What if I show you a knife, will that change your mind?

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Hmm...all my life I can't remember facing a terrifying moment like the one I experienced on 28/11/2020.

Though I have been in a near death experience, during one of my numerous trip when I was serving as the Executive Personal Assistant of the then Commissioner for Education back in 2014.

I and my Principal was riding in the official Hilux heading to Ajaokuta from Lokoja, when our driver did a wrong overtaking at a bend. It was so sudden to have any other option. Directly facing us was a 16-tyre Dangote trailer.

Usually I always take the front seat beside the driver belted up. At that point looking at the trailer on top speed facing our vehicle and no where to turn to, to imagine I was calm & collected without screaming my throat out shocked me myself.

In my thought I had resigned to fate, not even the name of Jesus came to my lips, my spirit appeared to have transcended even before any impact.

It was the shout of my Principal that brought to reality of our reality. She screamed in Igala, 'Alé Ku mé o...

It was a miraculous miracle, the trailer missed us by an air's breath.

Fast forward to yesterday being 28/11/2020. I had attended a wedding ceremony of a former school mate of mine. Although I came using an Uber Taxi, I ran into luck, I got a lift after the ceremony. The good Samaritan happen to be going my way and obliged my plea of accompanying him.

On getting to my bus top he mistakenly drove pass my junction. This saw me having to to trek for about 10-15mins to connect back my junction. My bro was at the junction to pick me home.

As I embarked on my trekking to get back on track, about 10mins a middle age man surfaced from nowhere to join in my trekking.

On pacing up to me he engaged me in a conversation: Man: it appears you're coming from a party?

Me: You ain't far from the truth (I was still with my full regalia with my 'Igele', I had removed my heels though & wore a flat slippers)

Man: What did you bring from the party to give me?

Me: (chuckling) nothing o, all the goodies are in the party Man; Are you saying there is nothing in this bag to give me (I had to carry an extra bag aside my clutch purse to house my shoes & my face shield)

Me: i kept Mute

Man: Where are you heading to? Phase 2 Jedo Estate? Your phase looks familiar.

Me: Sorry it's not me, don't know phase 2 (wasn't in a conversational mood at all, I was fagged out from dancing and wearing heels for about 3hours)

Man: Are you trekking down to the estate?

Me: Why did you ask?

Man: I will like us to trek together.

Me: Sorry I don't have intention of trekking

Man: OK. Then can I have your number?

Me: Please I need my me time, I don't feel like talking.

Man:(on hearing me pick a call from my brother) is someone picking you?

Me: Yes Sir.

Man: Can I join you?

Me: I thought you said you had the intention of trekking?

Man: Since you don't want to trek, let me join you in the car that's picking you or is he your boyfriend?

Me: tor! Na you talk am. If you say so.

Man: Can I join you in the car? (My compassionate mind was already thinking obliging him his request but my spirit didn't oblige me to accept)

Me: Sorry you can't (with a smiling face)

Man: What if I show you this? (Brandishing his shiny silver knife to my face)

Me: (Mesmerized, my adrenaline jumped to action, I picked to my heels, holding my phone & bag tenaciously and shouting) Thief ooooo...

Man: (While moving away) don't shout, don't shout...

I kept screaming on top of my voice & running as fast as my leg can carry me. Even with my fatigue I ran faster than Usain Bolt. Bike men came racing to me, I refused giving anybody listening ear who knows, they might be a clique,I kept running and shouting for my brother until I got to him. At a point because of my shouting I ran out of energy, my heart began to fail me, holding my chest I couldn't move anymore but I kept shouting to my brother...

My brother was transfixed at a point wondering why I was running so hard.

Long & short of it. He has done it once again. It can only be God.

3 things would have happened to me if not for God mercies:

1. He would have stabbed me because of my shouting.

2. He would have just frightened me with the knife and collected ally belongings including the phone I am presently using to type this.

3. He would have threatened me to follow him with the knife to the nearby bush. Maybe I would have been brutally raped and killed.

4. As I ran from the footpath because of him and jumped to the opposite side of the road, this happened on the express way, a car on speed would have just crushed me to death. None of this happened...

Because he is too faithful to fail me...he is too faithful to dissapoint me, he can never leave me stranded, what he starts he will finish...and he is not done with me yet.

He has commissioned me to be a blessing to my family, community, country, Continent & the world at large.

I am an answer to someone's prayer. He has blessed me to be a blessing...

Thank you Lord for your mercies...

I will not be counted among the casualty of 2020, I will not be a victim of Kidnapping, rape or robbery. I will not be a patient in the hospital, nor an inmate in the prison. Neither will be tenant in the mortuary...

I am a living Testimony!

Do share your story to lift & inspire a drowning & discouraged soul.

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2 years ago


Such a frightful story. Thank God for the life that wasn't lost in the adventure

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2 years ago

ThAnk God for life

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2 years ago