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The Truth Untold

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9 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

Genre: Kpop Fanfiction

Suggested song: BTS' The Truth Untold

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BTS' Taehyung as himself

Mix as herself

PROMPT: A meet up to remember.


"5th Audio: Propose", the message read.

Here he goes again. Messaging me and sending me random audio clips. Everything is his songs.

At first, I don't believe the voice was his, it's so beautiful. Not until he called me—the very first time I heard his voice.

"I really like listening to him sing." I unconsciously muttered, after listening to his song 'Propose'.

Every single voice records that he sent never failed to amaze me. He has a deep, emotional, and breathtaking voice.

I typed on my messenger to tell him how good his new masterpiece was. And as usual, he thanked me.

The name's Taehyung. That's his name on Facebook. We haven't even met, I don't personally know him. Don't get me wrong, I repeatedly asked for a meet up, but he won't agree. His replies were always 'next time'.

But I want to meet him. So bad.

It's so tiring to look only at his pictures. Since his timeline is very private, I can't see anything.

My phone beeped and what surprised me is that, he sent me a video clip! For the very first freakin' time!

My fingers are shaking as I typed:

me: OMG! I haven't watched it yet! Is this a video of you?

him: Yeah. :-) That's a clip from a long time ago.

My face automatically frowned.

me: No recent videos? :<

him: Sorry. It's not possible now.

What? Already not possible?

him: *for now

My mood instantly lightened up.

me: It's okay! Wait, lemme watch it.

him: hope you like it.

I was amazed. No, overwhelmed. Not only with his voice, I fell inlove with his skills in dancing!

I may have not said this, but he is really handsome. I mean, his eyes, nose, and lips. All his features seemed.. perfect. I have never seen a human be this beautiful.

In the video, he's dancing to the song 'Butterfly', the song he sent to me last time. My heart always flutters. Why? Because it's him. It has always been him.

me: You really are passionate in everything, Tae. I'm crying

him: Thanks. :-D

me: you really are handsome hahaha!

him: what? not really

him: Sleeping now?

me: hmm not yet

him: I am thinking abt meeting you, Mix.

My heart suddenly beat faster.

me: is that for real now?

him: Yeah.

We talked about everything that we have to know: the time, the date, the meeting place.

I can't believe I am meeting him in person.

Until such awaited day came.

I hurriedly went to the place when I received his text.

"He's so early, gosh." I exclaimed.

I made sure I will look pretty. He looks so beautiful, what about me? I should look pretty to him, too!

him: I am wearing a blue shirt.

me: Oh, I am wearing a purple dress.

There, across the street, I saw a guy wearing a mask, and a blue shirt.

My hands clutched tighter on to the hems of my dress.

I was disappointed.

He looks nothing like Taehyung. He looks thinner, paler. Am I fooled? Am I scammed?

him: I'm waiting. and hey, don't expect me looking good. haha.

Anger ruled over me.

Maybe I was fooled all this time.

I didn't even come near him. I don't want to. He's far different from the pictures.

him: Sorry. I only had the courage to show myself to you now. I want to tell you everything. And I want to hold your hand, Mix. :-)

That text from him just fueled up my anger more. It isn't like I got mad that he isn't that handsome guy that I know. He should have sent those real pictures of him! Why does he need to use other person's pictures?

•3rd Person•

Taehyung unknowingly looked up the dark sky.

He looked across the street. His eyes caught an image of a girl in a purple dress, facing backwards.

"I think it's her." he murmured, feeling his heart beat rapidly.

To his surprise, the girl walked away.

He thought that maybe it wasn't her. Maybe just a coincidence.

He waited again. But it has been an hour.

And she doesn't reply.

Tears started streaming down his face. The clouds started weeping, too.

But the lad never seemed to care, even the rain has soaked him wet. All he knows is, he's hurting.

He went home.


It has been a week already, and I didn't check all his texts and private messages.

I can't believe that I fell into the lies of a poser.

He's calling me right now. I answered it.


["Mix? Thank God you answered my call. How are you?"]

"What are you gonna say?"

["W-why do you seem mad? And why didn't you come to our meeting place?"]

"Because you're a j*rk."


"Stop sounding innocent. You fooled me!"

I heard a sigh from the other line.

["If you thought of that way, please don't. There may be some things that I really hid from you. But that won't change the fact that I am Taehyung!"]

Wtf. Taehyung your face.

"You think I will believe you?

["Mix, what are you talking about—"]

"Then let's meet up again." I challenged.

["Okay, when?"]

"Tomorrow. Same place, same time."

["Mix, m-maybe we can schedule it next time—"]

"Then I won't believe you are Taehyung."

I ended the call.

Tomorrow came, I really went to the place. Though I am still so mad. But I can't stop myself from wanting to see him. And understand him.

But then, I arrived one hour later than scheduled. What a traffic.

I am here. He's not.

Isn't he here yet? Or WAS he here?.

What we last talked about is me wearing a red dress. He's freakin' offline. And it's raining.

I have no umbrella.

Dang it, Taehyung.

"Miss?" a lady from a near store called.


"Here's an umbrella for you. A guy was here, and he told me to give this to a lady in a red dress if it rained. It seemed to be you." she said, with a smile on her face.

"Oh my, thank you so much! D-did the guy leave already?"

"I think so. It looks like he was in a hurry."

"Really, thank you so much, madam."

I marched home feeling as angry as ever.

It's so annoying! I am really pissed off that I started crying.

Why is everything like this? I just want to see him, and know what he wants me to discover.

Whatever that is, I accept it. Yeah, I decided to accept it. The real him. Because heck yeah, I love him already. Through the three years, I really love him.

I opened my messenger, hoping he'll tell me something.

And there, he left me a video clip. No other messages.

"Video clip: The Truth Untold." it said.

I chose not to listen to it. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I will just sleep.

I woke up crying. And don't really know why. My chest felt something strange, but I ignored it.

I almost jumped when my phone suddenly rang.

"Hello. Taehyung.." I greeted.

["Hello. Mix, right?"] My eyebrows arched in confusion. A girl's voice?

"Speaking. How can I help you?" I asked.

["Can we meet? Taehyung wants to tell you something. Please. It's a surprise, as he said."]

I felt butterflies in my stomach. My anger was all lost like a bubble. I miss him anyway. What a love fool am I.


The time and place was sent to me through a text.

I arrived to the place in a few hours. And, it is a.. music studio?

"Taehyung records his songs here." a woman's voice sounded throughout the room.

"Hey." I smiled.

"Yeah, I am Eve, Taehyung's older sis."

I can clearly see the resemblance in their facial features. Yes, of Eve and the Taehyung I saw in the pictures. It felt kinda weird.

"Hi, n-nice to meet you. Taehyung, where is he?"

"You'll see him later. Come here."

She led me to a corner where several gifts are placed.

"It's all for you. He hasn't gotten the chance to personally give these to you since all your meet ups are always postponed." she told me.

I read all the notes to those gifts I saw.

'For being my friend who trusted me'

'happy birthday!'

'nothing special, I just find this necklace suitable for you'

Tears streamed down my face before I realized it.

He's so sweet.

"Wait, Mix, have you watched the video he sent you? That's connected to his surprise."

"Oh! I almost forgot!"I said, and I excitedly got the phone from my pocket.

To my disappointment, my phone has lost power.

I should have watched it last night.

I charged my phone in the nearest outlet that I found.



"Do you have an idea why he wasn't able to go to our meeting place yesterday?"

"Really? I thought he went, but he had to go. Yesterday is supposed to be his operation."

I grew pale. My whole body started trembling.


"He has a heart complication. A bad one. Only a heart transplant could regain his health."

I lost my energy and just dropped down on the floor.

"Did it go well?"

"No. It wasn't done since he came late. He's supposed to stay home until the schedule, but he insisted to go."

No tears came out of my eyes. Shock ate my system.

I can't say a single word.

"D-don't worry, Mix. He's at the operation room right now. He's doing his best."

That's when I started to break down.

"Why.. why didn't he tell me?"

I even forced him for a meet up. That was the day of his operation.

Sht. This is all my fault. My effin fault.

"Where is he right now?"

"A nearby hospital. And, he strictly told me to let you stay here. You are gonna video call each other after the operation." Eve said.

It is all my fault. I acted immature. All he did was to make me happy, but I doubted him. I am such a cruel person.

I hate myself.

Only God knows how long Eve and I have cried.

After a few hours, her phone rang.

"Wait, it's my alarm." Eve remarked.

A deafening silence ruled for a few seconds.

"The operation must be done by now. We can call the doctor." she added.

By the time my phone regained power, I immediately powered it on and directed to my messenger chats.

"I am gonna watch the video now.." I told Eve.

'Video clip: The Truth Untold'

I watched him playing the piano in this video. I felt my heart aching as it familiarized with the sad melody Taehyung was playing.

I just listened to his voice as he sang.

"You know that

I can't, show you me

can't give you me.."

My heart felt like it was stabbed a million times.

Taehyung's tears are so visible in the video.

"But I still want you.."

At the end of the song, he spoke.

["Hi! Check out the box with a purple wrapper. Haha. Bye!"] he said, and the video ended.

I didn't waste a second and searched for the item like crazy.

It was a purple cap. 'I purple you', the design embedded.

Photo source:

I cried in silence.

In the hospital room, I saw him 'sleeping' peacefully.

Tears quietly flowed down my cheeks as I look at him with eyes full of regret and longing.

Yes, he is indeed Taehyung.

That handsome guy in the pictures, the talented singer, the skilled dancer.

He really is beautiful in person. Just thinner. Paler.

But it's him. The Taehyung that I love so dearly. The reason why I open my messenger, why I stay up late.

"Taehyung. I might not have texted it to you," I started, "You really look so handsome. Really. And I'm sorry. I am really sorry. I am such a fool. I did nothing but to make you suffer.."

I wasn't able to continue what I want to say because I broke down again.

"Taetae.. I love you so much.. okay? If messenger existed in afterlife, stay online, got it? I will always text you, chat you.. even you won't reply. Thanks for including me as one of the last beats of your heart. I love you so much, Tae. I hope you hear me. I hope I made you feel that, okay?"

I continued holding unto his right, cold hand.

And before I finally let go, I saw something in his left hand.

It was holding unto something.

A purple hat. And a letter.


sorry for not telling it to you. haha. I may have grown a lot thinner but you still find me handsome, right? I can't dance anymore, sorry. I wasn't able to wait for you yesterday, sorry. Sorry.

thanks for everything. Promise, if I made this operation, I will sing for you, face to face!

i love you.


#fictions #author #story #shortstories #oneshot #fanfic #BTS

Author's Note: If you reached to this point, thank you! This is a one shot I wrote and posted years ago, but I ALSO DELETED already. It is originally in Filipino-English language, but I edited it to be an ALL-ENGLISH story to make it reader friendly.

🛑 A disclaimer: BTS' Taehyung (a.k.a. V) is just used as a character in this fanfiction short story. In reality, he is healthy and is currently dominating the world 😎

Don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts about this one.

Again, thank you so much!

-Elle ♥️

Lead Image, a photo edited by me.

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Written by   286
9 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)
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ang galing😭😭😭hands down na talaga ako sayo ateeee,what a plot twist,sobrang bihasa mo na sa pagsusulat,i really admire u huhu.wait naiiyak akoಥ‿ಥthankkk uuu for thisss😭😭😭❤️❤️

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9 months ago

uy talaga ba? thanks a lot for the feedback. ahahaha. Did u notice your name there? I didn't mention you in the article since I ain't sure if you are a fan of BTS eh. Kung oo, I will update it and mention u hehehe. Just tell me ♥️

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huhu i'm not a fan of bts e,pero you can mention me,i won't mind since it's fiction naman

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