Dark Love

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3 years ago
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It's not the light in the day that attracts me,

It's the dark in your soul.

It's not about what I want to know,

It's about what you don't want me to know.

These are not your secrets to keep,

Those are mine to preserve.

You are not just physically holding me ,

You are beholding my soul.

Don't let your dark ruin you,

Take my light and glow.

You have suffered all the pain of your share,

Now it's mine to bear.

Don't let me keep you from life,

Just go and fly high.

May be one day I'll see you 

and feel lucky to behold you.

May be it will be just another day for you,

But everyday it will be my DARK LOVE for you

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Thank you very much dear.

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Thank you.

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