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9 months ago

Hello read friends, today I have been thinking too and in the end you know what? I don't care...

I feel carefree and quite relaxed, it's like that, right now, I don't care, I don't care about many things... it seems that I don't care about everything but it's not exactly like that. Simply that in this summer time with a certain relaxation, we perhaps rediscover ourselves more, and we focus on ourselves and our reality.

The other reality doesn't matter. There are many realities, actually. And many times I have heard that "each one creates his own reality" in some way with our actions and decisions, yes, and with our thoughts as well. So we have to think about our life, about the reality that we want and put aside a little that other great reality that tries to torment us with worries, fears and apocalyptic moments that they sell us on television for example.

So it's summer, it's also Friday, and I don't care about the rest. There are times when we need to think like this, without thinking much more. And I realize that it makes us feel good.

Unsplash.com (by Ethan Robertson)

I feel that in the last month I have been luckier, since the change of house and city, will this change be something lucky, a sign? I don't know, but the different atmosphere, the summer vibes and relaxation and seeing more positive news arrive, makes me be optimistic, I don't know why, but a kind of chain reaction is being created, or so it seems to me, even in the little details.

And you have to pay attention to those little details... and for that we cannot be paying attention to so many distant, artificial and even some false stimuli. I voluntarily distance myself from all that alien noise in my life, and I'm doing well. Now I look around me more, at singularities that may or may not have their message, but looking at the world from within is a different feeling, it affects much more later and we feel better.

- What about everything they say is coming to us, politicians and journalists? That today I don't care, in my little world it's not like that, I don't see the same thing, it doesn't affect everyone in the same way, and I'll focus on making it so, living differently as much as possible.

- What happens if no one reads my post? That today I don't care, one moment, in fact I would like many people to read it and other articles as well, but... can I force someone, can I control what others do? No, I can't, so I focus on my day, getting inspired and writing if I feel like expressing myself, I publish it and we'll see. It's ok, no problem. (Ah, by the way I thank in advance those who have read this far).

Exactly, I thank you. Gratitude does matter to me, and I realize that every day we receive many things, but we take them for granted, as if everything had to be this way. I am learning the opposite, and if one day I find the specific ice cream that I like in another supermarket, I am happy like a little girl, it improves my day, I give value to those insignificant circumstances that perhaps do have a meaning: to live each moment fully, with all the senses, as it should be, you know… right here and now.

I have gone to the beach for a while, I'm thankful for having it nearby, on a walk, and the water is wonderful, fresh not cold, clean, transparent and serene. Better than a pool. I can't ask for more, a great feeling, and while I float I think that more things like this will come, so I will be more attentive to my reality, so that I don't miss anything. As I refresh myself in the sea, I look at the blue sky and think again, I'm fine, and about everything else, here and now, I don't care.


Thanks for reading! Have a carefree, focused and happy day.

August 5, 2022

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9 months ago


I liked the great article. In fact, we can't say that we don't care about most of the things that happen in the world. because there is a lot of injustice in the world. The perpetrators of this are politicians, major media organs... Ehhh, you don't care what I write today, let's just forget about it and enjoy the moment. Look what a beautiful beach you went to. enjoy it there

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9 months ago

Thanks a lot! What you say is true, the main perpetrators, etc... sometimes it's difficult to not care, but if we do it so much we feel consumed and worried, and we forget our own issues, despite all we need to focus on being better and enjoy what we have close and forget for a bit what we can't change directly, maybe with another attitude we can do more.

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9 months ago