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Man of the Hour-Month-Year

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Written by ย ย 476
7 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)

A lady writer's bag (Ms. Jane) just got fuller by I guess almost 2BCH ($1k) thanks to an upvote from the man with the biggest heart here at read cash - Mr. De Mesel. If she chooses to HODL her Bitcoin Cash, who knows how much it could be worth in years to come!

Judging from her thank you note, she must have been really surprised and happy! Who wouldn't be, right?

I was thinking about what to write, then came Ms Jane's short post (above screenshot) and my mind exclaimed "Why not!"

***This article was meant to be published 2-3 days ago, but because I was on a rendezvous with my husband somewhere far from home, I wasn't able to complete it until today, 23rd June 2021"

When I first encountered a tweet by the big man shared in noise cash, where part of what he said was"...I'm a rich dude after all!" My thought was like "aha, this man must be something! Is he for real or just pulling some strings?" So I went on to check on him through his noise cash page and turned out, he's real!

In an attempt to get to know him a little bit more, I did some research and found out there have been many write-ups about him on this platform alone (read cash) dating many months back up to present. From what I gather, this big man is really a huge supporter of Bitcoin Cash and is well-known in the BCH community, referring to him as "BCH Santa" "Father of Bitcoin Cash" and "Crypto Priest". For this article, I'd refer to him as the "big man"

Out of the many articles about him, my favorite is this interview which sort of summarizes the big man's perspectives and his view of life in general - as an investor, a father, a BCH supporter aka Bitcoin Cash advocate.

I also learned this big man is a reader. He reads a lot! I mean a lot! At least that's what I have to say based on his variety of posts. One may think a man this rich would be busy playing around with cars and girls, casinos and everything sparkly and who cares about reading, more so on some social media stuffs?

But Mr. De Mesel is another proof (at least to me) that rich people do read a lot and know their stuffs. He reads almost everything not only about cryptocurrency but all sorts including comments from Reddit to Twitter to YouTube to other social media posts, to news articles and also shares his thoughts on whatever topic he deems worthy of his time, not for the sake of saying something, but to actually make some sense!

Navigating through the read cash tabs, I found out that Monsieur De Mesel made a 100% pledge to the read cash fund which prompted the read cash team to stop taking donations from every user as indicated on their notes. He's also the second on the Top Tippers List! What a big man he is!

From these, he has proven yet another greatness in him through his numerous donations and sponsorship not only to noise cash and read cash platforms, teams and users, but also to others like Flipstarter.

This is most likely one of his effective ways advocating for Bitcoin Cash adoption, making it available to the masses, to as many hands possible. And I believe it's working really well.

  • For one, using both platforms is free which attracts a lot of users.

  • Second, what better way to introduce Bitcoin Cash to many than to use it as reward? Upvoting users' contents using BCH as rewards is like a palatable, sweet icing on a cake!

    What an awesome way to make Bitcoin Cash known to ordinary people! And of course, he is greatly appreciated by many users on both sites!

(just a few of the appreciation and praises of different users towards the big man here at read cash)

(Just some of the many thank you notes to the big man in noise cash)

Through these and many more, one can see that the big man is doing something really extraordinary and on his own way too! He's actually made a name for himself out there, in the open, and is making great impact on the lives of many - crypto newbies, aspiring writers, bloggers who haven't found their place in this vast internet space, photographers and many others.

In one of his tweets, he mentioned about his read cash tips saying it's likely one of the better investments he have made in his life.

Saying"better investments" could mean several things to different people.

๐Ÿ‘‰It could be perceived as a good legacy, leaving a mark in this huge space;

๐Ÿ‘‰Or could also be viewed as a real investment that will come back to the big man possibly a thousand fold when Bitcoin Cash will be widely adopted on the planet and used in every transaction possible, of course making it a valuable currency, multiplying the value of his hodlings many times over.

๐Ÿ‘‰Or it's just him making the world a better place through sharing his wealth making a lot of people's lives a bit easier by the day, thereby impacting their lives hugely. Who knows, such financial help may mean food for someone's table, to get by through tough days. Or maybe to some, accumulation of Bitcoin Cash for the years to come, or perhaps an additional funding for some personal projects or dream.

But no matter what's in it for him and for others, it still stands out as "BETTER" where thousands of users on both platforms benefit not only from his money but from his wits, motivating them to keep on. And his name surely resounds loud and clear, far and wide!

And look! Someone was even inspired and made a rap song out of his adoration of the big man!

And whilst many appreciate and adore the big man for the man he is, he seems to have made some critics around or probably just some making noise to get noticed๐Ÿ˜Š

And Simon did get some attention when the big man answered and gave his rebuttal to the accusation, but I don't like to give him any further space in here so I'm not going to delve into his critique.

But this part of Monsieur De Mesel's rebuttal (below screenshot) really got me. The big man does have a desire for a family. ๐Ÿ‘ช

In a world where (and at a time when) even the rich are trying to get ahold of more money, this guy - the big man, is sharing his, making a difference through his own little, big ways!

So there, putting him on the today's spot is gratifying in many ways, not only to myself but I believe to others out here as well. The big man is really worth the people's praises, admiration and gratitude! Whatever accolade people give him in this space and beyond, he so truly deserves!

Salute and much respect goes to Monsieur Marc De Mesel! May your tribe increase and may the heavens bless you even more!

Credits to all sources: noise cash and read cash users whom I have taken screenshots of posts or comments.

#2021Copyright @FarmGirl #originalcontent #lifeisalwaysbeautiful

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Written by ย ย 476
7 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)
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You did great research about him.. Now you know him already ๐Ÿ˜ we are always grateful to have him here.. Thanks for the mention

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7 months ago

Thankful indeed to him sponsoring this platform and the other side. It's more like these platforms still exist today because of his benevolence.

And thank you by the way for your appreciation :)

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7 months ago