How To Look Attractive

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However, there are many things that can help you look good. Attractive people follow some basic things such as following a healthy lifestyle, they keep themselves fit, take care of their skin and many more.

This article divided into three parts that help you understand everything step by step.

  1. Personal care

  2. Dressing

  3. Attractive behavior

Personal Care

1. Follow a healthy diet

Our body needs nutrition which makes your skin glowing and attractive. Maintaining a healthy diet is important for looking attractive because being attractive is a part of healthy lifestyle.

You can include fruits and vegetables in your diet as it provides your body essential nutrition that are important for health. Staying healthy can improve your appearance.

2. Exercise Regularly

A good physic definitely improves your appearance and regular exercise improves your body composition which can make you look good. When your physique looks good it also improves your confidence which is the key to attractiveness.

You can do 20 minutes of exercise including 10 minutes of cardio which are enough for improving your body shape.

3. Get a good haircut and hairstyle

A good haircut increases your happiness and makes you feel better.

Your hairstyle is important thing that can make you look good. There are different hairstyle according to face shape so do the best haircut and hairstyle that make you look confident and sexy instead of following trendy haircut.

4. Whiten your teeth

A big smile with white teeth is considered more attractive than yellow teeth. Your teeth also display health status, if you have shining white teeth it is sign of good health.

Even study found that clean white teeth make you look more attractive. So brush your teeth twice a day this will also reduce bad breath and keep your teeth clean and fresh.

5. Take care of your skin

Following a skincare routine are great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. A smooth and glowing skin is much more attractive than tanned skin.

Studies suggest that you can get glowing and healthy skin by eating fruits and vegetables. You can also wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays and use moisturizer to reduce dryness. There are many natural home remedies that can help you to improve your skin tone.

6. Shower twice a day

Shower clean your skin and remove access oil to prevent acne. To look attractive you should be clean and fresh. Taking shower twice a day will help to remove sweats and dirt from your body and skin. It also makes your mind calm, relax and improve your mood as well.


7. Wear comfortable clothes

Your clothes can increase your attractiveness. People can tell about you by what you are wearing as your clothes tell more details about you and your status. You feel more confident on yourself when you wear clothes that suits on you which increase your attractiveness.

It is not necessary to wear only branded clothes any style of clothes can be attractive if you feel comfortable with your choice. Make sure wear clothes that make you feel confident.

8. Wear red or black color

Red and black colors both are attractive and eye catching which can increase attractiveness in both men and women.

Research show, that women are more attracted to those men who wear color red.

9. Don't wear oversized clothes

Wearing oversized clothes can hide your personality and make you look unattractive. Although there is no problem if you feel comfortable with your choice but loose clothes can make you look out of shape.

Wearing fit clothes display your personality and make you appear attractive.

Show Attractive Behavior

10. Act Confidently

Confidence is a common trait in any attractive person. Confident people are seen as more attractive than those who are less confident also they are good at handling any situation. When you feel confident about your look and skills that make you appear more attractive.

11. Stand straight

Standing like tired person is seen as unattractive and dull personality. Just look any attractive person they stand straight and chest out. This display dominance and attractive personality. If you have bad posture then you can do exercises that help to improve your posture.

12. Be friendly with other people

Friendly behavior are perceived as attractive, people also trust those who are friendly with everyone. So don't be rude or argue with people because such type of behavior considered negative. As we know human beings are social and everybody needs someone. We want friendship or someone to talk with so always try to be friendly with everyone.

13. Smile

Research shows that smiling faces appear more attractive and happy. Smile is a positive gesture and when you smile it also encourages other people to smile and make them feel happy. You can smile whenever you talk with people but don't give fake smile. Natural smile is very attractive so smile often whenever you greet people.

14. Walk slow

Whenever you walk it can draw impression to other people. Walking slow can show how confident and attractive you are. Don't walk too slowly or too fast, your walk should be controlled and balanced.

15. Don't cross your hands

Such type of body language (folding or crossing hands) make you appear shy and insecure. Open your arms because it display confidence and whenever you talk with people use your hands.

16. Make eye contact during conversation

Eye contact is the body language and important part of communication. Eye contact shows that you are focus and paying attention to that person. It tells them that you are listening to them.

Other Tips To Stay AttractiveAlways stay positive and tell yourself "i am attractive and confident" self hypnotism are really powerful tool that can change your life.
Always try to learn something new that improve your confidence level and attractiveness. You can start working out which improves your personality and fitness. A good personality also helps to improve your confidence

You can do self practice in front of mirror which helps to improve your communication skills and attractive behavior.

Anybody can look attractive if they follow these techniques. All of these techniques are useful and make you appear attractive.

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