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Because You are a Star

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3 weeks ago

(21:47) 230921N100 Thursday

So it's green!

This will be a random ramble so please bear with me :)

The crypto market I mean. I have been off the grid most of the day, thanks to a power interruption that caught me off-guard when the lights went off just around 6 in the morning. I have not charged my phone prior to that time because I thought the blackout will just be in the City when I read about it in the article of ARTicLEE last night.

It was a pleasant day spent off the screen though.

Power was restored around 4:30 in the evening and I came online to find out everything's going well. I missed some action in the market but I also had ample rest, even took a 3-hour nap in the afternoon, lol!

And yes, my brother came for my niece around 9 am. Although I would have opted for her to stay longer, we have to take precautions because the husband is coming back from Manila and we didn't want Ahjay to get exposed to his Tito from all the travel and people he may have encountered during his trip. Also, she needs to do her modules, which according to her father was a lot. So I'm missing her already!

Ahjay found this beautiful butterfly this morning.

I may be in jail (zero heart tips) on Noise cash. The culprit I think was the word "tip" I used when letting someone (two people actually) set up their wallet address so I could send them "tips" and I just did that one day before Ms. Jane wrote an article about what to avoid in order to not get jailed in the platform.

So for fellow Noise cash users to avoid the same mistake, please read Getting Zero Heart Tips by Ms. Jane for more information on what NOT to do.

Incidentally, I would like to thank the Noise Stars who have been sending direct tips to my wallet, may the Heavens bless you more (@Jane @Loveleng18 @onlymythoughts and others). My wallet welcomes more, Lol!

Yesterday's sunset by the Farm Boy along Tarlac

On starting to write for the day's spot, I noticed on my numbering that today marks my 100th article on this platform, Yay!

That means I have been writing here for almost 4 months already. It seems it's just been a short while, but this number doesn't lie. I remember mentioning in one of my previous articles that I started writing here on the 28th of May although I have created my account at the end of January this year. I have not written religiously in June but no regrets, what matters is today :)

So if you are new here and reading this and feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or doubtful, know that as long as you do not quit, you will find in you the spark needed to start the fire that will keep you pushing on and shine.

Because you are already a star, please remember that.

So do not worry or "take no thought" (per @Jerrysavage00 ) and do not doubt about your capabilities, believe in yourself, and in what you can do. Write from your heart, enjoy the journey, have fun with others and you will find out soon enough that it isn't difficult after all and your light will shine through from within!

Because like I said, you are a star!

Tiny orchids? Not sure!

And yes, because this day is a milestone for me, I would like to make it memorable too. I wouldn't have reached this far without the continued support and love from this amazing community. Hence, I am sponsoring more writers today as part of my little ways to give back and pay forward the courtesy I have been bestowed upon by many other fellow writers. I adore and salute you all, sincerely.

Thank you all and let's keep on keeping on until we shine to our brightest!

All photos are mine.

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Written by   322
3 weeks ago
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