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Understand Music

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1 year ago

When you are lonely and sad, you understand the lyrics better but when you're happy, you understand the rhythm of the songs.

Music touches our souls. Music makes us happy, and also sad sometimes.

There are a lot of genre's of music and it has different rhythms, it only depends to us how we like or enjoy the genre.

Metal rock, hard core rock and everything that rocks is what I like when I was at the verge of my youth. I liked to hear messy and emotional songs and loud instruments at the same time. I liked the wild screamings of the lead vocalist. It's like I screamed with them.

Those genre's represent the emotional state of the youth, the rebellion being showed by their chosen genre's. To screamed a lot and wanted all their freedom so much like a prisoners.

But as I grew older, and understand things better the genre's that soothe my souls drifted, now I like to hear relaxing and peaceful song's.

Music genre's choices depends on our emotional state how we jive and appreciate rhythm depends on our emotions.

I still like loud and rock music but a Christian Song only, that way I can express my loud longing for praising God. It makes me high every time 😂

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