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1 month ago

I am blinded. Blinded by my incapacity to see the truth.

I am blinded by my greed, by my selfishness and who knows what.

I am telling you, this is no poetry. I just wanted to express, as free as I could be.

The truth is, I have come face to face with my truth. I have seen my truth. I have embraced my truth. But my eyes are still blind.

The wall I created or is still creating or being put up by the 😈, it is blinding me. It is not light that blinds me but the wall, that wall!

I will put huge strength into my arms, and I will break it down.

But I already saw the truth and neither my strength nor my will alone will be able to break what's blinding me.

But there is another thing! A chain is binding me. Chain of arrogance and boastfulness! How can I move, how can I breakthrough?

I will break free from these! I will make a stance and break this.

But I saw that truth and my stance alone will deliver me from my own trespasses.

Blinded, binded. I want to break free! I want to live the truth. I am not blind, I am not binded. But I am.

There is this man who saw another being plundered by those in position. But then he turned a blind eye and lived to it. How pitiful all these people are!

A woman is free to live her own but then she remembers all her fantasies and the romance she kept hidden in her head. And she lived pathetically. Not to her opinion, unfortunately.

We have all seen the truth! But we are blinded. We are binded.

One way or another we come up with excuses, of reasons. We exercise our logical sense so we make up what's usable for our own justification.

We commit what everyone else is commiting. We do what others are doing.

But have we tried really, to live the truth and nothing but the truth?

In all honesty, I am heartbroken. I am broken by my incapacity to do what I have to.

I am weak even though I am strong. I am mute even though I could speak.

I have few even though I have many.

I know a way to access wealth, but I deny myself of it.

As we confine ourselves in the room of anguish, of negativities and endless internal strife, let us also open the windows and also the door after we are done.

We wash our teary eyes. We talk to the people who are with us. We prepare our bath and take a bath.

Let us allow ourselves to absorb lessons.

We maybe like this now but there is always tomorrow to do better.

I am not sure anymore if this ever has a connection to the heart of this article but I just read a while back how Joseph thanked God that He has caused him to be fruitful in the land of his affliction, naming his second son as Ephraim.

That was the verse that had rhema on me and I just wanted to mention it here.

Much as I would like to be straightforward, my personality sometimes doesn't allow me to.

That is one reason I like it here. I am given my right to remain silent in case someone interrogates.

No one of course will do that to the extent of debate. Otherwise my knees will give way even before I give my rebuttal.

Anyway, I hope you find your way until you arrive at the point where I am now.

If not, you may first go home. This might just be a hide and seek game. Or maybe, an invitation to reflection.

P.S.: I know you're dying to correct me. But yes, bound is the correct word for binded. Sometimes, I like to use misconjugations.

The danger lies really when we use it and not send it to appropriate audience/s. After all we try so hard to create rules in our language in the hope of better communication. Unless we really aren't that capable, let us follow rules and protocols.

P.S.2: While writing this, my first child and his dad were sleep talking. I guess they haven't had enough.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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