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Should I stay

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5 months ago
Topics: Romance, Story

I told her not to cry that I'll always be there for her. I was so convinced that we had the rest of our lives together. It felt so clear and lucid, infact at that point in my life, she was everything I wanted in life until last night.

Before the incident, we had spent some time at Food Affairs where we made love in the rest room although it was quick yet magical. I walked her to the front door then headed back to where we were sitting because I didn't feel like going home mostly now she's headed for church rehearsals.

Love is the realest thing, that I know but why does it hurt so much that I barely breathe nor put myself together after realizing that the same thing which brings a moment of peace and blossomness can actually hit you so hard that you might start to wonder how and when you became a shadow of yourself.

Before getting home, I mean her place where I had decided to spend the night within the four walls of her fragrance and enchanting memories. She called me asking weird questions about where I was and where I would go next probably because of her intentions to take a man home, the same man who has been calling her in the middle of the night whenever we were making love.

All thanks to my introspection because I found myself not telling her where I was headed. First, I strolled to Emmy's cut saloon where I seldom breath some smoke then headed to my cousin's place to eat some home cooked meal before heading to her place. Believe me, I had no intention of going to her place until I found my feet before her door.

It was few minutes past 9pm and she had mentioned something about having an all night in church so I bought some sativa with a pack of rizz to smoke the night while missing the Queen of my heart. There was no footwear outside making it obvious that no one was at home but I had the spare key in my wallet so I tried to open the door only to realize that it was locked from the inside.

"Who's there? A cocky bass voice wailed. Suddenly I heard some indistinct chatter which sounded like they were having a moment of quarrel inside before she opened the curtain to spy who was outside. That moment, our eyes caught just as she opened the curtain and for a second, I saw remorse in her eyes. She let a baffled expressionless chuckle and couldn't open the door until the man inside did.

Trust me, I really wanted to rain some punches on him because it isn't on me to lay hands on a lady no matter what but couldn't because it wasn't necessary. it wasn't even his fault so I managed to stay calm, walked in to see their clothes scattered on the floor while her undies laid sick by the wardrobe. "Babe, I can explain" she moaned grasping my left hand.

"You have nothing to say" I stuttered still trying to put myself together and avoid creating a scene. "Will you just take your things and get lost" she wailed at the man as he tried to ask her who I am. "Yeah you heard her, get out" I cut in staring crazily into his eyes ready to throw a punch if he had relented but he quickly wore his clothes then sailed out.

I didn't know what to say to her, I couldn't even stare into her eyes knowing that's my weakness. So I collapsed on the bed with tears on my heart bleeding like a wounded soldier in the midst of a genocide. She couldn't come closer, she wouldn't dare because my whole body burnt in rage and I believe she could feel it. "Babe, am really sorry and.." I didn't allow her to finish when I grabbed her by her keister to myself then kissed her.

I don't know why I did that but she quickly responded back with a French kiss then grabbed my penis. I was wearing a joggers so she didn't have problems undressing me then made me awe when I felt her mouth on my pipe. I know she was only trying to save the moment because it was our first time to actually touch ourselves that intimately after three months of going out on a date. We've even spent nights together in her place and mine but never for once did I dare touch her until now.

She sucked me so well including my precum until I finally penetrated her. I knew we had the entire night and she was actually horny so I made her beg for it. After few seconds of going deep into her, I positioned her on the edge of the bed then slurped her pussy till she couldn't hold on no more so she turned me over, caught my erected penis with her left hand then digged it into her pussy again.

Last night was crazy, fun and worth it and after the whole thing in the morning; she still came to me while I was in the bathroom then gave me another fellatio of my life. We freshened up together this morning, ate some baked bread she prepared before heading to my house where we made love again before observing siesta together.

I realized I still want her even now as I write this. I mean I can't just stop thinking about her although I know am not safe with her and I need some advice, please.

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Written by   12
5 months ago
Topics: Romance, Story
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