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A Look Back

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4 months ago

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Kia Ora awesome readers! July is onward to its fourth week already! Quite fast right? I hope everything's well and good with you all.

This month has been really wonderful and I believe that it will always be. It has been filled with so much bliss I can only feel deep within and my heart swells in gratitude and joy that I must share.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my first ride with Bitcoin Cash via noise cash in my article Riding the Bitcoin Cash Express P1 where I obviously fell in love with BCH, and since not sold any of my bits after losing the first earnings while gambling with some shitcoins on Pancake Swap.

This time around, the spot will be for my read cash story.

I created an account here on the 27th of January (2021), two days after I joined noise cash where I saw a post about read cash and decided to check it out. But after signing up, I never came back. It was only about 4 months later (May 14th) when I remembered to visit and posted a short note with my Eid Ul Fitr greetings (below screenshot).

Then I stopped coming again. My lazy bones kicked in those days I guess. Knowing I needed to write long articles didn't look appealing at that time. But I was so free actually for how many months and just spent most of my days staring at the screen for some trading, to which I mostly had losing trades. For some reason I don't remember now, I came here and published my very first article on the 27th of May, four months after creating my account.

And this was my first so far, Jumping Over the Fence where obviously I didn't know what to write about. But yes, the journey has been joyful since. I say joyful because it is so. Your appreciation and engagements make my heart warm. I especially love giggles and thanks to Tito Ed who often supplies me with most of it through his comments and witty articles too. Many thanks sire! Do give his page a visit and you won't be disappointed.

And I think it's also about time for me to expressly deliver my sincerest gratitude to my awesome sponsors,

all 13 of you, for putting your badges and trust on my wall. Though I have been really grateful deep in my heart, today I wanna shout it out loud. Thank you indeed and my salute and respect go to all of you🙏:

@Jane (wondering why I can't tag you😊) @Bloghound, @CoquiCoin @TengoLoTodo @Panky @LykeLyca @ARTicLEE @TheEmpress @King_Gozie @Martine4 @Bjorn @Idksamad7869 @Eylz2021

And to most of you who have given me encouragement during my first baby steps here, I thank you double. You do know who you are and be proud of yourselves for making someone's journey a lot easier. You and your kindness will always be engraved at the core of this farmgirl's heart. I love you all! (Oh, I'm tearing up now, to be honest!)

Hats off to you, Gracias!

By the way, there are still open slots on my sponsors' block if you're up to offering me some sponsorship too lol!

And yes, to date, I have sponsored 17 awesome writers, old and new. You know who you are and I hope you do forgive yours truly when I sometimes miss visiting some of your articles. But I usually go back to some of them when I have spare time😊.

For sure, I will keep sponsoring as long as I'm here. Feel free to tag me if you know some good writers who need sponsorship, preferably the new members or those who are not getting rusty's attention.

On a side note, many thanks to Ms. Jane (whom I fondly call Bella, in honor of her beautiful novel) for noticing my orange diamond badge last week I guess? Yes, I am officially one of the Top 10 Tippers, yey!

In a way, I am happy and proud at the same time knowing that I have given back and also paid forward much of what I've earned from this platform. And I hope more will do the same so that this site will last longer for everyone's benefit.

I challenge those who are getting constant visits from Rusty to share bits of your blessings with others too and for sure, more will come to you, not only BCH but more of the inner joy when done so voluntarily, not forcefully :)

I think we all agree that this site works the way it does because someone (you know who), decided to share his wealth and I believe it is 'fair' that we do our lil bits too :)

If you're a new member or have been here for quite some time but the bot has not given you graces, don't worry, you are understood. Just keep going and you'll get your turn too :)

During lunch today, my husband shared something he learned from one of Wallace Wattle's teachings and I quote:

"It is not your precept to correct other people's morals." - Wallace Wattles

He shared this when I was telling him about something I did recently where I stopped giving upvotes to those whom I noticed to be receiving good rewards from the bot but their names are not found anywhere on the Tipper's List.

It doesn't mean I don't appreciate their work though. I still give them thumbs up or comments, just no upvote. I decided to give the upvotes instead to others who are doing their best to share some bits.

And I don't think I am trying to correct anybody here, let alone offend anyone. Maybe it's just my way of encouraging 'us' to re-live what we've been taught when we were young toddlers, to share. But perhaps doing it was my subtle way of correcting others and myself too? Made me wonder if I did the right thing there :)

I understand we all have goals to accumulate more BCH but it's not good to always hoard them for ourselves. I believe they won't multiply if we do so :)

Incidentally, my snappy salute also goes to those who are doing their share. May Rusty reward you more and the Heavens bless you too!

If you just came aboard read cash and wondering what I am talking about, you can check this LIST. It is where the system ranks the top 200 tippers in the platform, of course, the list being topped by the big man himself.

So what else? Oh yes! Not to forget, I've had written 2 articles in May, and a total of 14 in June. Thankfully, Rusty noticed my second write-up in June, then my 10th article, 12th and onwards. I began posting daily on June 25th and to date, I've had already published a total of 35 articles, this will be my 36th. This means I have had written 20 in July alone!

My shoulder definitely deserves a tap, oh no, a pat. This just reminded me of my most giggly article, inspired of course by my giggly sire whom I fondly call Tito Ed.

Next week will complete my second month here and hopefully, by Heaven's grace, I will still be able to continue writing, reading your write-ups, and engaging with you too. The atmosphere here is really fantastic which makes it all the more enjoyable and worth the time. I have so much to learn from you guys!

So there, my read cash initial journey has been, to my book, an incredible success and I celebrate it every day by sharing the things I learn and enjoy with my good hubby and by being grateful too. Thank you all, this was only possible because of you and your appreciation. My soul's glowing na!

Lastly, just in case one of you might be wondering if I have a full BCH from read, not yet but on the way there, and it will be faster to get there when you upvote this big hahaha. Don't mind me please, I just want some giggles, lol!

Once again, my sincerest gratitude to all, you're giving me the big push to becoming my best. Salute!

2021Copyright @FarmGirl #originalcontent #lifeisalwaysbeautiful

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Written by   406
4 months ago
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