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Yes, I am Guilty!

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2 months ago

(21:10) 200921N97 Monday

How have you been, badass souls? Great Monday, yeah?

For new readers, please know that whenever I write "badass" here, I only mean the positive definition of the word - impressive, awesome, wonderful, magnanimous or any other amazing adjective there is for a person.

So it's been a glorious Monday! The weather was perfect too - not too hot and not too cold. So yes, as always, I am thankful for the day and its gifts.

"Did you put salt in it, Tita?" Ahjay asked while smiling. I called her in the dining for lunch. She asked if I put salt because yesterday morning, she requested for eggs and I forgot to put salt in them. She said they're tasteless, LoL!

"No, I put sugar," I said jokingly with a matching grin.

The light on her face was gone in a flash and her smiling lips turned into a pout.

Oops! My bad, I thought she'd get the joke but who am I kidding?

"I don't wanna eat eggs with sugar, take it out from my plate please? I just want the beans." She asked looking at her plate and not touching a thing.

Before cooking, I asked her what she wanted because she's quite picky and I would find myself having to cook again just so she will eat. She requested beans and eggs. I wasn't sure how to go about it so I picked a handful of beans from the backyard and sautéed them. I then made omelet and prepared her plate with just a few spoons of rice (her demand), then topped it with some beans and the eggs.

Lesson learned, never lie to a kid even if it was just meant to be a joke!

I found myself laughing when I realized that she believed I put sugar on the eggs and she didn't want to have anything to do with them, let alone taste it.

Even when I told her I was just joking and there was no sugar, she didn't budge an inch until I spooned a tiny bit of it and let her have a taste before she believed me and started eating. My joke kind of ruined her mood.

While writing this, I was reminded of my very first nephew (my sister's son) who stayed with me during the summer years ago. He was just 5 then. We went to Minesview Park in Baguio City for a horse ride. He rode a pony and I jokingly told him we will bring it home later in the day.

Kids literally believe what we tell them.

After the ride, my best friend suggested we'd go to the viewing deck but my nephew didn't want to move. I asked why and he said we have to take the pony with us, LoL! He was literally sulking and even threw a tantrum when I admitted that I was only joking and the horse owner didn't want to give away his pony.

That whole afternoon, he didn't wanna hold my hand when I wanted to guide him to walk, and he avoided my eyes. His gaze was so sharp that it made me feel so guilty. I wish I had the photo that we took at that time because it was so obvious on his face that he was very unhappy and angry.

Again, never ever kid a kid! (Never joke in a form of a lie)

My sister and I spent Christmas and New Year together in a hospital years ago when she was sick. During New Year's eve, Dad came and joined us and he brought some food too. While I was unpacking the food boxes, my sister asked if there was fried chicken and I quickly said "yes, it's in this box" pointing at a random box while Dad didn't say a word.

When it was time to eat, my sister looked for the chicken, and both dad and I just laughed because there was actually no fried chicken.

My sister then joined the laughter and said seriously said, "huh! you lied on the first day of the year, for sure you will be lying all year round!"

I don't remember how many times I lied that year though.

I believe each of us lies or lied at some point or another. Our days might contain lies and we don't even realize it.

We do it to other people and to ourselves too for varying reasons. White lies or whatever color we want to shade them, they are lies nonetheless.

At times I tell myself "I'll do this tomorrow" even though I know deep within that it's the last thing I wanna do.

Incidentally, I did the Q test recommended by our dear friend, Eliana and the result didn't lie, LoL! It confirmed my being more of an introvert.

"I’ve learned that sometimes a smile represents the greatest form of deceit."- Michael Gilbert

Isn't it that when times are so bad, we still force ourselves to smile in front of other people just so they wouldn't know we are having a hard time?

Isn't that form of lying too? Sometimes we do need to show what we feel when it's just too much to bear.

Of course, we may have experienced being lied to by the people we trust the most or those we expect the least harm from untruthfulness. And we may have dealt with them differently too. Some we shrugged off, others we simply can't, to the point that they affect our being.

So what lies are you guilty of if there's any? How did you deal with the lies you've been told?

Thank you and I hope to read your thoughts below :)

Please consider this my entry to Writing Prompt #18 Lies of @CoquiCoin and @JonicaBradley

I invite you, fellow writers, to join and have fun too! Below are the simple rules.

Credits to Unsplash for the lead image. Other photos are mine.

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Written by   406
2 months ago
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