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Choosing a Career Wisely, A Tip

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4 months ago
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Hello, so it’s been what? Two days or three. Yeah, yesterday was the end of our classes at the university, and right now I’m just taking care of my backlogs and additional requirements for me to not incur an INC grade or incomplete grade.

An INC for college students is usually incurred when a student doesn’t complete all the requirements of the course required for submission. Usually this can be cleared, but then again, the quote "prevention is better than cure" works in this set up.


But today, I had a very long conversation with someone I‘m close with. We were talking about routines and plans in life, and how to provide for the family. because it’s a timely story. Yes, it’s really relevant, especially in the lives of Asian kids, where if you’re already entering your 20's, it’s a shame if you can’t provide for your family yet.

 And this is true. Some teens, again "some", who get to this age and are still being fed by their family usually feel the pressure of providing for their family because, in the eyes of the people around you, you are already an adult and that’s what adults usually do.

Adults work. Adults provide. And it is very inspiring, especially now that education systems in the Philippines have integrated K–12, so the average age of completing a four–year degree is 22 or 21 years old, which is already a transitory phase into adulthood.

Then, provided that it’s really hard to live in the Philippines, especially when you belong to a middle class or lower class family, because the opportunities are really few to begin with.

Aside from this, the mindset of the majority goes like this: "if you’re a college degree holder, you will eventually become rich," like your diploma automatically translates into the language of money. When in fact, it depends on how you handle life or use that diploma to generate money.

 So, as much as I consider job offers of the moment important, the urgency of finding a job for the sake of providing is at higher stakes. Planning or having a quick idea of how something could make an impact is much more important.


Being spontaneous cannot be applicable at all times, although there are events that actually take you by surprise that you can’t make a plan beforehand. But, planning or drafting an outline is important because it allows you to look at the present or future situations from a holistic view. This means you are not just focusing on one area of the problem; you are allowed to consider other variables.


To try that, here’s an example with an application. Since these months are those which are considered crucial for college applications or admissions, we’ll talk about how to choose a course. Of course, many would say they are torn between choosing what they want, choosing what their parents want, what they can afford, and what’s the trend. And I can relate to that because I also had those times where confusion was really raining on me. 


And in making your decision, you can use Operation PLAN "Prepare-List-Analyze and Note"



So first, what should you prepare?

Well, you need to prepare all the choices at hand and lay them on the table. If you have a course that you want, your parents want, what you can afford, and what’s the trend, Write it down. 

You wanted to become an Architect

Your parents want you to become a teacher.  

Your budget can afford the courses for being a nurse and a teacher.  

The trending course is being an engineer.



Next, you have to list questions for each course, and also, we’re going to ultimately add the "A" here for analysis because they’re interdependent with each other. So what are you going to list?

1. You’re going to list the reasons—your reasons. 

Why do you want to become an Architect?  

Who will provide for your schooling to become an Architect?  

What scholarships can you apply for?  

What schools offer it?  

Can you afford the school?  

If not, what can you do to help your family to lessen the burden?  

If the school you can afford doesn’t offer the course, what alternative school do you consider?

Ask these questions for the course your parents want and the course you guys can afford too, so you'll have a better comparison. 


For the fourth one, what you need to do is list the courses that have been on trend for the last 5 years.  

What was the reason why it has become a trend?  

What's the reason why suddenly that isn’t the trend anymore?  

And what are the factors that have influenced the downfall or rise of these trends?



For the analysis part, after you list all the possibilities, you need to look at them one by one and draw patterns for every situation. It is also a good move to add calculated risks and a possible outlook to the very path.

For example, for the course you want, you need to consider the following:

Why was that the course you wanted?   

Do you want to build a career out of it or are you just harvesting the skills that the course offers you to apply them in a different field someday?

Because if you really don’t want the course and you’re after the skill, it might be that the other courses, just like the course your parents want you to study or the ones being afforded by the family, also offer the same skills. 


For the trend, you need to analyze the situation back then that these courses became significant. Is that problem solved already or is it still existing? 

Because if you have already answered this, it might be that when the problem is fixed, they no longer want graduates from the course. That is a trend right now. The worst part is that the job that the present course offers might not be useful by the time you have already graduated.


And yes darling, it is important that you track the employment and unemployment rate of the future job you’re eyeing as well as the movement of the economic sector which affects directly or indirectly your future job. 


The last thing is to note.


It is important to note all the disadvantages and advantages of the list of preferences. Of course, you have to start by making a table and labeling it whether it’s an advantage or not. 

You can list the questions below.

Just mark it with a check if the course given has an advantage in a specific label and x if it is a disadvantage. Eventually, this will help you sort your choices better. Anyway, this is just a single tip and it did work for me. I hope it will work for you too. 

Goodluck on your journey!

Thanks again for reading, guys. See you in the next article.  

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Written by   16
4 months ago
Topics: Tip, Choosing, Career, College
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4 months ago

These are beautiful tips that I'm sure will work for anyone

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4 months ago

Thank you Madame, Experiences have taught me a lot 😁

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4 months ago