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Afghanistan now a days

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8 months ago

Hello ladies and gentleman! I am back!

If someone is governing on you and suddenly you loss it and went through a age of problems and deficulties. So that time we should support all vitcims and care about human rights.

The U.S. army has come out, but the United States has not left Afghanistan. It has changed the strategy and its new strategy is more dangerous than ever for Afghanistan and the region. The United States and its allies pulled out their forces.

On the other hand, his ally Ashraf Ghani left Kabul suddenly and mysteriously. So the Taliban had to enter Kabul five months before their plan. One positive aspect was that without any major war and bloodshed, the death in Afghanistan came to power. Another positive aspect is that the war ended and peace also came because of the strong control of the Taliban as a whole. Just as the expectation against Afghanistan suddenly fell into the Taliban fold, so the Taliban announced a general amnesty for all opponents.Not ideal but their attitude towards women and media was also different this time but the biggest problem came from money and employment.

The United States and its allies were spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan every year. Indeed, a large part of them were devoted to war and corruption, but that money was circulating in the Afghan market in some form or the other, and during the last year also afghanistan's inflation and GDP indicators were better than Pakistan.With the withdrawal of us and NATO, that money stopped coming into the Afghan market. On the other hand, most of the money-making people, mostly the rulers of the Karzai and Ashraf Ghani era, transferred their money abroad.

The Taliban adopted a common amnesty policy now, but fear of their past also led to a large number of professionals with intelligence and art leaving Afghanistan. Initially, the Taliban had to close the banks and the government offices could not work for several days, which led to the wheel of the economy jammed. Over the years, Americans paid salaries for more than a million Afghan government employees, but as soon as the Taliban arrived, they stopped the chain, but also frozen the afghan government's assets, which prevented the Taliban government from doing business with the world in the same way as the Ghani government did. So the worst economic crisis and human tragedy has arisen in Afghanistan.Virtually all countries, including the United States, China and Russia, are in touch, but no country has formally recognized the Taliban regime so far. The Us-led world demands that the Taliban establish a democratic government of all factions, ensure women's rights, etc., but on the other hand, the Taliban insist that they meet all these requirements.

Yesterday, I was listening to news that the Taliban government's Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi had the opportunity to listen directly to Islamabad, insisting that he had fulfilled all the requirements of the international community but that the United States and the Western world were not cooperating with his government on the basis of assumptions. He said there was no global measure to recognize that the government was democratic in the Western style. He said that there are individual governments, family dictatorships, military dictatorships, countries with communist systems and countries with sharia laws. All of them have been recognized by the world. All are members of the United Nations and there is no question of accepting or not accepting the government of any country because of internal system or changes but only this question is being raised about the Taliban regime. "Those who were fighting us till yesterday because they were rulers and allies of the United States, killing us, putting us in jails, not only that we have forgiven, but our people are guarding their homes," he said. No question of human rights violations was raised during his tenure while we are being blamed.

Mutaqi said that there is no government anywhere in the world in which political opponents are also involved. Can Jobaiden include Donald Trump in his government? Is there any instance of political opponents joining the government in any other country, but we are being told that our government will then be inclusive of those who are not only our political rivals but were killing us with bombings and tanks till yesterday. In terms of language, there are Uzbeks in our government, tajiks and pakhtuns. In terms of areas, there are panjsheris in our government, mazar sharifwalas, badakhshani and kandhari, but still our government is not considered an inclusive one.

The problem with us is money. As resources are coming, they are moving forward by this calculation. But our position is that the Ashraf Ghani government did not pay months of salaries that we are now paying. And you and the former government did not pay the arrears of electricity from Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for several months.

I guess the appeals to the United States and its allies regarding Pakistan and China or Russia, etc., about Afghanistan's assets, etc., will not yield any results. The solution to this tragedy in Afghanistan must be found by neighbouring countries or China and Russia, but the Taliban should also meet the demands of at least neighbours and countries like Russia or China, if not the West.

Disclaimer: i wrote this article with no political intentions. I talked about their problems. As human beings we should take care of everyone rights

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Written by   27
8 months ago
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