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My paradise

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2 years ago

They are sitting in a random way, holding the grill of the window, leaving the paradise como, the hair is dirty due to not taking care of it for a long time. Wearing ink under the eyes. How the body has turned white. They don't understand why the girl has to wear white sari. How old is the girl? No, you can't stand still. Who will take my paradise to me from here

Love you so much Why don't you like me paradise. Give me a chance. No

Don't let me complain to you. This time there will be no more mistakes. I'll make you mine and lose you

I don't want you. No matter how hard you try, I will take you. You are just my paradise

Afran Khan said the words in his mind. If Auntie doesn't mind, I'd like to talk to Jannat. Nazira Begum, the mother of Jannat, said the word. Nazira Begum Yes, you go inside, father, I will bring food for you. Aunty if you can

So bring a plate of rice and maybe not eat the right food. Nazira Begum's eyes are watering. I haven't talked to anyone for a month since that incident

I don't want to eat the food, I force him to eat something, I think. Nazira Begum hugged Afran and cried. Why my daughter's life ended like this, my daughter is not so good

Was. Aunty, calm down, if you are broken, how can Jannat harden herself, please cry

Don't do it, Nazira Begum said calmly to her father

You go inside. I'm coming. Nazira Begum left with the food. I'll come inside

Afran is knocking on the door

The voice is of a very familiar one. So did he know that this is why he came back? Jannat is thinking all this. Can I talk to you for two minutes? Well, I'm leaving

Saying this, Afran was walking backwards

Assalamu Alaikum

First of all, I apologize. This is the first story I wrote

So forgive the mistakes. If you like it, stay by my side. If you don't like it, ignore it.


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Written by   23
2 years ago
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