish the fire within her.

Hi, guys! I've been invited to testify for something on our local congregation. But it became a writing prompt instead--The Invitation.

I won't be publishing tomorrow so let me publish this today.

When we have the chance tonight, let's ponder on The Words that might bring message to us. Honestly, I have just restarted my spiritual life and I realized I still have a long way to go. There are a lot to learn.

I am very much lucky to have found my spiritual family. We should have had our weekly bible study a while ago but we were not able to. Hence I will do it on my own before sleeping.

I'm still asking myself whether writing here was a good decision that I made for the previous week. Maybe, I will have to take a break and focus instead on more important things.

Let me straighten myself: Writing here is the best decision I've made for the past week. I may not be an expert, but I know how to express myself at the very least. In addition, even though it was not explicit, I saw the sufferings of others through how they composed their articles. You could deduce how others are pleading for mercy, hoping to be rewarded by the bot. You read people who baits you by having catchy title. But then, we all want to make a living. I respect others as much as I began respecting myself. A lot is unsaid, but read. A lot is unexpressed, but still read. Through the way authors have crafted their stories, we could understand each other. That is, if we are listening using our hearts. Maybe, that is why coincidentally, the name of this platform is I invited my self here. This is the invitation I gave to myself.

Hi! I am FrieLincs! I am fond of using the Classic Microsoft Paint. Here I have another avatar using Paint. Hehehe. I just made a new one. Just did some silly things but it was fun. I'm sure my friends would laugh at this when they see it. (It's not a map or globe, okay?) Thanks for reading patiently!

Love, FrieLincs.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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I enjoyed reading this one, too! We are all inlove amd thankful with, of course. Keep safe, and keep on doing what you love. ;)

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1 year ago

well writing here has also been one of the best things I've done for myself as well, especially since I'm an introvert and i really struggle with expressions

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1 year ago