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The World's Standards: Unchangeable

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2 months ago
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I feel sad.

I am frustrated with what is happening now in society. What's happening in my country?

Earlier, I was bombarded with the news that vloggers are planning to enter Malacañang Palace, and yes, "vloggers with an s" because it's plural. There are a lot of them with subscribers that will amount to 2.5 million when combined. 

Some people, I don't know if all were trolls, are very happy with it. However, that is not the case for me. I don't know if I can see how much of a laughingstock the Press of the Philippines can get. Vloggers rather than Journalists?

Oh come on! Who in their right mind does that?

It's like exchanging a known author with extraordinary experiences for someone who just feels like writing on the spur of the moment. 

But again, what can you expect? For someone who has a leader that is not that competent and guarded with professional records, it is no doubt that the country will empower people who just feel like doing something. 

A lot of first world countries, which boast of innumerable great minds, don't settle with Vloggers. And maybe that's the reason why they're so progressive in the first place. They don't bend the rules with their faulty arguments and ego. And this is not to say that Vloggers are not good, but rather that they are not good for the mass media and journalism sector. 

There's a reason why journalism needs a lot of years of training, requires world-class professors in broadcasting, and has a vast experience in delivering the truth.

A broadcaster never goes to a place just to say that the weather is good, nor do they narrate what is happening, unless they are asked live from the station by the news anchor.

There are rules for creating news. There are guidelines for how to write a good headline, conduct an interview, and show the most interesting aspect of the event. And there are a lot of news, there are science news, features, editorials, and sports news. There are also those which are given for entertainment. In the publication, those are the pages that contain literary pieces. 

Vloggers are good when it comes to entertaining people, but that's just it; entertainment. Even the entertainment part of the media doesn't use informal words; it should be formal and decent as they are the ones read and listened to by Class A's.

I don't want to conclude, but if this belief, which spirals on almost a century already still holds bearing, then does this only mean that those who can't afford to choose journalism are people who were poorly exposed to class? 

You guys decide. All I know is I'm done with all this misinformation and disinformation in society. I feel sorry for those revolutionists who fought for the betterment of it, only to end up being tagged as hearsay or myth. Lapu Lapu, farewell...

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Written by   16
2 months ago
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