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In Crypto War 2021, BCH is Winner

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1 year ago

Tuesday,Dec 21, 2021

Hello Everyone! Before I put some words about my article here. Let me share top trend of the glorious world BCH King-Marc here. Yeah King is back on and I didn't want to make mess for him by mentioning his name. His words which are so impressive can shut the mouth of BTC shit holder and are enough to introduce him.

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After reading title of my article you should not feel any wonder. Yeah #2021 was year of great tussle for BCH, even you can't make debate to any BCH whale because he can make you silence just from his shit words or can ignore you. I was evident in Censorship of BTC Maximalists YouTube banned and deleted many video blogger and Twitter was equally Culprit by deleting many tweets about BCH projects. Even they bombarded though jets and Helicopter through their non-sense rumors and words in shit interviews against BCH. BCH ran smoothly like tortoise and win the race.

In Crypto War, Marc made shield of heart around BCH for protection against bombardment of Maximalists

From Start of 2021 to till now

I am kinda not biased in BCH and against BTC but the way many arrogant BTC behaved about BTC is totally against the concept of real bitcoin. Real Bitcoin never discriminate people who is rich or who is poor. BCH is real bitcoin and these people can only cry in the future after investing their bones and muscles. I have heard some BTC holders get BTC by selling their kidney. Anyway, there should be no regret of that investments that is part of dustbin in future. There every interview against BCH proved a wall of sand and our great preacher Marc and Roger Ver rock because when you are raising voice in rights of people and for freedom people accumulated around you like a big crowd. If we are making poor more poor and rich more rich after introducing BTC then there should be another earth for people who are dying of thirst and hunger. It is my genuine concept and these things are possible already by money and people are teased from this corrupt state system. microtransactions Factory for getting free tips

As our experts recommended if any BTC holder who is too much worried and want to know about the real use of BCH,then he/she freely can join And I am kinda hopeful after joining this, it will be difficult to say good-bye to it and there will be a victory for Real Bitcoin. It is quoted:

History is mystery

When this platform was introduced one year ago, there was whispering BCH is going to be a great fun there and nothing. And now after watching growth and its top class performance Many twitter officials want to join this platform. Here is some of its success points.

  • Registered Users:307,699

  • Daily fund distributed among noiser:4000$/Day

  • Totally learning

  • Free of cost

  • Freedom and privacy

  • Share your content and quality and genuine ideas are rewarded. Registration page

You are bored with short post and have more creative mind, then is solution is best content blogging site where you didn't need any stump of Arthur or recommendations from BTC holders. Just make an account share your ideas, stories, daily life and even your past. In result of this, you will find some BCH reward that will be enough to motivate and contribute your financial support. But you kinda should remind it is not a financial or job replacer side. Here you can share your words even more than 500 or 600. It doesn't depend on this. Just one article with good content and find your reward in nano second because BCH transaction is much faster than BTC. Here daily many hundreds article are published and rewarded by BCH. Here your BCH rewarder machine is rusty.

BCH investment in BCH=A big surprise

BTC world was yet confused and jealous of progress with BCH. Real Bitcoin community Introduced concept of BCH investment in BCH.

Smart BCH

Yeah BCH Community Introduced the concept of smart BCH Token and NFTs. Defi is growing and growing. Investors made silence in the opponent camp and at the end provided love message. sBCH is World best token site. It was last ball sixer which threw all the winning combinations in the pocket of BCH.

It is beginning of smart BCH industry and I am kinda hopeful still many thousands tokens are going to be introduced in near future. And many more dex are still needed. It was real war victory at the end of year by winning heart of people by Love and peace.

It WaS aLl about my article,have a fun,

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Written by   48
1 year ago
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