Why exam?

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2 years ago

Hello friends, this week is a week I am passing a very busy time because of the exam of my University.

Once we started receiving lecture online that I was not experience in my life before which is sometimes seems very boring to the students like us and then I was imagining how my exams would be toughed.

Obviously, exam should be taken to test our skills. But too much exams make our life monotonous. Is it countless of till day break we need to talk about or how many days we have been spending just for reading only.

Sometimes we become so bored that a question comes to mind that who invented exam?

So, let's know the history of exam;

Henry Fischel was the first person who invented exams and imperial examination was the first exam conducted in China.

The reason of the invention of exams are;

  1. To give an indication of how much a person learnt.

  2. To make you learn a whole lot of things in a single night (an engineer point of view... it's to test your ability (not exactly), one can learn how to cheat in a limited time).

There's no relation between what we study and what we do in future; in most of the cases our studies are useless. But how can one knows what is your ability in performing a task?

✓ The only way is exam in one way or the other. What you learn in broad sense is not useful now but in future we will narrow down our study.

Let's go back to history... Assure you it is not kind of boring.

✓ Concept of exams:

Henry Michel was a French philosopher who lectured in the U.S. and many other places. His philosophy was based on examination of two modes of phenomena (exterior and interior). His basic idea was that a person should examine things (events, persons etc.) very carefully, before reaching any conclusion. So, he was one of the first philosophers to have a kind of a philosophy of examination. The first country to implement a nationwide standardized test was ancient China called as the imperial examination, established by the Sui Dynasty in 605AD, it was meant to select able candidates for specific governmental position. This system was abolished by the QingDynasty 1300 years later in 1905, but England adopted this examination system in 1806 for Her Majesty's civil service, and was later applied to education, which further influenced other parts of the world gradually. This is how the concept of examinations for students developed.

That all informations about exams I found from different sources. Hope you will like it.

Thank you so much for reading this article

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2 years ago


Lol, online part is not easy at all for someone like me where physical class is not much clearer always.

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2 years ago

When I was in HS, my classmates and I would usually complained a lot. We kept on asking the same question like who the F invented exams. Lol. So I can totally relate with you, except for the online part.

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2 years ago