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3 years ago
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A life unlived

Battles fought without hope

Treasures unkept

Times wasted unaccounted for

Oh! Who will correct!


A corrosive corrupt era

Strangling the horridly honest

The disposed corpse of truth

A world led by the serpent's tongue

Oh! Who will justify?


Religion fashionably structured

A desecration unspoken of

Days of sweet lies

A once purity now almost extinct

Oh! Who will cleanse?


For our valuable culture

Now overpriced and unreachable

Sandwiched between the concept of dynamics and evolution

But is it worth it at all?


For the poor stricken must bleed into the mouths of the rich

A world of gender dominated success

A skin colour advantage even only by compromise

Oh! Who will go and speak?


I wish the reaper took me

For in this place I belong not

Unless I take the cowards way

End my life but rot in hell

Does that make me weak?


Because a life thought lived is unlived

For these times are deadly and illusional

And the truths still unsaid


Who will go and speak?

Stab the bad and heal the right

So many promises to do so

But change is yet to be seen



Who will correct?

Who will justify?

Who will cleanse?

Who will go and speak?

And will it be worth it at all?



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