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2nd version | Top Ten Valuable lessons/Skills and my experience with them

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Top Ten Valuable lessons/Skills and my experience with them

1- Articles/ Books/ Lyrics/ plans - Writing.

From the platform that you are reading this from , it's obvious to know why this is my dearest of all my talents. I can't imagine my life without writing. I can actually try to, because that would leave me with thought and imagination which is intention and emotions. This is the perfect mix for manifestation. To solidify this into the fabric of creation in the physical, I would love to write these down. Preferably on paper with pen although typing will work fine too. This is clear that writing is the key to all things, to isolate your junk thoughts and intentions from your pure ones, you'd want to write this staff down. The things you create in your mind isn't all worth bringing forth into reality as you create. Sieving and sorting by focusing your energy on pure intentions and elevated emotion will yield the desired outcome. It's really that simple. How do losing trades come up? Well you don't write down your winning forecast.

This is a screenshot from a friend of mine on the tick-tock. She used this website to calculate her timing and profits. How this helps is that by projecting her intentions into the future, making it so clear that it's pure, as it comes back to her everyday she views it her emotions are triggered and elevated gradually - no lie. Try it. It's all writing baby, I've been at it! It's the basics that matter the most, basics. This is creating a feeling that's the prayer you give out to all that is and because all that is, is photons being called to order and command by our very own DNA, you tell all that there is what photons you want flowing your way. Why? Because all the photons are highly influenced by you. You command the whole of existence, now by writing it down, you specify which parts of existence you want to play with. No one can take this from you, there's enough existence for everyone to play with.

This skill is very basic almost primitive, the cave men also figured this one. By drawing animal pics on the rocks, they managed to vibrationally attract herds of game to their caves. Of course back then wandering far from the cave meant great risk as the siber tooth tiger will smash you, writing or in this case drawing is key.

When it comes to trading, you do not attract the favourable gains by not writing your staff down. Unlike going to a 9-5 which also does a lot of writing ( almost everything respects this process, we just seem to have watered it down so much). As you draw your support and resistance, your trend-lines, adjust levels and mark out the favourable candlestick patterns, you are busy calling the gains to you by growing your intellect (capacity for knowledge). It's really that simple. You don't have to be super loaded to own things, it's mind works. All you need, if you don't have books, all you need is connection to your source, not a drink!

The more you do your analysis, top down, every single day, you are busy cementing those neural pathways in place. This is where price actions comes from. From doing it so many times, again and again, using all indicators known to man and failing so many times it becomes natural for you to just look at the chart and know that it's going to go the way you know it will go because every photon that you had attracted to you is positive about the move. You need more proof? Or you still struggle?

Although to be honest, there's are spiritual implications, these only serve to test you. Your tenacity, your will to what you will. Yes your will. You create your reality, the only thing that is certain is change, that's the only constant of everything that there is. Change, you and me - we have to keep moving, changing. We are energy, stagnated energy makes us sick, staying on one point without change is no good. Even if you can't Physically move, mentally move, grow like I know you do.

That's how powerful and useful writing is as a skill, one that I'll never, ever give up. Plus there's lots of traders who are authors, just like us. We continue learning because to achieve the highest version of oneself is to live like it's your last day while learning like you'll live forever, because you are forever!

2 - Healing/ Medicine [Studies & Practice]

Medicine, there's a few Blockchain innovations that are focused on medical products. These are very important and will serve to save lives, such tech is used in medical alert bracelets and watches for the diabetics and other patients who need these. These days we are able to donate to sick people needing transplants via cryptocurrencies funds so it's not completely useless (this one is for those who think crypto is pointless). As we grow on, we find that we can actually create our own cryptocurrencies based on what properties we need in the markets. This is why there's almost ten thousand cryptocurrencies in the market. Of course a lot of these is not what you want but a good few hundreds out of the ten thousand will serve you well.

Healing and medicine has been a very useful skill/ talent for me in that the knowledge or study of the anatomical and biological structures of the human body in contrast to the effects of medicine and healing processes on the human body has lead me to draw certain conclusions. These include why trades don't go through at times, why we stay in trades too long, why we don't stick to our trade plan and plan out the right leverage for optimum ROI. A huge part of this is dependent on the body and everything flowing in and out of the body. In other words if you study your charts well, you have the ability to heal your body but this is very rare. What's not rare is regulating what you put into your body to ensure that your trades plan goes through. That's how healing and medicine is useful as a skill to make sure your trades go through.

Healing does not only come from food or medicine, it's about the thoughts. Do we take time out from thinking too much money (trades, crypto ,NFTs, buy this, sell that). I personally take really long walks when things get heated in the mental thought space. I don't do too much bs, I can tolerate a bit, when it gets too much I call it!

That's the bit of how healing and medicine is very useful as a skill in the arsenal of a trader.

3 - Organising/ Cleaning [ Life & All]

This one right here is very obvious on why is one of the most important life skills to have. Less clatter means more clarity, more clarity means more productivity. The drive gets mad deep. When I get into this zone of mine, everything is on mute, time becomes lucid. I am flying through time and space, concentration is on point. This doesn't happen often but when it does it always yields the best results to me.

What I have learned from the organising/ clearing zone is that lessons can really be carried for a lifetime. Things that I have learned in the zone are unforgettable. Every Time I find myself misaligned I reach into the zone for that lesson that I know it's there to align me with my intentions. It's a neat trick that kept me alive. Of course it's overridden by the universe for our own good at times, which is why misery happens so we remember that "nothing matters more than that I feel good" always. Just by affirming that, you clear so much dirt out of your path that when you step on those charts, all the losses you'll encounter are to point you to lessons you can't learn from the word of mouth on some video or article. It's also important to know that words don't teach, only experience teaches. So if you can sick the experience out of greatness then good for you! If not, then I wish you well in your lifelong studies because they will be interesting!

Love n light!

Oh, that's another trick. By sending love and light you increase you energy photons flow by over 200 000 or so I've read. The normal flow is about 20. This one I can only confirm on my own experience that when I wish and send love and light to you, I feel much lighter and more free Vs when I just don't do it. This too will help power up you will and clarity in organising your trades or portfolios or whatever you do in life. This will automatically raise your vibrations and Frequencies.

Love n light!

4 - Gardening /agriculture [ Perma]

Talk about love, this one right here is all about that green pill that they never talk about. You heard about the blue and red pill right? Matrix? Yeah? Well there's more pills than two.

Plants, wether aquatic or land, even the ones that only grow up in the Himalayas, all have one thing in common- without them, we wouldn't be. Plants are the lungs of the earth,they knit the ground together. We'd be swallowing dust all day if it wasn't for plants. Now more than that, plant carry immense power within them that when harvested right, will make you totally one with all that there is. Imagine being one with all your trading candlesticks, feeling and knowing what the next move is. There's tons of people who know this. Why don't they show it? They enjoy seeing you suffer! Now that you know this, you know that if people won't help you, plants will, animals will, mother Gaia will help you, the stars will help you! They don't want to see you suffer, never! Not even if it's an illusion, not even for a joke! Not even if you're doing it to yourself!

So,those loses? Yeah they shouldn't be lessons, you already know all you need to know! You are just blinded. By what? Plant medicine plays a very important role in clearing this up, by showing you how dirty your heart has gotten. The best part of this is that the plant medicine doesn't work alone. Plant medicine works with all of you, your past, your future, your now, your ancestors, the etheric bodies and entities and so much more! It's a frenzy!

When you come out of these, you are explosive. Step on those charts and you'll crash everything or see the crashes before they happen. I've included some references to actual people who had it wrong and after plant medicine they knew exactly what to do and where to be. Some even gave up trading. I don't think I'll ever give up my trading, I just love the skill so much more than the money.

The love from from the plants isn't only through medicinal healing, it's also I'm the way of feeding the soul and spirit by aligning what's not aligned in you. This is done by simple grounding techniques, when you do your gardening. As you handle the dirt with your bare hands, there's much negative ions and charged that leave your body into the ground and you are charged with positive irons and charged from the ground. This is not much done one but overtime you will feel and notice the clarity that comes from connecting to nature. Better experienced than read.

I'm hoping you go switch of your devices and get in touch with your nature side. Give mother Gaia some love!

5 - Cooking / Food prep [ Diet based ]

This is why most people chose to come on out on the leading edge. The food is very much different on the physical plane, with all the feelies and sensations. It's phenomenal to say the least! Cooking is very therapeutic and food is very healing.

Of course these are all perspective dependant. When you don't have the healing or therapeutic perspective, all you will see is what your mind is aware of. This is based on what you are thought by the books you read, stories you hear, things you watch and of course the food you eat! All these play important roles in your well-being especially in trading. A very sober- lit mind is absolutely necessary for success on the charts. No matter how good your trading skills are, when you do not take care of the basics, you forget the most important parts of your trading plan.

It's the same in all other areas of life. It's super basic, everyone knows this. Why does it seem like news now? Because repetition is key, strengthening the neural pathway from all angles in necessary and welcome. Why? The body is surrounded by energies like a ball of fire. These energies are also like receptors, ready to receive what's attracted from all existence based on the pure intentions and elevated emotions that are being generated withing the energy sphere of the body. Where does this energy come from and get it's potency? Some of it is from the energetical properties of the food materials we eat. Animal parts seem to be more delicious and filling not much for the greens that need to be consumed in copious amounts to fill. In truth the greens are more energetically compatible with what us than the animal parts because the animal parts had to break down the plant parts in order to become what we grill.

This is old information that doesn't hurt to revise once in a while. I personally lost my way one too many times. Heck, I even thought the last time was the last time. Every time I find myself in the embrace o mother Gaia, feeding me her greens. Healing me back to health. The cycle never stops because the only constant is change. Embedding these greens in my lifestyle had to be the way forward. The greens do not taste so good at first. I couldnt get myself to eat any of it, not even smell it. As I started failing more trades and losses mounted up, I knew it was time to clean up- detox. That's when the magic comes lit. The greens start tasting different,they start smelling different. My tolerance is better, I'm able to have the image of the greens in my head without creating any bitter taste in my mouth. This is the magic, you think yourself into it. Soon enough it becomes a lifestyle. As this happens you get turned on, the zone opens up for you and you have a trading window. These trading windows are timed by your commitment to the greens. Respect the greens and the greens will honour you!

This is not to say that there is no healing aspect to animal products. Everything has its value and healing properties. This is by no means an callout on those who have different views. This is merely an observation of the truth from my reality. Everyone is free to have their truth based on their reality,if your truth is tested, you better be able to articulate that defence or get your guns because competition is thick and it comes in all types of stop loss hunts and retracements. Better be prepared, focused and patient when there's a pause- consolidation in the market.

6 - Innovations/ production [ mindful-free]

Different stresses from different situations and circumstances have different effects on you. Either you get better with it or bitter with it. Getting bitter means your site loser self is bruised from within the ego. Getting better means that your winner self took the L and decided that you create your reality and in your reality, L are lessons not losses! And thus began the lessons class! Innovations come from these types of brains, productions are hidden in the bitter minds waiting to get better.

By letting your mind flow free, you open up to possibilities. Where people see disability, you see ability. These stressors and exposures to different elements activate parts of the genes and DNA that would otherwise stay dormant. These part are wonderful potential you's that only exist in your dreams. Until you awaken these parts of you through the different mindful- freeing activities. These actives can be disguised in forms of market conditions like the many dips that took out all your stop loses and blower your accounts. When you get better in the face of these, you awaken parts of you that can only awaken because you chose to get better so you level up! This is clinically and biologically proven.

If you really want to bring out the best in someone or see the truest versions of someone, hold them dangling in their deepest darkest fears. It is in these moments that you see what they are truly made of, how long they will last, who they will turn too before they go suicidal or worse, mental. This is real life, no games. This is how people go jump onto oncoming trucks or take pills to never wake up. It's mad serious. It's also the very same thing that turns the greatest of all time into who they maintain as a point to never get back in that vulnerable position of going mental or dying at your own hand.

To get innovative and productive is most certainly one of the best way to come out of any herse. It's easy if you studied your staff, that doesn't mean you won't get smashed. It only means you'll make it out a bit better than the bitter alternative of you. You learn more, your mind is stretched by possibilities instead of fears and this is the drive needed to Excell on the charts all day everyday!

It's very easy, exercise, eat mindfulness food, have clear thoughts to form pure intentions that you will marry with elevated emotions. Before you know it, voila- you are buying your tenth car for your 6th house from your third trading account that just broke another record! Imagine that! You create your reality!

7 - Science /Studies [ Everything is 💜]

The "Love" science. Everything is love, everything is compassion. Everything is good. It's all good! To study is to increase power of the mind, intellect - the capacity for knowledge. You need the 3 which are imagination, intellect and intuition. The perfect condensation of these three will yield the best results you can ever wish to get from all observations, research and studies. The best thing is that it's not even the best part of it, the best part of it is that it's all organic and natural to us. All of us not just some of us. Science dictates that genes and DNA activations take place in all conditions. Your current conditions maintain a certain gene as DNA activation for optimum homeostasis maintainable internal conditions.

The science is all about the truest of truths right? Well neuroscience has it that the mind is very malleable. The mind is forever growing and expanding. Nerves are forever wiring, firing and rewiring to form new connections. Nerves that wire together, fire together! As you train your new habits, nerves disconnect from old wiring of the brain that does not serve or that haven't served or better put, nerves that cannot sustain those connections because yo are demanding new connections. What this means is that you are forming new habit, , new goals, new targets so the mind is being rewired to fit the new mind. What it's about is the electrical conduction in the body. The neural pathways flows electrical charges that otherwise require specific conditions according to how you are working your mind! Whatever way you want it, your mind delivers. It's super powerful and overriding any failures or rotten lessons from indoctrinations is as easy as telling yourself I'm the one in the mirror. Khabib is know to say "In my mind, I'm always champion" While Christiano Ronaldo is known to say " In my mind, I'm always the best" it's a thought! The thought triggers the nerves that form neural pathways to power your thoughts into reality. This is hat science says about your thoughts and creating reality. It starts from what you feed your mind. What you feed your mind is what your existing neural networks are based on. If it's old and outdated, what you focus on now will be map your nerves will follow as they rewire to form your desired neural pathways. It's really simple. You can stay champion or the best in your mind or you can bring it out of your mind by living the thought. That's what you do when you do what you do. You have Ultimate power to make it what you want it to be, all of your life, all you have to do is decide how excited you are about it, feel good and it comes to life. Everything you need comes together, try it.

In trading terms this would mean that getting on the charts everyday and actually trading does strengthen the trading pathways. The more you do it, the more you are able to bring out physical gains from the trades. It's like making love or jerking off, you'll eventually cum and if you want to keep coming, you'll need to excite the neural pathways some more and make it into a habit then finally it becomes a lifestyle!

Personally -trading, writing, Life coaching is my lifestyle, there's more to this list like reading, a lot of reading and studying languages and all kinds of staff like lifestyles, complex patterns, disassociations, ets I do not lock myself to a niche, my niche is what I resonated with in and beyond life.

Science also dictates that what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind ( in Coherence with the heart) can achieve!

8 - Business/ Dealing [Negotiate]

A very important skill to have. One needs to bear the skill of negotiation, in order to become worthy of whatever he or she is aiming at. This negotiation doesn't have to be with other people, it can solely be with oneself. Between you and your personalities, you'd need to be a good negotiator to you! For you! To ensure that you do not get yourself into trades you cannot get out of, or profit targets that leave you red for a week.

The art of business is absolutely necessary for the optimum growth. What I mean by this is that, you don't have to like business, you However want to be skilled at finding your way around finances and objects. Getting the assets you want at a desired price so you can sell them at the price you wish to make gains. This is best done out of the influence of emotions. Yes you need elevated emotions for manifestation, as the manifestations comes in forms of trades, you'll need to divorce your emotions so you can make the timely calls. If you stay too long, you stay a chance to lose gains, if you don't stay long enough, you stand a chance to take home the reds. It's a skill to not get greedy and drown when the dips take over your stop losses. To avoid these, discipline is a must - study your craft, get on the charts, know what you are looking for, get it, get into the trade knowing that you know very well what the conditions are, that they are right for your entry. Then you make sure to get out when you plan to, according to you knowledge and skills. Emotion will beg you to stay for greater gains, I'll advise you to refer back to you studies, what you learned thus far. Why? You knew why you studied what you did and why you trusted your studies and how far your studies got you. Your studies will take you where you believe they will. With little to no emotions involved. Involve emotions at own risk.

9 - Talking/ Speech [Expression]

This is by far the most underrated method of getting by. Learn how to talk, speak properly and you'll be anywhere, do anything, be anyone and accomplish anything that you set your targets as.

10 - Trading / Digital Commerce [ 💷💰💷]

When you have blown enough accounts, you'll start to think of different ways to make up the losses. The oldies will always tell you not to make up the losses with addition to lossing accounts. Without the proper mindset, that will only yield more losses. One way to get your mindset in check is to set up some type of e-commerce. The idea is to stay online, see the digital gains from a different view. This way when you pass the time,you learn much more than wasting on the charts. Plus , during the time you will spend waiting on Etsy or Shopify, you study your craft. Of course you'll see others make gains and spend them, this isn't easy. What's easy is blowing up more accounts, I have learned that it easier to learn the lessons then comeback more vigilant and smash, or learn more and comeback smashing. Either way you still smash. Get it!

Search up the candlestick trading Bible, equip yourself then test yourself. I promise you, you'll come up against loads of resistance, resist, persist and overcome. It's takes forever because you have a lot to teach after it's all said and done, you have golden days to remember and legendary (almost) stories to tell. Trust me, you got this. This only served as a reminder of what you already know. And if you don't, well - get knowing cos you should know!

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I love this. My first read here as a newbie. Inspiring indeed!. love love

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Sure you will love the next one's too. Thank you Love Love!

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