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Share your griefs and sorrows with your closest ones

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4 months ago

When we become adults, we get involved in various known and unknown relationships. There is happiness and joy in all relationships as well as sorrow and pain. We break down only when we are hurt or deceived by someone we love. We suffer from deep pain and depression. But it also happens that our family is not aware of these unknown relationships because we do not tell them out of fear.When we are in deep pain in a relationship, they are worried about the change in our behavior and sometimes ask if we are fine or what has happened but then we don't have the answer to the question. Finally we lie that we're OK. And this is our mistake.

We then live alone away from family, away from friends because we may not be able to tell them everything out of fear or want to hurt them so we keep our pain confined to our chests.

We can never tell those who care about us, our well-wishers and our sincerity the cause of our pain. But one of the many ways to get rid of depression in a painful moment is to share our grief and sorrow with close people or close friends so that at least they are aware of our mood and show us a way out of a toxic relationship and get rid of depression and can even take care of us.

Thanks @Dreamer for your support and encouragement.

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we also wanna a good friend to share our sorrows.

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3 months ago

Wow nice artical.. 😍

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4 months ago