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The four airy special cavities on either side of the nasal cavity in the facial part of the skull are called sinus or paranasal sinus.If these sinuses are full of fluid instead of air And if that fluid is infected with germs (virus, bacteria, fungi) Inflammation occurs in the mucous membranes of the sinuses.Inflammation of the membrane caused by infection of virus,bacteria and fungi in the mucous membrane of the sinuses is called sinusitis.

Sinusitis can be divided into location and permanence as follows.

Variations by location

1. Maxillary sinus :Pain or pressure is felt in the maxillary region.Such as- toothache, headache etc.

2.Frontal sinus:Pain or pressure in the frontal sinus cavity,headache.

3.Ethmoidal sinus : Pain in the middle or back of the two eyes,headache.

4.Sphenoidal sinus:Pain or pressure behind the eyes or on the top of the head.

Types in sustainability

1.Acute sinusitis :About 4-6 weeks. 2.Chronic sinusitis :8 weeks or more.

Those who suffer from sinusitis
If the mucous membranes of the nose become swollen due to cold or energy.If the nasal passages are narrow or closed.If there is a polyp inside the nose.If there is a change in height(such as -If you get on a plane or dive into the water). If the cilia inside the sinuses are unable to move.When the adenoids grow.If you smoke or if you are around the smoker.If you have allergic hay fever.If there is cystic fibrosis.If immunity is low ( If you are infected with HIV or take chemotherapy).Experts believe that if the ability to take medicine is reduced, the person becomes more prone to sinusitis.

Children tend to have energy tendencies,Illness from other children in school or day care,Crying loudly, reclining and drinking water and the main cause of sinusitis is Smoky environment.

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