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How to make your girl happy?

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4 months ago

This is based on true experience. Way back thursdays😁

Here's the question, how can you make a girl happy? Or your girl when you are in a relationship right now.

I have 5 very simple ways or tips on how to make your girl happy.

Let's start from the first way or tips.

1st, always have a time for her. Text her or call her, it's very simple you only have to do is give her time.

2nd, always show your love and affection. This is one of the most important.

3rd, if she needs you bring yourself to her. Your presence is one of the weapon to make your girl happy. This is absolutely true, mate.

4th, date her. Even if it's the cheapest restaurant or even a fastfood chain or street foods. Small efforts will always make them happy.

5th, surprise her, like in her birthday or your monthsarry or anniversarry. Even with a very simple date with bouquet of chocolates and a human size teddy bear. You can arrange a date in your house, you can have romantic dinner together.

This is what I have experienced before. Hope this will help. It's very simple but it really works.😊😊

Try this one and I'm sure this tips will really make your girl happy.

That's all.

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Written by   320
4 months ago
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