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My vote is for the Filipinos, not for the colors.

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4 months ago
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This will be just a short, different from the usual physics and chronological history narrative. 

The world is watching. They're keeping an eye on this election. So I suppose that the majority already has knowledge of the phenomenal casting of votes on May 09, 2022.

And as the day got nearer, my patience was being tested. My social med was full of bardagulan, pre-election anxieties, and, of course, the ever present fake news and fake news peddlers. 

However, no matter how prevalent those things were, I chose not to engage. I did my own research and I'm pretty sure that my vote would be valid (or solidly mine). I decided on that and have not been compelled nor influenced by anyone else. 

I just can't risk making a public announcement about who I was voting for because we're surrounded by people who always have something to say or, worse, go beyond borders. Aside from that, I just don't have the energy to spend arguing with someone whose words display a lot of fallacy. It is not worth it to begin with. 

Everything was going well, until today. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I was on fire. Alas, my limits have been reached, but not about political candidates but about the prevalence of history revisionism instead of history revisited.

I was also enraged by the denial of athrocities during the Marcos regime and the frequent spread of misinformation regarding martial law's being a golden age when in fact it is a nascency of dark times for the majority. 

The golden age was selective with chronies and some elite families supporting the administration back then, generating wealth and the people suffering in exchange. Clearly, this is structured against the errors of martial law and the sufferings of the Filipinos.

Don't even get me started with nakinabang ka rin naman sa ginawa ni Marcos. Oh please, as of March 2022, I have already been charged with more than a hundred thousand debt to pay for the nation's debt, which will be diminished from my future income. Another fact is that it might get bigger as time progresses. With the Philippines borrowing money to fund projects and back up the economic crisis, there's only 'up' to go. 

And to tell you the truth, all these infrastructures cannot cover the blood that's been shed during his regime. The bodies of those people who went missing in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. The agony of those families who wait for their loved ones to come back yet only wait for nothing, no body to yearn, no last words to cling to. Just the memory. 

 Isn't it ironic that you sympathize with those who wait after a war given that they have said their goodbyes, but you can't validate the feelings of those who wait for nothingness because no words were left to say before the body was shown bathed in blood?

I've said it previously, and I'll say it again. Your golden age is selective. Stop pushing for it to be beneficial to the majority! While you and your clan enjoy lavishness during this time, there are people, our ancestors, wailing for help because they were tortured or simply because their lands have been taken from them. Families declare bankruptcy due to their inability to sustain a land when, in fact, they should have profited if the cronies hadn't pocketed their money.

Check your previlege! While your tummy is full of well-cooked foods, children from Negros have been diagnosed with diseases and have been associated with malnutrition because of the inflation of goods and the lack of food. They have been deprived so much that they have become the face of famine. 

So stop spreading fake news, especially if your sources aren't relevant. It takes a lot to become a historian! Almost five centuries of history cannot be summarized in a five-minute video, much less if you're going to consider all the factors, perspectives, conspiracies, and relationships that have happened in those years. Stop revisionism and stop denying the atrocities. Stop invalidating those who have been badly treated and have been denied justice. 

You're so quick to sign petitions these days, and yet you cannot recognize when one has been harmed. The worst part is that you even justified the actions for the sake of silence and fame.

Another is that when I speak the facts, I am eventually referred to as Pro-Leni. Why Leni? Why can't it be Isko? Or Pacquiao or Lacson? What is your indication of these actions of yours and why are you so eager to associate me with some colors?

Am I required to wave a color wherever I go? No, I am simply not, and I don't care about the colors. My loyalty isn't to the administrations. They all had flaws in their terms to begin with. From Aguinaldo down to Duterte, they all have something they're accountable for and yet they failed to do it.

I recognize that this election is phenomenal and this could be a battle of candidates and their platforms.    But this is also a battle against misinformation, fake news peddling, and historical revisionism. 

I don't care if you flashed me your "let me educate you" or "respect my opinion" phrase; that phrase has been overused to the point where its definition has been ruined. It now lies as a connotation for something that could be irelevant. 



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Written by   16
4 months ago
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Whoever is your choice well, highly respected. Your vote is counted. Our goal only is to have a better future.🙏

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4 months ago