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Blessings from Crypto-verse

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1 month ago
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(19:07) 261021N133 Tuesday

I was late to sleep last night because of some other things that got my attention. Yobit has an airdrop and all accounts with BTC and those who have done any 5 swaps or trades in their DeFi market will receive Squid daily for 14 days. The airdrop started last night and apparently, Squid will get listed after the airdrop.

When I received the airdrop notification in my email, I went to swap my BTC and ETH to USDT, back and forth until I made a total of 5 swaps (7 actually) and the last would be to have them in all BTC. I didn't want to miss the airdrop because the last time I checked, I missed the YO airdrop and 1YO is now trading at $2700+.

I don't really trade in YoBit because I didn't like the interface and the minimum withdrawal amounts are quite high. But their airdrops could be worth something, lol!

In addition, I also needed to engage in Hive as I am still building my account there. And there was Kucoin too, where I have some amounts of USDT and AMPL and I was tempted to do some trading. They all got my butt glued to my chair switching from one tab to another on my laptop's browser while the farm boy was already sound asleep. It was past 2 am when I decided to hit the bed.

Anyway, too much has transpired during the night that even the new Dex, BeachSwap decided to run away with people's money. I was quite disappointed with myself because I harvested the tokens earned through farming last night and thought about selling them but then I procrastinated. But anyway, that's life in the crypto world - we lost some but we gain some too. I am really sorry to those who lost large sums in BeachSwap.

And that loss I had was immediately compensated by winning in some other avenues like Twitter.

WARNING: Please bear with me because what follows will be a series of screenshots and or photos haha.

xMist's reply to my tweet, lol!

Here's how it started. There was a pinned tweet from xMistAlliance on October 22nd about a new product to be launched by MistSwap dex and whoever can guess the correct one will share a prize of 50k Mist.

Giveaway tweet for 50k mist

I didn't have any second thoughts about participating so just typed the first thoughts that came and then went on with my day.


Hahaha, nope! I did some research for a while and even went to Reddit but found none that sounded plausible. And suddenly, the idea of lending/borrowing appeared somewhere at the back of my mind and I realized none of the dexes had that feature yet. Or is there any but I am not aware yet?

My guess tweet to what product MistSwapDex is about to launch

Anyway, here's the tweet (below screenshot) that got me dancing in the morning despite learning from @Jane's Noise post that BeachSwap has scammed some of our BCH and also the SHIB that I put into farming. LOL!

The moment I read the above tweet, I knew already I may have won the giveaway, and out of joy, I tweeted asking the concerned people, LOL!

As I was drafting this article, a notification popped up and it was the announcement of the winners. There were 4 of us so 12500MIST for each which, by the way, has reached my wallet so it's really awesome!

There will be another giveaway so if you want to participate, follow their Twitter accounts and enable the notifs. You can also let me know your Twitter handles through the comment section below so I can follow you :)

And it seems the day has another sweet bonus for me and some other fellow writers here.

We won some $DOGE giveaway just by answering what coins we are currently HODLing. $100 worth of DOGE to be shared by 15 of us so that would be a little more than $6. Not bad, yeah? It's free!

Congrats to my fellow winners, by the way, @Eybyoung and @CoquiCoin.

Sorry, I warned you of the series of photos/screenshots, haha.

So there goes my crypto story for the day.

Just like in life, we also cannot guarantee to always win in the crypto space. And while we try our best to be careful and stay safe, we also need to make use of opportunities that come along.

I am eternally grateful to the Heavens for these blessings and everything else.

Thank you so much, lovely souls, for indulging me and I wish us all success in everything we do. Cheers!

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Written by   406
1 month ago
Topics: Earn, Crypto, Twitter, Winning, Mist, ...
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