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Armed with Scars and Troubles

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3 months ago
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Losses and defeats.

Whether we are talking about military issues or personal ones, these words have always carved their existence in between lines of struggle. As long as there is a possibility of risk, there will always be a possibility of reward, and as long as there is a reward, there are parties who in an elementary state go against each other and equally share the probabilities of winning and grieving defeat.

In most particular events, this gives birth to all other minor issues that eventually grow into large and uncontainable ones that, when not handled well, may cause great losses, even in times when the fight has not begun yet.

It is cruel, I might say, but it is the art of losing anyway...

As much as we want to emphasize the independence gained at the end of each war, we cannot deny the magnitude of the damage it caused.The number of deaths speaks for itself.

The number of infrastructure bombed and institutions wrecked poses a significance, especially for us Filipinos who, during the time after the Second World War, were not strong enough to stand on our own because we had been dependent on the capability of the United States when it comes to running the country for a long period of time, way before the Japanese Occupation planted their roots in the country.

We have closed that era, yet it appears that we did not. Just like before, the promise of restoration has found its way for their forces to take part on Philippine soil.

Indeed, when one is weakened, we resort to any kind of negotiation in hopes that one will rescue us from our critical state and take us to a much better place. We forgot to take a step back and see the bigger picture, letting the possibility of crossing the seas using different routes off the hook.

And when everything is right enough for our thoughts to be considered as a priority, the deal has already been sealed, and we are now trapped in an option that’s been chosen out of necessity.

As a result, needs cannot be questioned at times—the reasoning of every person behind a superb decision cannot be called into question. It’s just so saddening to witness how the word "colonial" turns into "neocolonial" with our nation being the subordinate.

Truth be told, nothing has really changed in America’s technique of dominating the Philippines. They have just arrived, a little tactless this time, waving their intention upfront, still in a Saviour facade but with an interest.

Thus, the Bell Trade Act, Parity Rights, Military Bases, and Military Assistance Agreement all sound sophisticated, but they are actually clever in their own way, which is unfortunate for us.

When analysed deeply from a cynical perspective, there is no way you’ll survive this if you are a crop producer or a businessman, which is agreeable to most people in the Senate. However, the country needs help, and, in the eyes of the President, that is our only hope. Hence, this is one of the reasons why graft and corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and activism have started to infiltrate the system and more so spread until it is uncontainable or has devolved enough to be even silenced.

This word's help has also been significant in the succeeding years. Being the one who conceals foreigners' true intentions. Sure, they have brought with them a lot of surprises that no matter how obvious they have managed to present as just an aid or, on a less funny note, a business proposal. It is like suggesting a mutual relationship with a few perks all in favour of them.

Thus, the dominating power of Americans in the country has played a role in running as a candidate for the Presidential elections and actually winning. Yes, it is true that the Filipinos practice democracy during that time, but it is clear as crystal that, for the most part, the Americans have inflicted their reign on us, leaving us dependent on their aid. Hence, the closer you are to them, the greater the chance you’ll rule the country.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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