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Our beloved belongings

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3 months ago

Surely many of us can say that we have many things, many belongings. Yes, we look around, we look in the closets and drawers, and there are many things. On a day-to-day basis we hardly realize they are there, we ignore them many times, and they accumulate dust, even if one day we will use them. But it's not that often, right?

( by Onur Bahcivancilar)

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We especially notice for example when we have to move, or make big changes in the house, or when we are looking for something that we just need! Without falling into the Diogenes syndrome (it's when people accumulate things even garbage in their houses until they don't have space and smells and other issues appear and can affect health) sometimes we accumulate a lot… we have to think about how we are going to collect everything, how many boxes we will need and if we really need all that. Have we ever used it? We didn't even remember some of all those objects that we store almost automatically. For years our consumption habits have been like this: buy, use and throw away, buy again and save, forget and buy again, etc.

Perhaps things are currently changing, and human beings, specifically from the most developed countries, are beginning to have a different consciousness as we had maybe in the past. Formerly, the objects, made with higher quality, yes, were repaired when they stopped working, the clothes were sewn or the hems were removed if the shorts were left, or they were given to younger siblings. Things were used more, they were given the use they should be given. They did not attend so much to passing fashions or consumer impulses in a day of discounts and sales.

But we have come this far, with the closet full, and with the shelves decorated with countless little things that we have been keeping as if it were a collection. Why? Because they also have emotional value, some of our belongings evoke vivid sensations, past emotions and memorable moments. They remind us of a special bond, a date to remember. How are we going to get rid of all that?

AttachmentWe become attached to material objects that teleport us to the past, that are part of our stay but also of our life in a certain way. Some are only good for that, we ignore them, but if we suddenly threaten to throw it away, something prevents us, an emotional resistance does not let us move forward, clear the environment, and perhaps clear our vision of the future. The ancient wisdom of Feng-shui teaches us a lot about how energy fluctuates in the home, it is important. And there are other techniques and even TV shows about it, and many times we realize that it can be something psychological. We should have our environment organized as our life, perhaps this is a reflection of us and how we live.

Perhaps we should make room for the good things of the future, without getting stuck in a melancholy and nostalgic now. Perhaps we should be more selective from now on... learn to use things better, make better decisions when buying others, and be generous. We can also donate or give away things that can serve others more than us. And even if we want to take advantage, an extra one, they can be resold, there are now very popular apps where we can sell some of our things that we no longer use, that we are not interested in or that we never liked.

It's ok to have things, special objects, but we have to be honest with ourselves and know which ones are really worth it. Forget the “what if…” because in the end another year will be stored there and you know it. Being a little more mature and treasuring memories in the mind and in the heart, not everything always has to be physical, and those other things that we don't even remember, means that we have never needed them much, outside, it doesn't make sense to store randomly like that.

You have to free yourself, let go of ballast, a lot of emotional too, leave so much burden that is even part of our life. Put some order in your house and in your live and do not cling so much to the material. Live differently now, let go of the past, clear the present and expect other new things, the best of the future.

( by phil)

Image source ( by phil)

Thanks for reading! Have a clear and organized day.

April 28, 2022

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Written by   53
3 months ago
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I keep telling my mom to get rid of things. Things, like clothes we no longer wear, are a burden and bind us to the past. I don't keep anything I don't need anymore. I donate and give to those who need it. We need to clean up the space and free it up for the future. This article is very taughtful. 😊

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3 months ago

Yes I agree, and lately I feel that even more, like a need to give all I don't need anymore, like a way to leave the past and to continue, to renew my life somehow, with less burden and more free.

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3 months ago

It is challenging to get rid of the attachment to the belongings. People living with a minimalist approach are the happiest. They can relocate to a faraway new place with a couple of bags.

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3 months ago

Yes that's true, sometimes we complicate our existence with many many things... I agree with you, minimalist people are happier, maybe we need a balance and understand we don't need so many objects the most of the times.

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3 months ago