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Unemployment and Life of a common man

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World facing unemployment and life of poor people because of unemployment!

As stated by the United Nations and World Bank, “Unemployment stands at an all-time high of 23 percent in the developing world” (United Nations and International Monetary Fund, 2011). The current rate is alarming and can be prevented if one acknowledges that they are not getting what they deserve. It is important to note that there are various aspects that affect joblessness. This has caused it to have a negative connotation. Most of them are life threatening or even fatal. The main cause is the fact that some people do not have jobs because of the cost they pay, the high price that they pay for labor, the lack of skill that employers demand and many more. Some workers get a lot from their work and get paid to deliver the goods but fail to do as expected. When this happens, other people suffer. In my opinion, the world needs to change concerning the issue of the unemployed. Many people would always want to earn something and hence they look for employment. However, most of these people end up living below their means. They rely on meager wages for their day to day spending.

I believe that every person should be required to keep a check on their spending habits and start making changes. Those who do not have jobs should first get into jobs before anyone else gets involved. If they are too lazy and do not bother working, then they should make sure that they know when to stop work. For instance, if they want to invest, they should invest and take care that their money does not go down the toilet. Another thing is the issue of poverty. There are many people who are living below their means and cannot afford basic goods. People are dying because they can never get what they need in their daily lives. Their salaries depend on economic conditions. Poverty affects each individual differently. Some people may have less than others but some may live under conditions that they try in vain to survive. One can only hope that the next generation will learn about issues related to poverty.

Analyzing the factors that affect business and life:

One of the major factors that affect the way people lead their lives is unemployment. Joblessness is experienced widely in any economy and it often affects all classes and age groups. In developed countries, it is common to hear of people working just to cover their bills but their salaries are low and they find themselves with little to no savings. On the contrary, jobless people in the developing world are exploited by unscrupulous elements and they end up paying debts to their creditors that have no legal tender. According to statistics, over 25 percent of those who have left an unfulfilled dream have been forced to engage in risky behaviors because of unfulfilled ambitions. These behaviors include engaging in sexual activities. In some cases, these people might engage in petty crime in order to survive or to pay off their debt. To me, however, many such things are simply unavoidable due to the high cost that people have to incur in order to secure a dignified life. Such irresponsible behavior puts one’s own health at risk because of the poor diet and clothing that they wear (Mankins, 2010). At times, people go through extreme measures such as stealing and going against traditional norms in order to sustain themselves. They do not think about the future or the risks that they might incur by doing so (Mankins, 2010, p.12). Businesses in the urban areas that employ unskilled personnel are also affected. As compared to companies in large cities, which usually employ large number of their employees, businesses in small towns either close within the second year or last year. This implies that most of the people who go through business closure end up seeking employment elsewhere. This also applies to restaurants, farms and factories. For example, the restaurant industry is highly dependent on customers from other parts of the country who visit the company for food. They may have to travel across the country in order to pick the best produce and they end up staying at hotels or hostels.

In addition, farmers suffer the same fate. Farmers who farm from their villages have no income because of the economic downturn and sometimes this leads to the death of the farmer. They need funds from the government to buy fertilizers that would assist in the production of crops but they end up paying debts to banks or financial institutions. Apart from the businesses, poor people also experience homelessness. They will always look for a place where they live and end up finding some sort of shelter. One of the reasons why they seek refuge is because they are unable to rent homes of their choice to live in. Others end up sleeping in schools, churches, abandoned stores or other public places. Individuals who have lost their sources of income and the inability to meet daily expenses get frustrated, depressed and they resort to criminal activities such as theft, armed robbery, arson and kidnapping in order to cope with their situation. This goes hand in hand with homelessness. Individuals living in the streets get into drug abusing and become users of illegal substances. They end up relying on alcohol or food in order to gain some control in their life that they lack.

The social benefits that can come about because of unemployment:

Unemployment is associated with numerous social problems. Its effects range from family life to personal relationships. Unemployed people have to rely on a small budget and the effects are profound. A study conducted by Kavo (n.d.) established that the poor are the worst sufferers because they have to provide for themselves without the extra money coming in their way. In addition, they depend on a variety of resources at hand, including their savings, children’s allowances, pensions, sick leaves, pensions, pension funds, insurance premiums, loans, bank deposits, and private property assets.

Unemployed persons are also victims of discrimination:

As explained earlier, a single employer may be very hard working because he/she knows how to manage his or her staff to ensure that they deliver their duties within the set deadline. But when they are employed in multiple occupations, they face severe challenges, especially when it comes to managing the work load. There is a tendency for an employee to work overtime, in order to meet the deadlines. Even if the tasks seem challenging, the employees usually expect that the workload continues to grow. An employee may expect that they would receive more time than the prescribed amount of hours. Employers also offer them more promotions that are based on the performance of their work.

Employees may also use promotions as compensation to encourage them to perform better and therefore improve the morale of the whole firm. Workers have to put in extra effort to meet the expectations of the employers in order to survive in the competitive market of today. All these efforts put the workers under tremendous pressure that eventually affects their health. With few people having a flexible and good lifestyle, everybody wants to maintain it by ensuring that they work tirelessly towards meeting their targets and improving their lifestyles. People have to work hard to fulfill their dreams and in return, they expect the same as the employers do. They expect that their salary is proportional to their efforts and they also expect better working hours than before. Despite their efforts, people often end up working for minimal salary. Those people who don’t have families or employment may work on odd shifts just to meet the daily needs of their relatives.

Employers also pay a certain percentage of their earnings to its employees as compensation. Workers are supposed to give back some of the extra earnings that come to them in the form of tax. However, when people work for more than five years, the employers might realize that it is more economical to pay the workers for their services than it is to compensate them with cash. In other words, workers who have spent long hours working hard for them to achieve higher levels of productivity have been treated unfairly.

If employees in many cases work for much longer hours without proper and equitable compensation, they end up experiencing psychological problems. Workers end up losing their energy and motivation which makes them become unreliable. After all, they do not earn the same wages as others. What happens is that they end up depending on the employers for their basic needs. They are forced to spend a considerable amount of time and effort in order to survive, but they tend to lose their sense of direction and feel lost in this scenario. Furthermore, they end up losing their dignity as working for less than the stipulated hourly wage might make them to burn out and lose their sense of integrity.

How I understand that the issue of unemployment is a worldwide problem?

The biggest global question that arises during this discussion is the issue of unemployment. How did the world cope with the issue until now? Before the early 1990s, the world experienced several economic crises. This led to major changes in the structure of nations in addition to the rise of nationalism and communism across the globe. Economists argue that this was the reason why economies throughout the world had different policies. This made both big and smaller economies come up with new methods of solving their economic challenges. Over time, the concept of globalization became well known among economies.

Economists have argued that since the inception of the process of globalization, the world experienced the greatest economic development ever recorded since the end of the 19th century. During this era, the world witnessed the fall of depression and the boom in the stock market. Also, there were massive technological advancements especially in computers, telecommunication, and information technology. The emergence of mobile phones led to the development of internet communication. This has immensely helped in sending messages and data between nations in the developed world.

Also, economic analysts argue that the introduction of technology also aided in boosting trade and investment. Countries began trading with each other. The world also saw the establishment of multinational corporations which help facilitate international business. They helped in promoting industrialization as countries and regions came together in order to exchange products and expertise. Governments started taking initiatives to enhance industrialization in all sectors of the country thereby reducing the dependence of the domestic.


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