These four words changed it all.

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It's another day to ponder on random thoughts and insights. While in the state of exhaustion and quietness of the night, I'd let my hands scribble again, some thought-provoking statements I'd be able to think as of the moment.

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She sits quietly on a wooden chair

Elbows relaxed on her humble desk

Eyes staring blankly across her window

More specifically to the dimly lit ball in the sky.

She has lots of questions in her mind,

Hands are fidgeting nonstop

While she takes multiple sighs of restlessness

Her faces frowns from time to time.

She whispers slowly, "How paradoxical."

It's dark, and silent, and cold.

Perfect to lull a tired soul to sleep

Yet, her eyes are wide open, with no hint of taking a break.

She hums a familiar tune, it's a sad one

But it comforted her somehow

It gave her company.

She whispered, "They could never."

The world is indeed a beautiful place

Look at the moonbeam that soothes the heart

The stars that makes the darkness more beautiful

The night itself that symbolizes serenity and rest.

The morning comes and it's all sunshine

Rays of the sun proudly showing its grace

Signaling another day

Another hope for good things coming.

She can still see the flowers boasting its colors

And still hear the songs of the birds flying out and about

The sky is a therapy to the eyes

It gives her reason to live, to exist, to fight, to move forward.

She says it again, "the world is indeed beautiful..."

There is no denying in it.

Still, tears start forming in those brown orbs of hers

Silent sobs follow, very soft and careful to not wake up any sleeping one.

It's beautiful, but life isn't always.

It gets really sickening to get up in the morning.

Sometimes, it gets so sickening that she doesn't get to appreciate the sunrise.

Sometimes, it gets so exhausting that she does not look at the moon as often as before.

There are days that the flower neither look vibrant as they always were.

Nor times when the birds sing beautifully.

There are certain moments when everything's too dark, or too bright, or too vibrant, or too dull.

Sometimes she hates the rainbows and the flowers.

She sits more comfortably now, back resting on the chair.

She could get a better look of the silent listener of her sentiments—luna.

The crickets were singing, as if also complaining about whatnots in their lives.

She lets out a long sigh.

Today, she just want to close her self into a dark box again—

Where no one could come in, let alone even hear her.

She's afraid her thoughts would be too loud others would hear them

She keeps her darkest secrets to her little heart, she suffers alone.

The box is locked, she knows how to build walls

She's always done it whenever storms come.

She always recovered alone.

Though she admits, over time, it gets freaking exhausting.

She's worried that one day, she'll break.

At the same time, she's not.

Because, what if she has already been broken since long ago?

Even she does not know.

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Her phone lights up, surprising her eyes

That are so used to the dark these days.

A message pops us, it has a message

She never expected.

Never in her whole life did she expect

That a four word sentence would crash all the walls she's built throughout the years

Or even break the strongest mask she's worn all this time

Because that very night, with the moon and stars as the witnesses, she exploded.

Silent sobs turned into noticeable whimpers

Until they got louder, and she was crying like a child

Who lost her most treasured doll.

The moon and the stars remained silent.

Silence is the best thing that comforted her that night.

Even it's two in the morning, she could not believe it.

It's eventually getting brighter.

There's a hole in the box, light seeped in.

She cried like she never did before

This time, she never held back.

Loud steps are heard throughout the stairs

In a moment, a person was already hugging her weak form.

You are loved, darling.

You can always cry to me, love.

Don't shoulder it all yourself.

I'm here. We're here. We care. You're loved.

She mutters multiple words of gratitude towards her mom.

As her tears filled the older's chest.

She cried and cried, until she got tired

And slept like a baby, beside mom.

Another bright morning has come,

She's getting better slowly.

She was supported well.

She knows she's healing.

Until now, that four word statement still lingers in her mind.

She actually has it as her home screen wallpaper.

"You never walk alone.

Love, mom."

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Sending hugs and comfort...

To y'all out there! Never ever think that you are alone. There maybe voices that tell you such lies—they are lies! You may not sometimes see or feel it, but there is always at least one that believes in you, supports you, and wants the best for you.

You are loved. There is, of course, God, whose love never runs out. Thankful to a fellow writer in here that commented in my previous article, that the most beautiful place is in God's presence.

You can try it yourself. Just alone in a room, just close your eyes, call unto Him, release all your bottled up emotions, and ask for His comfort, He never holds back. He always comforts like no other. He's just there, always. God's just waiting for us to notice and acknowledge His presence.

I hope my work have sent at least a nice amount of comfort to you. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share it to whoever needs to read it. ❤️

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To God be the Glory.

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God has always been there and will always be there for us especially in our darkest moments.

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10 months ago

Amen! As the song goes, "in my darkest hour, You are close like no other.. "

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10 months ago

I love this poem! A great reminder that in life, we are never alone. We all have the best support system, we just have to open up!

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10 months ago

Yes! I am thankful the message came across. ❤️ Salamat po sa pagbasa. :)

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10 months ago

Indeed, the most beautiful place is in God's presence. Your poem is beautiful and I'm swayed by it.😍

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10 months ago

Glad to know it. Thank you so much! ❤️

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10 months ago

Nagbabalik nanaman ang makata huhu

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10 months ago

Hahaha, medyo dito muna sa random tula kasi wala png kaisip na content. 😂 Thank you!

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10 months ago