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In the fertile planes of the Ganges river delta this country is situated and it borders the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh borders various states of India in the West North and east and has a short border with Burma in the south east.

The area of the bangladesh is 143998 km is slightly larger than Greece or slightly smaller than the US State of Iowa.

It is estimated that in Bangladesh there are 171 million people are living so Bangladesh is among one of the most densely populated countries.

The majority of its population are followers of Islam nearly 90% the capital and the largest city is Dhaka the national language of Bangladesh is Bangla or Bengali.

Famous for?

It is home to the world's largest river Delta which is farmed by the Brahma putra and the gangs river for the natural uninterrupted sea beach in Asia it is most famous. In Bangladesh there is the oldest tea garden.


Bangladesh was originally the part of Pakistan. The boundaries of modern Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal in August 1947 when British India was separated along religious linguistic and Cultural lines.

Interesting facts about Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️

No doubt that bangladesh is a beautiful city with lush greenery and waterways .There are so many interesting facts about Bangladesh so I am going to explain them.

National anthem:-

My Golden Bengal is the national anthem of Bangladesh and it was written in 1905 by rabindranath tagore.


The flag of Bangladesh is dark green in colour and it is similar to the flag of Pakistan but there is red colour circle in middle of the flag which represent the country blood shed while fighting for the Independence the dark green colour symbolises the countries rich vegetation and Islamic faith.

Government:currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi taka and it is a sanskrit term for tanka . it was used in ancient time to designate the silver coin.

Rural and urban population:-

Itni jaldi live in rural areas in 2020 it was estimated that almost 60% of the population resided in rural areas on the other hand almost 38% were estimated to live in the urban areas. The rural population is engaged with agriculture .


There are variety of industries in bangladesh including wheat, tea and beef industries. In addition to it , bangladesh has a cotton and garments industry.

Life line is tea:-

Bangladesh is very now the tea producing country it is rated among the top 10 largest tea producers globally the country's tea can be trace back to British rule during this period: the east india company conducted tea trade in the Sylhet region . About three percent of the global tea is from bangladesh.

National dish :-

The national food dish in bangladesh is hilsha fish curry 🍛 HILSHA is a fish related to herring . Bangladesh is also famous for its delicious desserts where you will find a wide range of rice cakes, sweets and rice puddings .


There are 53 public universities in Bangladesh . Dhaka university is top ranking followed by Bangladesh university of engineering and technology and rajshahi University in the second and third place there are over 100 private Universities.

Nobel prize 🏆 winners:-

Muhammad yunus a bangladeshi who got nobel prize in 2006 for promoting social and economic development from below. Rabindranath tagore another bangladeshi was the first non European to earn the nobel prize in literature.

So do you think that we should have a visit to bangladesh. We should explore the culture and see the historical places i would love to. In future i will surely visit bangladesh

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Thanks and my love to all bangladeshi ❤️🇧🇩

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No doubt every country is great itself I wanna send love to all bangali much respect

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