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Work, the business of life

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4 weeks ago

The business of life is a cycle in the journey of living a social and economic life, mentally fulfilled, and spiritually empowered. It is a cycle that shows how human beings in one generation have been empowered to function and lay the foundations for empowering the next generation. If we understand the meaning of a generation we can well agree with the fact that the empowerment given to one generation serves as the basis for the next generation. A generation is a group of people who live in a given area for a period of time.

Life is not still, it grows. It is a continual process of development and change. An ever-changing consciousness, full of changing moral values, changing social behavioral patterns, and changing maturity levels. Every individual must seek to be the best in his own class, discipline, and jurisdiction. The overall goal is to be all that we can be, closer to the people we love and the things we enjoy.

Life is expected to change as men move from one generation to the next while enjoying their love of serving men. Men or people are created for the sole purpose of working. To serve our fellow human beings, and in doing so we serve the creator. Everyone is made with the ability to work and to be specially equipped to work differently while contributing to the creator's business of making the world a better place to live as generations go by. This is how God's kingdom can be established on Earth.

You are born to work. You are equipped to work. You are needed to work. The time you were created, the way you were created is special, unique, one of a kind. Your difference is your uniqueness. To become relevant, you have to fulfill what you are called to do by the creator of all things that exist in the universe. Your existence on Earth is not by accident or coincidence. You are created to work for the creator's business of making life better for generations to come by working with other people who were created for the same purpose.

Think about yourself, how you work, how you contribute, how you make life better for someone else. Think about how you make life better for everyone around you, even if you don't know them, even if they are far away from you. God put the power of influence inside every living being on Earth to make life better for everyone else.

The establishment of God's Kingdom, in which love rules perfectly, is in the hands of men. Following the process of making the world a better place is the only reason of the Creator's purpose to make His human creation. The better world that men dream of is the same purpose of why men were created. Each generation must play its part in seeing this dream come true. It is a creative assignment from the Creator to all mankind. Each generation is assigned the task of preparing a transformation model for the next generation. This is the business of creators from the beginning, the very purpose of human life on the face of the earth. So people were created to work in the Creator's Business. This is the meaning of life.

All areas of work and engagement serve as part of the discovery and transformation of men's lives. Mankind's transformation is what makes the world a better place to live. Mankind is called human beings, an indication that humanity needs to undergo a process of change that makes us human. And this discovery to become fully human, is a natural inclination that only come through the work or vocation made by humanity. A job or service is an opportunity for each of us to develop our lives. Our supernatural, immortal, and abundant life. Life is not a competition, it is a combination of small efforts, repeated over time. And the rewards are unexpectedly large. 

Our love, gifts, talents, and capabilities are found and gavanised in the field of work we do. This is where we get our Divine Natural Ability (DNA). The work of our hands is what defines the world in which we live. It is important that we pay attention to the work of our hands with all our hearts. Doing so will lead us to a place where we could come up with a piece of knowledge, divine light or truth that will motivate or inspire the interest of our souls, thus fulfilling the Creator's plan for our lives, at the same time laying the foundation for the next generation to build.

The world would be a better place where each of us would let our love be the driver of our lives. Anxiety is both spiritual and physical. It is the divine flow through our personality. Deity gives power to the desire to grow. When given a chance, our love inspires our ideas and values ​​in lift and elevates us to a higher position in life that enables us to take a picture of the wonderful future we desire, not only for ourselves but also for the unborn. If we can get an idea then we can get a mission that becomes our business or work to serve humanity and informed solutions to world problems. In short, we are the solution the world needs to be a better place.

In conclusion, we see that work as a business of life is a cycle that begins with the creator's business that enables humanity to attain its vocation which has encouraged or aroused the cravings of men who give birth to values ​​and a vision for the beloved future ... and the cycle continues from one generation to the next.

In this context, the creator gives life to humanity by creating a business. He inspires human beings to attain their vocation and encourages them to keep their hopes alive. As revealed in the Holy Book, this impetus toward a vision of love is represented in God's words: "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness," he says in Genesis 1:26. The Lord wants His people to seek the future and to sustain their hopes in him.

A hope that is aroused by a business concept, or a love project in general, is certainly something good and noble. The business itself, however, is only a means of realizing this noble vision. Which is the business of life.

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Written by   655
4 weeks ago
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