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Base Defense: Life is a Game

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People tend to say "life is a game" you are the player of this playoff. You have control of your own, you make a decision that can lead to victory or defeat. You have a lot of possibilities in the moment of playing the game you may take the risk to survive, you put energy to prove that you can keep on going and believing that you grasp the finish line.

Life is a big arena that you can be a player, life is like volleyball. In playing this kind of tournament there are six (6) players from different positions; Outside Hitter, Middle Blocker, Righ-side Hitter, Opposite, Libero, Setter These are the positions that we can connect in our life.

Photo Credit: Wan San Yip (Unsplash)

The Outside Hitter

This position is also known as a left-side hitter this is the focal point of the offense and completes most of the attack hits. Same as in our life we become an outside hitter wherein you can give impact to them that they will realize the purpose of their life. You hit them in the way of changing their perspective in life to make them a better person, to see the importance of being alive in this world.

The Middle Blocker

The role of the Middle Blocker is to block the offense of the opponent he/she just has to be ready for the quick attack, the middle blocker is one of the cores of the game. In our life, we can be a Middle Blocker you are ready to face the obstacle and encounter the pain that can define your firmness to step forward until you reach the victory of the game. Sometimes we build a wall to block people that can hurt us and let us feel the struggle in our life. But on another side of these walls, we can reflect on what will be the good thing that we must do.

Right-side hitter/ Opposite

One of the roles of Right-side hitter/ Opposite is he/ she can do both offense and defense. The opposite can hit the ball from the front and back row, the right-side hitter must be flexible to do his task for the team. There are times that we became a right-side hitter/ opposite we tend to be strong but sometimes we fall, we lose, we destroy. There is a moment in our life that we keep fighting, moving to our goals and we still going on even we feel the pain in every step we make.

Photo Credit: Vince Fleming (Unsplash)


The libero is a back-row specialist who is allowed to play backcourt only. Since the libero is only allowed in the backcourt of the game, he/she must have the best passing and defensive skills in the team. This player needs to have exceptional serve receive skills because often they pass a larger area than other serve receivers in the team. To be honest, there are instants in our life that we became a libero, we tend to face the hard and powerful serve of the opponent, we carry the burden of others to make them feel that they are not alone. We make them happy we support them and take the responsibilities when the time becomes wrong or worse, we are open-handed for them.


The setter is the playmaker, point guard, or quarterback of the volleyball team. A setter’s responsibility is to run the team’s offense and build up offensive scoring opportunities for the team. There are parts in our life that we tend to be a setter we set a game for others, we are the ones who always adjust for them we play in the court of full of pain and we bear it in our self, we take control or authority to others.

Photo Credit: Wan San Yip (Unsplash)

Life is a game, sometimes we lose but most of the time we are victorious. If we want to be a winner of our battle we should always follow and obey the rules of the Lord, we should always claim victory upon victory, because the answers are always Yes, and Amen. At times we seemingly impossible situation in our life but remember this He will answer and do great things you never imagined. There is no more sorrow, nor pain because God will always heal and restore you.


Hi! I’m Ferl I love writing and arts my goal is to share my passion for writing and Bless people. Thank You.

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Written by   5
1 week ago
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Welcome to!!! I used to play volleyball and I really miss it :( Back in college, we were even staying in the school even if our classes had ended just to play volleyball!

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