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UnOrthodox Poem Writing

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Written by Β Β 7
3 months ago

UnOrthodox Poems

Her Love - Feminine

Completes my completion!

So amazing,


Truest ever!


Like libra- she is justice!

Like Capricorn,she is true!

A true amythest- she is loyal and royal!

So strong,

I've never had anyone,

So tough, so true

On point of good love.

Good heart,

Good light,

Good energy!

Best vibrations

Set out to look for me,

Hid the call I did,

Went too far I did.

Don't blame myself, never.

Stronger over gotten.

Praise the creator for her I do.

In awe she leaves me,

Into silence she sents me.

Oblivion she makes of my noise.

To love she always leaves me!

I'm forever loving the one,

Forever and every minute more.

I'll loose myself,

Lose my mind.

Im restored in your love.

What's the constant I ask myself.

You have remained the center of my heart.

I could almost swear that it's you, me, you!

I mean, you me, we must be twin flames of sorts.

It's not sex that I want from you nor a date.

I need you like air that I breath.

Every moment I know you are next to me,

I'm healing!

So magnetic your soul is to mine.

So much ties between us,

And so much distance too.

Love n light I'm forever sending to you!

Jessica - Definitely

Naughty, Naughty, keep it real.

Smile breaks ice like lightenin

Walk so tough necks brak

So cute, kept short and sweet

So in sync, heart beats to my dru

God given, she don't drop for nobod

Shawty so sleek, she's Redd

Gucci handbags want her

Versace collection hunt her

LV is paparazzi to her

No rings no jewelry

She keep it clean n powered from the πŸ’œ

True vibrations she comma

High frequencies she waves

Her energy sweet like necta

Her essences allurin

Could she be a siren

She much surely is the on

Game so much on poin

She calls the shots

Exes and proposals one too many

She needs awaits for s/th real

Some true, something good

Like libra β™Ž, doing her justice

She's not worried about nothin

She lives her days like her last

Learns like she's forever

Such beauty has eternity all about it

So perfect no flaws

Who'd even think of passing her

Not lucky, she's blesse

For days as the count goes

Found her way, now she's straight

No problems if you want to have fun

Day 1s stay day 1s even in silenc

Or the dark night of the soul

Never known to turn her bac

Unless she's checking her ass in the mirror like Rihanna

So pure, so perfect

No flaws, what are flaws on her

She's a masterpiece, the main artwork!

Love and light her ways through eternity!


Love and light her ways through eternity!!!


Electrically Charged up,

Faster than Lazer technology.

Speed of light?

I don't know about that,

I know about thought.

Frequencies of vibrations,

Cutting through all time and space.

Time travel to Isa,

Lit lit the bushes,

Could've been a mrj trip.

Pass the now,

Chill with you grand kids,

Show some love to the world.

Grow your mind

Grow your wealth

Grow your generations...

Create, create, always on that,

Always refreshed

Always on point.

Drafts are so many,

Hard to go wrong.

The world's against you,

You breathing just fine.

Pranayama do your due,

Diligence to ascension,

Keep it real, keep it true!

Practice what you preach,

No mediocre.

Curb mediocre.

Watch yourself,

They crop up on you,

Like mud in the juggle,

Only way is forward.

Yeah you own it all!

Quasadilas n all.

Worldwide trends n all

Emotions known to be magnetic,

Thoughts are electric,

Combination manifestation,

Electromagnetic - Manifestation

It's absolutely amazing,

Putting the norm to rest.

It's a frequency type of love.

The kind you never die,

The unconditional kind.

Forever yours to keep and reclaim.

So go ahead, take a deep breath

And reclaim your all.

Stand in your power and inspire the lot

It is not our darkness that scares us,

We do got that darkness,

Nothing to be scared of.

The light is the big man's monster,

Shine light on yours,

Shine bright so I too can shine!

Shine bright against all odds.

Shine bright like the stars did

Shine bright cos you got no worries.

Bless up!

Love n light always!

Switch To Logic

It's EQ Vs IQ,

Yes it's within,

Never without,

EQ is the basis,

IQ is the teraformer

Best in synergy

Always lost without the other.

It's EQ Vs IQ

Reflection is a must.

Check yourself on all,

Make sure you know,

How you are doing more than all.

Asses your EQ, emotions,

Activate your IQ, intelligence.

It's EQ Vs IQ

The war has already been won,

Arise champion of all.

Respect that IQ when the EQ limps.

For they are one but different principles

It's all photons awaiting your command

Call them to order when they run...

It's EQ Vs IQ

Foolish inlove, Use your IQ.

Lost in translation, use your EQ.

They play switches too,

Nothing is permanent but change.

Pair that with consistency.

Boom that's a whole burst of color,

Get your quotient high n straight!

It's EQ Vs IQ

Read your Bible, decipher.

Meditate - pranayama, feel.

Astral project, see.

Feed your belly right, taste.

Chant your money Ching, hear.

Close your eyes and perceive.

It's EQ Vs IQ

Amethyst for that third eye and crown IQ,

Crystal quartz for that IQ

TIGER's eye for that IQ

Citrine for that IQ

Hawks eye for that IQ

Aquamarine for that IQ

All crystals for that IQ, made through EQ

It's EQ Vs IQ

Step into the fog, into the unknown.

Hid not the noise,

Train your silence.

Commanded silence is fearful,

Tranquility is the love.

Conform, lower EQ, Challenge IQ.

Always getting higher,

Dedication to ascension.

Leaving now better than before,

Thanking God for better today's

Even better tomorrows are on hand.

It's always a good time to restore!

Without further ado,

Keep creating your reality,

It's magical when we make it to be.

It's boring when we don't feel into it.

Feed that EQ feelies from the IQ.

Use logic to call back you feelies.

Comeback power! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

It's Up To You

Trust the world

Especially when they say

It's up to you

Only you can set you free

You got you.

Rely on you

Be there for you

Don't for you before all

Trust the world

When they turn on you

When they become toxic to you

When they sabotage you

When they become the nightmare

As they dine on you

Trust the word tha

I hope - scratch that

I put out pure intentions!

For you to be strong

For you to lov

Even when all feels los

Keep loving

Especially when your love is yo

The love that you ar

You choose to see it in the world

So you keep lovin

I put out pure intentions

Trust the world tha

It's got your back

On the real

They are behind you!

Look forward! Peek forth

Right into that tunnel focus

Visualisation technique

Paired with pranayama

Whatever you fancy!

Find your center

Trust the world tha

It's will mess with your bearings

Forget your way by them

Nightmares by them

Failures by the

Mischief by them

Because the bad is by them...

Don't forget to show up when

You hit the billions

You hit the target,

You hit the goals,

You become that hit and hear!

It's all by them

Trust the world tha

All of us are here on borrowed time

None of us make it out alive

Facts, none of us really own anything!

Truth, find and hold your center

Detox, take out the trash and..

Find your love and..

Embrace the vibes, the cultures, and..

Listen to all that calls to your heart an

Let yourself go, be free and

Feel alive, breath, feel your heart beating,

Embrace your oneness with all..

Trust the world th

It' gives you right back

What you give it

Better not try correct the past

Better live the best now

Create your reality from heavenly tomorrows

Keep it enchanted

BAε…« - MafalπŸ’œ

This one is toug

She's been there done that

She gets in to get it

She's in it to win it

Sweet and sour she might serve

Depends on your vibes!

Perfection is her middle nam

Truth to get to your heart

Legit to prove a point

A true match made in heaven

Or a death blow from hell

She'll serve you

Fun to prove she ca

Never shys away from leg day

Always in that work n gym

Booty so fine, ba taking time

I'd lick her back to life

Though she's the medic

Jump bag, dumbbells or your hear

Whichever comes firs

She dealt with all of that!

She'll be the finest you ever had

She'll be mean just to play your mind

She's the one commanding the beasts

She's all you'll ever nee

Try not to double cross her

She'll skip a minute on your CP

She's as tough as they come

Karateka, she'll kick you into oblivion

Supermodel she'll awaken ur dreams

She's the the type to marr

Mama will like her

Papa might steal her

Yes,she's that good!

Perfection if you must

World traveler she is!

Love n light forever on her

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Written by Β Β 7
3 months ago
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