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What Are You?

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3 weeks ago

(20:35) 270921N104 Monday

Hello read stars! How have you been this day?

I believe each of us here has at least one mobile phone and we are familiar with battery chargers and stuff. I don't know about you but there are apps that eat a lot of my phone battery even when I don't use them so I uninstalled them.

A month ago, we bought a car charger because the previous charger didn't have a connector that is compatible with my 'new' phone. I was so happy that I will have something to use every time we're on the road. My excitement however turned into disappointment when on our way home, I found out that my phone's battery was draining instead of getting charged. I thought it was the connector so I changed it to another one but it was the same.

What we bought was a battery drainer, not a charger! How can that even happen? I had no idea. We just thought it was a faulty item or simply not compatible with our phones. Anyway, we had no choice but to buy another type, and it works perfectly, even charges our phones fast.

So back to the title, what are you? Are you a battery charger or a battery drainer?

People who make me feel good by either what they do, say, look, act, or simply through their presence are battery chargers (optimists) in my book.

Did you ever meet someone like that? That no matter how low you feel, when they are in your midst you seem to just snap out of it and feel a lot better without any effort?

They are those who make me smile, laugh or giggle. They seem to bring sunshine where ever they go and make the atmosphere bright and lovely. They are the ones who have a good or better perspective on things or at life in general.

They are also those who remain positive regardless of what other people say or think about them. They tend to always have the zest to keep going no matter what difficulty or challenge they experience in life. And the seem to easily find their way around things. They simply have the ability to shrug negativity away or even use the negativities as fuel and push themselves toward where they wanna go or achieve.

They are people who inspire and bring out the best in us, push us to our limits, and make us discover our potentials.

And yes, anything nature is my charger too :)

Battery drainers (pessimists), on the other hand, are those who make me feel tired or exhausted and they literally drain or suck my energy just by being around them.

They are people who usually whine or complain about even the smallest of things. And no matter how you tell them that things will be okay, they still insist it will not be. It's more like they have already made up their mind to not try to see the beauty of things or even something good.

They often think or talk negatively of themselves and or of others. They tend to see the darker side of things and habitually expect something bad to happen when faced with a challenge or difficulty.

So what are you?

I am confident that I am more of a battery charger, at least to my farm boy, just as he is to me :)

We all have different ways of living our lives and whether we like it or not, we meet difficulties, we get thrown things that may even try to break us apart. But we should always try our best to see the lighter side of things, and always remember that just like the night turns into day, our issues, concerns, or problems will also come to pass.

Just a wee story

The farm boy and I went to the health center this morning for assessment. I am happy that we got our slots and will be having our Pfizer jabs tomorrow morning so we're going to bed early today. See you soon :)

Thank you read stars! Let us always be hopeful for better days.

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Written by   322
3 weeks ago
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