New horizons

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11 months ago

In life, everything is changing, everything is in permanent movement, although sometimes it may not seem like it. But other times, yes. There are times when everything changes suddenly, from one moment to another, it catches us by surprise or we are waiting until these new situations arrive.

This is life, constant evolution and new steps to take. We cannot always remain in the same position, doing the same thing, with the same people and looking at the same horizon. Sometimes we have to change horizons as if we were sailors sailing through more distant seas. Everything is an adventure.

And a new adventure begins for me, maybe not a radical change, but in a way, yes. A change of life, city and environment. New town, new house and new walls. And also my day to day will be different, with new views, panoramic views and of course, a new horizon.

It is not a strange or distant place, to a certain extent it is very close and similar, but it is not the same, the dynamics of the routine change, or will change in little more than a week... but there is a reference to the east that remains. The sea. That Mediterranean Sea of ​​ours. There it is and it will be.

I will walk or run in a straight line again while the sun takes position in the sky, always to the east I will arrive again at the sea, to step on the hot sand, to look far away, at that blue stripe that looks like a geometric optical effect, straight, blue, and perfect. A strip full of life that also belongs to mine. Or maybe I belong to that sea.


And summer will be the same and different. The same coast, the same clean and bright sky, the same strong heat and those waves that push us and refresh us. Same sensations in a new environment, with new details, new secrets and with new views. New corners to explore, an incentive for that everyday curiosity, the desire to go out, discover and enjoy.

To enjoy life again, a new life, a restart, a change of scenery, another routine, to create great moments, diverse sensations, original perspectives and renewed illusions. There are times in life when all of this is needed. Perhaps I had longed for it for a long time... and although these days are crazy, between efforts and packing thousands of things, I think about these coming summer months.

A summer in which I hope to have time for myself again, to settle down, get inspired and get used to it, to enjoy these new illusions and of course, to contemplate these familiar new horizons.

Thanks for reading! Have an inspiring day.

June 14, 2022

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11 months ago


Life is full of changes and new horizons that we need to get used to. I’ve moved a lot of times, I know that feeling. But you are happy while the sea is near you. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you have a chance to breathe the air by the sea, walk on the sand and enjoy the blue. Oh, how I would love that 😊 I wish your new place to live open up a lot of new horizons and opportunities.

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11 months ago

Thanks dear, yes, I feel better when the sea is close, it's a weird feeling maybe because I was born in a city close to the sea... I don't have much time these days, specially next week but next month step by step I will have all settled.

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11 months ago