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Do you always have a constant power supply?

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1 year ago

As a child, I lived in Urua Ekpa Road, and, we never had access to the Power supply. My house was situated close to the Transformer, but, no power. When the government looked into the electricity project for my community, the transformer will be fixed in the morning, and it will blow off in the evening.

We never had light for 24 hours, it was impossible. At some point, people speculated that there are lots of corpses buried beneath the transformer, and that's the reason, light isn't stable.

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I hated nights because they reminded me of how dark our lives were. A few years later, there was light shining at the end of the tunnel for us. Someone was made a Councilor, and his wife was wealthy, so they collectively looked into our power supply.

We discovered that it had nothing to do with the fetish belief. We had a single transformer circulating power to a lot of households. The network was very wide for one transformer, and so, the load was high.

All we needed was multiple transformers, it had nothing to do with the spirit

The councilor and the community members asked the government to provide us with more transformers. I can't remember if they did, I was still very small. All I can remember is that we did have access to more than two transformers. And power was disseminated thoroughly and efficiently.

Urua Ekpa Road became a town, everyone wanted to live in. The value of our houses went up, because, day in, day out, lots of people rented apartments in the region. To crown it all, the Federal University was just a few kilometers away. That meant students lived around, and those who came from long distances, rented apartments too.

The value of our houses went up

From then now, I grew up, not knowing what it felt like to drink hot water anymore. My siblings and I were always taking water off the fridge, no matter how angry mum would be. We just couldn't stop.

I liked the presence of light, I didn't mind if I had nothing to do with it. It just satisfied sensations that I could not explain. If our transformer has issues, I tend to become sad, especially, if the rest of the neighborhood had light, and we didn't.

Soon, dad, decided we have to leave our family house for the new house he built, and there, my misery began. Ikot Obong, the new neighborhood had no light. I was always bored at home, so, I will always want to go to my grandmother's side, because of the power supply.

In a few months, Ikot Obong had access to Power supply, and I was so happy. I never had boring moments anymore, my phone was always full, and the Television ran from morning till night, the freezer wasn't left out.

I was living in paradise. Until it was time to relocate to Nwaniba. I specifically asked my agent to find a place that had access to power supply and water. Yes, water, I am a fish remember? I like water a lot.

We tour the entire area, and the places I saw weren't anywhere close to my dad's paradise, which, I was living behind. One afternoon, I was discussing relocation with someone, and he recommended a place, the compound I am currently staying in.

Yes, they had access to power supply and water, and even though it cannot be compared to my father's paradise, I accepted to live there.

The first few days, I realized, I was going to miss drinking cold water, but, I found this supermarket whose owner was consistent in having cold drinks and water, and, I knew I was in the right environment.

During the pandemic, I went home, and the troubles that came with the virus made PHCN, inconsistent with the supply of light. I couldn't stand it, mum always noticed, I was on the verge of losing my mind. And she always asks my sister to power on the generation, so I wouldn't die of heartache. Lol

I have this gratification that comes with having access to light, I had said it before. It became an obsession. Once my compound began to have issues with light, I felt as though I was going to die.

My neighbor, CT, was the next person to notice how insensitive I can get if there is no light. So, he is always happy for me, whenever Nepa restores power.

I cannot stand the absence of light. I need it now and then because I am always on the internet. My battery should have no reason to be lower than 15%. My system should not be down, I would break down.

I know somehow you feel the same way about electrical supply. You do not have to wait around for PHCN to restore power anymore. You can have your building glowing with light as long as you want.

All you need to do is contact Lahanson Engineering for your Solar System installations, and other electrical services and designs.

Solar installation to the rescue

The beauty of getting a solar system installed in your apartment is that you are assured of a reliable constant power supply. And solar panels have lasting durability of up to 25 years.

Imagine, making a one-time payment that guarantees, access to the illuminating atmosphere for as long as possible.

This post first appeared here as a promotion for a friend's solar installation service. I want to start saving most of my old writing on the blockchain. Please, let me know if this is against the rules.

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Written by   38
1 year ago
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I have always had power, except on the occasion it goes out in a storm or something. I always hate when it goes out.

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1 year ago

Sometimes during typhoons, we have power outages :) Solar power is okay too if your place is sunny most days.

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1 year ago