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Whole Chicken in Sprite

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1 year ago

Whole chicken in sprite is a delicious recipes you can have for dinner, it's like your dining into a restaurant or in a fast food chain 😀

Bring it and made it home by following this easy steps.


1 whole chicken

1pc medium size red onion

5 stalks of lemon grass (tied it together)

1 teaspoon powdered pepper

Fish sauce (patis)

Sprite (soft drinks)

1 tablespoon salt

2-3 tablespoon catsup


  1. Wash or clean the chicken properly then rub the fish sauce all around the chicken.

  2. Next put the salt, powdered pepper, red onion sliced and the lemon grass inside the chicken.

  3. Tied the chicken leg so that the ingredients inside will not be removed.

  4. Then rub the whole chicken with powdered pepper.

  5. Prepare a pan, or (anything you prefer to cook your chicken) put 2 1/2 glass of sprite.( If the chicken size is bigger then you can adjust the sprite, to cook it properly or evenly)

  6. Bring to simmer, then flip the chicken to cooked both side well.

  7. If the broth has reduced rubbed the whole chicken with the catsup.

  1. Then flip and rub catsup the other side

  1. Then let it simmer again, make sure to flip the chicken occasionally so it will be cooked evenly.

  2. Once the sauce thickens and the chicken is already cooked then it's done. You can serve it! And enjoy your whole chicken in sprite.

Serve and enjoy!!

Please bear with my photos I'm not good in making angles. Thank you!

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Written by   1091
1 year ago
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Ah, you mean you really bought this chicken for the sake of this article? You are great oh, i just wish i live near your house to always come over for dinner and watch you prepare it live

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1 year ago

Of course not, you can see the dates when I captured the picture, it just that when I cooked I took some pictures and share the recipes. Because cooking is one of my experiment 😂 everytime I had a good outcome that's the time I share the Recipes.. if we are neighbors you can also learn how to cooked hehehe

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1 year ago