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To look back from the Abyss 

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3 months ago
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Reflecting on the various narratives of Philippine history, I've realized that intelligence can be one of our most powerful weapons. Learning things is power, and when you learn, it    doesn’t mean that you memorize, but rather you analyze their nature from the biggest  chunks to the smallest detail.

How can that piece of knowledge be applied, and when was the right time to carry it out? For instance, when the Chinese people saw the reliance of Spain on the galleon trade, they engaged in it, monopolizing the industry.

Hence, they have gained demand not only in the Acapulco trade but across Europe also. Having a lot of resources would also take you nowhere when you don’t know how to use them.

Spain is great, but their greatness is brittle, as Francis Bacon would say, because they are anchored to a weak pillar. so brittle that decades after being on top, they have become subordinate to England—from being a master to becoming the Mistress of the Sea.

Thus, because intelligence is so vital, this comes out as either an antidote or a poison, depending on how well you use it. For instance, Rizal used his education in writing Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo to awaken the Filipinos from their deep slumber.

Together with his fellow Ilustrados, Graciano Lopez Jaena and Marcelo H. Del Pilar, they worked to    clamour for reforms through a propaganda movement. Creating a national identity for  Filipinos and establishing an assimilation goal.

One of the Gomburza, the Filipino clergyman, Father Jose Burgos, greatly    influenced Rizal’s view of being a nationalist. He even referred to the secular priest as someone who had opened his intelligence's eyes, bringing forth conviction in him. Years later, more and more illustrados have seen the struggle of the Philippines.

The depreciative work the colonizers have been inflicting on the area has gone too far to even use Catholicism to control the natives. Seeing the incapability of the nation to continue being a colony that can support Spain fully during that time, isn’t it pathetic to see the Mistress of the Sea being a leech clinging to the natives?

How unsteady could their reign be if they resorted to abuse, cruelty, and repudiation of reforms in order to have someone under their control? Furthermore, the late 19th century was spent on the Philippine Revolution, where natives fought the battle using arms and not just the pen anymore.

Thus, during this time, the goal had been set for separation from Spain, imploring the revolution of the masses    through the leadership of Supremo Andres Bonifacio of the Katipunan. Thus, Bonifacio, being a leader, had displayed the possibility of middle-class or lower-class men being capable of leading a group of people through Philippine independence.

Why is that so? It can be recalled that Indios have been labeled as people who grow bad when able to be educated. Because of this, it has been implanted in the minds of the natives that they are fit for manual labor rather than education, which translates to the ability to handle arms  rather than pens. And Andres Bonifacio being one of those who was not able to be sent to school is a testimony.

Someone who understands their reality. Even up to the present, this kind of situation still exists. When people are in their darkest moments, empathy is one thing they seek.

People who are heavily wounded would want someone who has suffered the    same fate before and is able to recover—for many, that is what they call hope, and they cling to it for the promise of enlightenment. However, no matter how devised your plan is and how united you think you are, when greed begins to infiltrate your system, there’s no way you’ll succeed in every plot.

The Philippine battle for assimilation and independence has been written with differences—distinctive views that do not come across because of petty jealousies, pride, differences in    values and ideologies, as well as fear.

This is the undying issue—a traditional one that’s still living in the present century, the inability to be truly united. Even as a republic, Philippine leaders have always said "for the people, in service of the people," and while this may appear sympathetic, the truth is that they are not really for the people but for themselves,    giving their words countless nonsense interpretations.

Greed and personal interest, once sparked, will continue to grow in flame until it burns the whole system, including the best    ones in it. Relative to that, I acknowledge the fact that assigning labels to all of the leaders would be a hasty generalization.

Unlike during the Spanish Era, where complaints and justice fell on deaf ears, the country has now been keen on listening to the voices of the masses. The country’s been open to ideas and liberalism, so children have been granted the    right to become educated in the sciences and arts.

The freedom to be able to express your view on a certain argument without being labeled as a propagandist or enemy of the state without due process is a major difference from that of the 19th century, when the Governor-General also held the Royal Audiencia.

Hence, we cannot deny the art of reality in the entire journey of the Filipinos under Spanish colonization. The seed of nationalism that has developed inside the hearts of those    who resist the colonizers is something to be proud of—the sense of nationhood that has slowly established the country’s morals and values that are now being handed to us.

There’s a reason why Rizal believed in the power of the youth in lifting the nation; he was once a youth who fought for the betterment of it, and he had confidence that he had done his best in    enriching his inheritance and passing it to the future. Indeed, if wisdom is the patrimony of men, only those of good heart will be able to inherit it—only those who bring out the light so others may also see it and not just them.

Only those who desire the betterment of the nation as a whole, even if that means disregarding themselves.   Thus, we remain unmoved when there’s no glimmer. As time passes, we take    breaks. We waited for the right time, but we knew in the back of our minds that eventually we’d reach that point when the moment was already designed for us to come out.

However, when the light takes so much time to be seen, start creating your own and be ready to walk out of the shadows. Because the light has already been created! 


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Written by   16
3 months ago
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