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Learning Fable

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Are you the type of reader who enjoys reading stories in books about animals? Don't you know we called it "Fable"?


Fable is a story of animals as the characters where it gives a moral lesson to everyone. Most of the children or students at school were able to hear these stories that were taught by their respective teachers. When I was a private teacher before, I handled a subject which is G.M.R.C or known as Good Manners and Right Conduct and some may call it Values Education. This is the core subject that provided realizations in life, what is good and bad and how to be a good fellow one to your circle of friends, an obedient daughter or son, or a kind and responsible citizen to your country.

I am encouraging every parent to let their children read some fable and never miss one because I assure you that they will see life as clearly as they imagine. But this is not only applicable to young ones but also adult ones. Just like me. Whenever I feel overstressed and loaded with paperwork, I will read some fable. It serves as my mirror for reflection on how do I need to value my life, stop complaining, and be a strong woman always. I usually share with my students about the lesson they can get from it so that they will be reminded whenever they commit a scenario that is unacceptable or doing bad actions. This will block their interest in doing it. I decided to make a blog about this because I am hundred percent sure that this is very helpful to us and enlightens our minds with kindness, love, and forgiveness.


CHARACTERS- they serve as the actors and actresses from the story. Characters can be in a form of living things (plants, humans, and animals) or non-living things (objects, imaginary foods/vegetables, and more). They are the ones who will deliver the story and make it successful. But in the case of Fable, it is quite different from the other stories because, in Fable, the main characters are animals only. It will be very rare with the involvement of people in the character.

SETTING- this is where the story took place or the time. I am going to expand it by giving examples of each for you to have more ideas about it.


Early in the morning

On a hot sunny day

Late evening

It was half-past 10

Exactly 12 midnight


From a beautiful country of Philippines

In the middle of the woods

At the deep green lake

Inside the cave

In the park/ at home/kingdom

CHARACTER'S STRENGTH- this will show the character's abilities, skills, power, and capabilities. In order to surpass the challenges, one must have this so that you are steady enough on how to win the battle or face the consequences. The character's strength will motivate and inspire others through his or her mastery of it.

HERO vs. VILLAIN- the story will not be thrilling without these two. Hero is the character who has a good side, willing take risk for the benefits of others, fight for what is right and lead to a greater path compare to a villain who is selfish, promote evilness and has negative views in every way. There are stories or movies where you thought they are the heroes but at the end of the story, they became the villain one. That's how directors made twists in the plot to make it more exciting and nerve breaking for their viewers or readers. I know for sure you have your own favorite Hero and of course Villain.

MORAL- moral lesson can be highlighted at the end of the story because it will be the time of your realization. These are lessons in life that you learned from reading it. It holds a big role to us as we all need a moral to help us do good to ourselves and others.

This is my Aesop's Fable book which was given by a good friend of mine. There are many good fables from it but I only pick the 3 best stories that truly touched me and changed my visions in life. Allow me to introduce them and I am hoping you get a lesson too out from it.

1.The crow and the pitcher

This is a story of a crow. The crow was very thirsty and badly need water to drink. Can you guess its problem? well, look at its beak, it's too long right? and not the usual mouth that we humans have. The crow will definitely find it too hard to drink the water from the pitcher but the crow never allows himself to give up instead, he finds ways on solving it. What he did is, he placed some Peebles in it until the water rose.

"Be creative, Be Innovative"

LESSON: Being alone does not mean you cannot do the things you wanted to do. In life, we cannot depend on our actions and plans on someone else and there is no assurance that they are available all the time when you needed a hand. You must learn how to survive by your own will. Being creative will help you to fix things right just like what the crow did.

I can relate to this 2 years ago when I applied to the public school and scheduled to have my Lesson Demonstration. The school was actually big and I have to walk in a wide field and unluckily, my black shoes were broken and I don't have enough time to go back home and need to rush to the fourth floor to make it. What I did, I use my scrunchies for my hair and tight my shoes with them. I laughed at the end because I was not expecting it but I am proud because I find a way not to give up.


The story happened at the dining of a fox from his home when he invited the stork to join him eating dinner. Everything was fine except for a large bowl of soup. The stork was a bit shocked because it will give hard time to take it. The fox was amused by his doings, it seems like he was enjoying making fun of the stork.

"Know your limits, it's not a competition"

LESSON: No matter what our status in life from poor to rich, professional to uneducated, in fame or not, gender and physical appearance we must treat everyone equally. Never abuse your power to control someone or underestimate. It is not a good action. It does not make everyone praise you. We must learn how to put our shoes on others and be open-minded to embrace who they are. Accepting them with sincerity will give a different spark. You don't need to compete to prove to others that you are more powerful to him or you can easily beat him in that way. On the other day, this is the chance of the stork to invite the fox to come with him and have dinner together but this time, it was hard for the fox because the stork prepared a pitcher that is so easy for the stork to drink and how about for the fox? I think it came back to him "Karma"

This is relatable for Filipino culture, where most of us are into celebrations like fiestas, birthdays, weddings, and reunions. It is the time where you will meet people for the first time or see them again for a long time. And for sure everyone will share their stories but try to avoid talking about topics that you wanted to compare someone with you that you're the best among all, there's no chance someone will put you down or you are on top and always on the top. Learn to place yourself with respect.


The story goes like this. The lion was feeling tired and take time to rest on his favorite spot. While enjoying the weather he was suddenly in a bad temper when he saw the mouse running through his hair so he decided to catch it and he did. The mouse was asking for an apology and help from the others. When nobody attempt to save him, he offered something to the lion. He will pay back soon the lion if he will be released. The lion take it as a funny one then he released the mouse.

One time, the group of hunters is roaming around the forest to hunt some animals and unluckily, the lion was trapped by a large net. The lion was in despair to escape and he roared loudly. The mouse heard it and quickly ran over to the lion. Can you see the mouse guys? This is a challenge for you to find it. If you did then leave a comment in the comment section. Now let's continue. The mouse use its teeth to help the lion and actually, it was a clever idea. Finally, the lion was happy and thankful to the mouse for its best along the way.

"Even small ones can help you"

LESSON: We always believe that whenever we do good things to others then it will come back to us. Even if people around you do not reach your standards in life but never doubt them as we don't know they will be the type of people who can save us rather than those you get along with.


I chose The Hare and the Tortoise,Page 99 to fill in this activity.

CHARACTERS: The tortoise and the Hare

Describing the characters

There are two main characters in this fable. The Hare is competitive enough to make a challenge to its opponent. It has its own pride in winning the challenge against the tortoise. The hare was overconfident to itself that it can win without taking a great effort by knowing the tortoise is slow. While the Tortoise is calm in its own way. He has a positive mindset that he can face the challenge by believing in himself, effort, and focus. We can see how the two differ in their abilities and strategies.

What is the Lesson Learned in the story?


I do believe that each of us has our own uniqueness. Some of us were born with talent. Some of us were taught by experts and some of us learned it through our experiences. In order to survive in this world, you have to be strategic. In a way, you know how to overcome the challenges and solve the issues. Being strategic helps you to deal in sets of situations. Make sure your strategies are firm enough to hold on to your capacity. We had read how the tortoise is strategic against the hare. He did not let his slow moves stop his goals.


Trusting yourself that you can do it simply shows how you have a positive vision. One of the most important keys to being successful is trusting yourself. Our weaknesses, bad days, and rejections cannot end our dreams in life, they pass in our lives to test how good we are and far we can go. But there are times that when we trust too much to ourselves and use it in a wrong perception then possibly you will be like the hare's experience when he trusts himself enough to take rest first because he believes that the tortoise cannot race as fast as he could.


Being lazy is not the key to success. It will increase your lack of interest and cannot finish the things that need to be done. It would be better to rest for a while than make an excuse that you are feeling lazy and making it a habit will lead you to no accomplishments in life. From the story, we all know that the hare has the ability to hop as fast as the tortoise but he let himself driven by tardiness. As a result, he was defeated by the tortoise.


It is a good feeling to remain humble. It gives you peace and a light feeling of openness. You don't have to drag someone or judge someone. You must remain humble in every situation.


if you are aiming for a goal to focus is highly required. If you let it pass on you then you will reach your desires. Being focused proves that you are truly achieving it. Just like what the tortoise did. Even though he knows that the hare is faster than him, he never loses hope. He continued to walk and did not stop for possibilities and I think the tortoise deserved to win the game.

Thank you, everyone. If you know some fables, you can share them here. I'd love to know your lessons from the story. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sources :

The crow and the pitcher : A painting by Marie Stone-van Vuuren

The fox and the stork:An art by: Jean-Baptiste Oudry

The lion and the mouse : A painting of Frans Snyders and Peter Paul Rubens

Created thru Canva

Art by Amanda Zirzow

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Written by   24
3 months ago
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Very often my husband tells me fables (i.e. he embellishes things) 🤣 But in fact they are lessons for life, my favorite fable from childhood is "The Swan, the Pike and the Crawfish" Krylov wrote it.

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3 months ago