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Top Ten Ways To Get Rich With Cryptocurrencies

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8 months ago

Top Ten Ways To Get Rich With Cryptocurrencies

Excluding the obvious cryptocurrencies social media, here's your top ten ways to get rich with cryptocurrencies!

1. Hodle

One of the coolest words added to the DeFi vocabulary is Hodle. The Muggle will read your expression and think your spelling is bad or you misspelled. The truth is far from this, Hodling is more than just holding of assets bought. Hodling is a craft that needs tending to every now and then. Like your portfolio, you want to take care of it day by day or at least week by week. Why? Well you buy low, sell high, that's the basic principle. When you Hodle, you Hodle the asset in hopes that it will be worth much more than it is now in the next couple of years.

When you notice some funny news on the rampages, you become vigilant about your assets. You might want to sell at the current price and buy the dip. Although this may sound like trading, trading is more active than hodling. You Hodle your cryptocurrencies in hopes of ×1000 % yields. This is totally possible in cryptocurrencies. The best way to do this is buy the major dips and just Hodle. The next best way to do this is to get financial advice of the favourable times to buy cryptocurrency assets for hodling intentions.

2. Trade

This is my favourite, right next to mining. Trading is the art of buying low, selling high. In Morden times it is done on computers, cellphones and tablets. The truth is that not only can anyone do it, everyone should have an account and know how to trade it. Basics like getting the "Candlestick Trading Bible PDF" from online or if you can't, I'll be glad to send it to you. This is one of the best tools to get into the market. Anyone making you pay for market moves or lessons is on a different level. Especially when you feel funny about it. This is also why a lot of people get into cryptocurrencies - because unlike the stock market or Forex markets, crypto is an actual live entity that never sleeps. There's so much in the crypto space that it's impossible to shut down. Maybe the richest can play gimmicks here and there but in the long run its absolutely necessary for them to invest huge sums of their wealth into the crypto space! This is inevitable!

Trading crypto is done all over the platforms like your normal FX brokers and some specialized crypto exchanges! This space has grown so much over a short period of time. Trading crypto is much cheaper than Forex and stocks, and the yield is all the much more.

However, you'd do great to make sure that you are all rounded healthy! By this I mean that mentally, spiritually, sexually, emotionally stability is absolutely necessary. This I wrote about in my first two articles, more in the third article. Just how you clean up and make sure that your vibes are just right for the charts. You don't want to be hungry for the money, more hunger creates hunger. Find fulfilment in the wanting of it, milk that satisfaction feeling until you are done with all that you will need to do to get your setups together.

Getting rich from trading crypto is a whole mindset shift, not a get rich quick scheme! Do your own research! This is just a reminder!

3. Mine

Some really good exchanges like StormGain and some cool platforms like hashiny offer some real good mining. Where you actually mine for free and you have options of getting more from referrals and other tasks that you can do to get more hashrates. This is absolutely my favourite way of making crypto. So many people are interested in this and instead of taking their damn nut heads and doing research they are out here afflicting people. Well me and you are going on higher timelines all day everyday to make sure that the mines they getting out of us is old news always. About timelines? Check out my last articles. You'll get so much value there for your time and focus. What brings you here is a certain frequency in your experience. Depending on how you got that, you will get what you are vibrating at so think better, feel better, you'll attract all kinds of great information to get you where you need to be, want to be. In terms of mining, you'll be blessed with methods of mining that you never need to activate and you'll still make so much cash for your sign up. I'm not recommending though!

4. Stake,

Staking is, well - like the word, staking! You have some assets in your wallet then you decide to stake it for more gains. This is done all over the exchanges, there's a cool place called cake.defi I like cake DeFi. Not only because it's cake and I love eating cake, over here you don't got to worry about calories, you just stake your assets, set a timer, come back for your gains and repeat! Other sites like nexus and binance also offer staking as well as presearch and so many others! There's a plethora of sites that offer staking. What you can do is look at your assets and decide what your added value desire is. Then scale the net for matching staking conditions. Then you do your thing. No recommendations here just basic information for you my love!

5. Invest

You put your money into the pockets of projects that you like! To get more!

This is another favourite of mine, I especially like big yields investments. So you get a project, that you're interested in and you define the conditions for yourself. If you like the ROI (return on investment) you set your timer and get on with it!

Investments are some of the best ways to get rich not only in crypto but in general. A good mutual understanding is necessary, thereafter you wait on your returns! The returns are juicy, depending on what your investment options are.

Some of the best projects to invest in are new projects in the space. After doing enough research and liking their concept and idea, vision and mission you'll have no problem setting up a meeting and getting your investment in. Happy investing!

6. Airdrops

Airdrops are highly underated. Yes some of them do not come to anything, remember way back when they had bitcoin airdrops? Well I don't remember that! Airdrops are mostly a free way to get your crypto, especially before initial coin offerings. Projects wanting to get more exposure will invest in setting up publicity stunts to attract clients online and offline to get them interested in the assets while attracting potential investors. This is a good way to scout for investment opportunities as well as get your hands on some free coins. They might not seem worth much, from a few cents to a few dollars but in the long run, you'll find that the value tends to target the moon. Pick up the next bitcoin! Or even bitcoincash.

7. Create

One way to assure yourself of freedom is to create. Create anything and keep creating. Because your creations are unique to you, you find that no one can really own those rights but you.

In crypto you can create your own crypto driven entity. This can be done without needing the many documents like traditional business set ups. For most involved in the crypto space, to create at least one crypto asset is a must! Getting very good and experienced team together is necessary for success. Sure you can do it on your own but it's better to have the difference departments sorted and taken care of. You take the initial programming and coding portion of things. Everyone else takes care of marketing, publicity, advertising, and so on.

Once you have created your crypto entity, expect to receive huge money from your dedication that you'll continue to Invest in there because it is absolutely necessary to stay committed and dedicated. Like this platform, if it was solely dedicated to the money then it wouldn't have grown this much! When systems are dedicated to money while serving, it never works out!

Hopefully your creation will have a balance between money and service!

8. Farm

Farming is almost like mining, except that farming is done almost solely online. Platforms like ifarm and cryptotab have farms where you're able to farm through investment. There's free DeFi farms out there that are pretty interesting and offer great yields. One thing is for sure that it's hard to get disappointed by farming.

On this one I'd like to leave you to your own research!

9. Mint

Minting is like creating, you mint the coins using algorithms that are specific to that coin. This is one of the most rewarding methods of making the money as you mint the coins yourself. Amazing!

10. Exchange

The exchange almost like trading. You exchange based on the fluctuations of the prices. Making a profit every time you sell it high or buy it low.

There's more ways to get rich from crypto like maintaining a good following online and getting thousands every month for content. Enjoy!!!

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