A visit after lockdown

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2 years ago

I met this tricycle driver at Ajah one rainy afternoon after the movement restriction was lifted here in Lagos.

When I got to the junction, rain had messed up the inner road so I needed to take a tricycle. I didn't want to wait for one to load according to turn, so son of Nebu negotiated with a driver for charter. The sky was already cloudy, so I quickly rushed in, reached a price and told him to drive.

This is where things start to get interesting. Hope you're not reading this in public? Before he moved, he saw a lady in front trying to get into the keke that was loading. He shouted her name and told her to come. The lady was going inside though to a different direction. They said some incoherent things and the driver turned to me.

"Oga abeg, make she just stay small with us. I go drop you then go and drop her. Abeg."

"I am paying you for charter to be here alone. Let her enter the tricycle that is loading."

"Oga abeg, you no go understand. I no wan make this rain go to waste abeg. You na my fellow man. Abeg make she enter the keke. Abeg."

I was reluctant and told him if he doesn't move, then I'll alight and look for another tricycle. The rain was almost touching the ground at this point.

So he whispered something to the lady, gave her ₦200 and she rushed to enter bike since she seemed to be in a hurry. Her bike passed us as we were moving, so I asked the tricycle driver why he was so persistent to have the lady in this tricycle.

"Baba you no see those breasts? For this rain wey wan fall now, na perfect opportunity to gum body ooo."

"Gum body how?"

He told me many guys at their park know the babe. If you're lucky, you get to enjoy a good time with her. So if I wasn't there and it starts to rain, he will carry the babe in his keke to a less populated area.

While waiting by the road side for rain to subside, he will cover two sides of his tricycle and join the lady at the back. He would sit, lower his trouser to expose his male sexual appendage. The babe would accordingly raise her skirt in a typical pant shifting position to collect a quickie while on top.

"Is that why some of your tricycles often shake from one side to another whenever it rains?"

"Hahaha. Na the thing my brother. We dey collect sharp sharp without condom and before rain stops because she fit change her mind. You no see how large her breasts dey? I go just insert my hand inside from behind as she dey ride, press am softly. She go come moan one sweet moan wey go clutch my junior inside her pot. Chai. Baba see wetin you dey deny your fellow man. E good?"

At this point, it had already started raining heavily so we had to stop. He sighted the babe's bike where it had also stopped by to wait for rain to stop and he parked just close by.

He then turned to me and started pleading again.

"Baba do this thing for me na. If I no chop this babe this afternoon, I swear I go fall sick. You don see say I give am ₦200. Abeg. My wife never allow me to touch am for five months now. We never do anything. Na this babe be my saviour."

I felt somehow at this point. I would've said embarrassed but I was laughing at the whole thing. I was almost near my destination, so I told him if I was to complete the rest of my journey by another means, we need to renegotiate the original price we agreed upon.

"Oga abeg no pay again. Just carry the money dey go. Chai, this babe say she go give me head if I manage get her this afternoon. And her veejay na the type I dey like. Very portable. Oga abeg."

"You said you were married? Ever tried going for a test with your wife? Just random check to be sure she's not trying to run away from something?"

"Baba forget that one. Make prick see food Choo abeg."

I called my friend and told her I was close to her house and rain won't allow me to move unless she comes to pick me. Five minutes later, she slowed down besitie the tricycle and I got in.

Through her mirror, I saw the babe rush into the tricycle. I tapped my friend's thigh and smiled.

Same food, different dining table.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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2 years ago


So men don't just care about themselves

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2 years ago

This story amused me, well some men gets into immoral acts with outsiders because their wives are not helping matters too

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2 years ago

We thank God, last last we shall get there

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2 years ago