Escape His Love

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Aliesha's tears fell again as she stare at her wounds and the thick handcuffs on her hands.

Day and night all she do is cry and think of a plan to escape.She once tried but she failed and the maid who helped her got killed.She was still sobbing when her cage opened and spit out the devil named Steve.He touched her face and ask if she's hungry.She wanted to shout at him but she knew she'll get trouble for doing that so she just nodded as a reply.

She's been there for four months and with that she knows that if she'll say no to what Steve wants she will be suffering the whips of iron.

Hefed her calmly.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something but when her eyes met his she shut her mouth again and bited her lips.She's really scared of him so she just positioned herself to sleep after eating.But before Steve could got out he murmured something she didn't understand.She sighed ,he always does that but she never understand what he always say.

Steve is in pain again as she sees his love getting hurt but sadly he can't do anything.Everytime he's done feeding her,he always say sorry for hurting her and telling her how much he loves her.If only he could do something to stop his dad from hurting her.

Aliesha was his 3 years girlfriend.Aliesha's father once had a business with his father but Aliesha's father betrayed his dad.So his Dad killed her father and imprison her.Everytime he saw his dad hurting his girl, he's secretly crying.

Two days have passed and Steve have decided, he'll do everything it takes to get Aliesha away from here.He ordered some of his loyal mens to help him distract his dad's people.He hurriedly opened Aliesha's cage and unlock the iron handcuffs.Aliesha was about to talk when he kissed her to shut her mouth and utter the words

"Trust me"

She nodded.

He carried her in a bridal way and he was walking fastly, almost running.

He was about to reach his car when it explodes and both of them lost conscious.


Aliesha woke up in her cage again but was shocked that Steve is in the other cage and he also got wounds all over his body.Aliesha cried and called him slowly.


He opened his eyes as he heard the sweet voice of Aliesha.Tears started to fall.

"I'm-im sorry my love.I couldn't save you"

Aliesha couldn't understand what is happening until Steve's father came.He entered Steve's cage and scolded Steve.

"You are no longer my son for disobeying me!"

After saying that ,he ordered his men to beat Steve.She shouted


Making the old man's attention turn to her.The oldman laugh  and of what she's seeing she finally understand it.Steve never wanted to imprison her.It was his father.

The old man came near her and slap her hard.She can taste the blood in her lips.She felt weak and fell on the floor and heard Steve shouting her name and everything went black.

1 week passed and Steve's father was not in the mansion.The old man was out of the country for a business trip.One of Steve's loyal men couldn't bare to see his master and Aliesha get hurt so he helped them escape.They were so lucky that they weren't caught.

She was crying as they were running in the forest,Steve was holding her hands afraid to loose her.


She got tired and fell to the ground so Steve stop.He knew she was tired and couldn't walk anymore so he carried her.Aliesha was tired, so he is.She know they can't stop or they'll get caught.She felt sorry...While running her heart was thumping and her face was blushing.Steve always amaze her, and the moment she witness how ruthless his father was and realize that Steve never stopped loving her she wanted to kiss him and tell him how much he loves him.So she did

" you, Steve"

"I love you too, Aliesha...Always"


In a province in Mindanao they lived peacefully.They changed their names to prevent Steve's father to find them and ruin their life.They tried to forget everything but the memories 3 years ago can never be forgotten.

Despite those bad memories they are living happily now with their daughter named Stephanie.Steve worked as a farmer and Aliesha sells flower.

One day while Aliesha was watering her flowers a black limousine stopped in their home and Steve's father gets out from it.Aliesha hurriedly entered their home and lock all the doors, Stephanie was crying.Aliesha got scared seeing the old man inside their home.

Steve was on his way home smiling but those smile immediately fades as he saw a black limousine and his father's men outside their home.He hurriedly ran inside,feeling nervous and scared that something might happen to his family.As he entered their home he saw his father talking to his wife as he carries their daughter.He asked his father

"What are you doing here?!"

Aliesha hold his hands to calm him.She gave him a smile as an assurance that everything is okay.His father gave Stephanie to Aliesha and his wife and daughter left them in their small living room.

The old man started to cry ,he knelt as he utter the words

"I'm sorry, son.Please forgive me"

At first he hesitated but his father seems to be sincere and looking back at her wife's eyes,she already have accepted this man.He sighed and cried as he hug his father.His wife can, so he can!

After 8 years Steve became a successful businessman with the support of his family, his father,his wife and his daughter are now living peacefully and they filled their home with love.


Everyone deserves a chance.God have forgave us from our sins,so we should learn to forgive our fellow too.

Because forgiveness is a way to a true happiness..

The End.

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Aww what a love story. I hope they truly find peace and love in Mindanao :) It's nice here. And, I love the last line, forgiveness is noble indeed, that's great wisdom!

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Yes my dear and I'm glad to know that you read and like my article.stay connected . Thank you much for your upvotes and your lovely compliment.

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Nice writing dear

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Love your compliment. Thanks dear.

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