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Because I Love Him

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1 month ago

(20:35) 181021N125 Monday

"How did you manage to forgive him despite everything he has done against you and your children?" I often hear this question from our neighbors, friends and other people.

"If I were you, I wouldn't let him near me, ever again." they added to which I answered, "because he is my husband and I made a vow that only death will separate us... And because I love him."

We met in the early 1980s at a church outreach. He was forward then that he liked me but I didn't answer him right away. He then asked me if I would rather marry him or a drunkard. That made me think and then gave him the chance.

We then went to my parents and had our wedding date set. And then we started a family after. We were happy then, always attend mass even until we had the children.

About 16 years ago, I learned that he had a daughter from when he was still a bachelor. The child was born a year before we met and got married. I accepted her wholeheartedly and made her part of our family of 5, which suddenly became 6.

Some years later, he started going out of the house more often. Until one day, he decided not to come home. And he didn't for about 14 years. At one time some years ago, he came with a legal separation document and asked me to sign them. He's so cruel, yeah?

"I won't sign those documents. We promised when we got married that we will be together, for better or for worse" I reasoned out.

I just stood there, in front of my own husband, waiting to see if he will hurt me physically because I didn't want to sign the documents. But he just left.

During those years that he had been away from us, I did my best to take good care of our kids, all 5 of them, 6 including his daughter his bachelor days. I kept my faith and prayed that my husband will regain his good senses and then come back to us.

My prayers were answered about two years ago when he came home, asking for forgiveness. And because it was a prayer I have been fervently asking for so long and is now getting answered, I welcomed him to our home once again.

All of our children are already married and have their own homes and families at that time. And it was difficult for them to accept him back. Who wouldn't be, right? And I understood them. They have all the right to be angry at their dad. But I didn't give up praying until we eventually became a whole family once again...

And for the last two years, we have been one until last Friday when my husband took his last breath.

So when people ask me why I did all the things I did, it is because he is my husband, and I love him and I have faith in God...

I was teary-eyed listening to my aunt's narration. I had no idea their life had been that tumultuous with my uncle doing the things he did for quite a long time and then coming back to them and regaining his faith in the Good Lord and showing how serious he was through his own actions and less in words.

Even their Pastor confirmed how he was transformed from being a runaway soul to a faithful, beautiful one.

How have you been lovely read stars? It's been a great Monday, yeah?

The farm boy and I are now home in our little kingdom after spending the whole of Sunday and Monday at my uncle's place. He was buried around lunchtime and we drove away from there at 3 pm after some extended chitchats with our cousins from my old man's siblings.

Thank you everyone, for all that you do.

**Credits to Unsplash for the lead image

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Written by   417
1 month ago
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