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Episode 2: "Tattooed little roses" on Elizabeth's body. Mental health awareness month

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1 year ago
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I was overwhelmed by yesterday's post on my First Episode: Bent but not broken where we knew about Faith's journey having Scoliosis. She is a determined woman and a warrior. This day is another woman who will remind us that never let society decides our decisions in life. We must love and be contented with what God has given to us and regrets are always at the end and they can be a great source for us to see the real beauty within us. Let's unite to help Elizabeth spread awareness most especially to young teenagers and adults too. She is in the stage of recovery and seeking justice for what happened to her. May your comments uplift her confidence in our own little ways. We have sisters, mothers, wives, and girlfriends who can relate to today's episode. Here we go!

Photos from : Elizabeth Paradela

She is Mary Elizabeth, 20 years old known as Azilelost (the castaway gal). She loves reading books, listening to podcast, Cooking, watching documentaries, crafting, writing, organizing, photography, deep talks, and making random videos. She is a Senior High Graduate under Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) at USC.

She described herself as;

Enthusiastic, and an independent quick learner.

Creative in different fields of activity.

Initiative and a visionary approach to life.

Intuitive and sincere and seem to face any life situation quite bravely.

A bit emotional at times but it is only because of having a strong insightful nature.

Optimistic and love to be around the people she loves.


The tattooed scars as a result of being Desperada of something that she thought was self-love but it wasn’t. December 2021, she decided to have a glow-up after she got her first salary pay." Since everyone in town is glowing up, WHY NOT ME? Right?" she said. She was too excited that finally, she can have her own skincare routine. (Even if her family warned her not to use one.)

At that time she was really “DESPERADA” desperate for a glow-up, desperate of supporting locally made products, and desperate for fame. ( to be known especially on her blogs.) "I was desperate because I wanted to make a difference, boost my confidence and I wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone," she said. Being Desperate may lead you to the result you wanted or the result you didn’t expect, (good or worst).

She bought the product which is affordable and it has good packaging. She knew this kind of product from a blogger. Before she bought it, she did a lot of research, watch some reviews, and ask about the product what are the pros and cons since her friend is also a seller of the said product. She received it, read the instruction carefully, and know its ingredients.

Before she used it, She did a patch test as what is said in the instruction. She used to do it every time she bought beauty products. She does a patch test on her neck because her neck is sensitive and also in her wrist since it’s is recommended. She observed it for two days and there was no reaction, so she was confident that the product is safe. After one week of using the product. She got the result that she didn’t want and small patches going out in her body especially on her face and that was the day when a tattooed scar happens. At first, she denied that it wasn’t the product that causes her allergies and it was just some bug bite but as the day passed by they were spreading everywhere on her body especially her face that caused her pain. She was already having a hard time breathing. "It almost killed me," she said. What all she knows that she's gonna hold on because God is with her and she doesn’t want to end the chapter of her life yet. Elizabeth decided to see a doctor. After several check-ups, going in and out of the clinic, the doctor decided that she should go for an allergen test to really know what causes her allergies before concluding it. As she got the result there were no allergies found like she didn’t have any allergies after all. It was the product that causes her allergies. (She didn’t use any products or eat something that is prone to allergies.)

The situation has not improved at all and her skin remains heavily scarred. She has had to receive medical treatment due to the side effects presently the condition remains very bad with purple-colored scarring and skin irritation or itchiness. She has already had to fund medical treatment including tests by the Doctors and now feels it is not right that She is having to deal and pay for a situation that was caused by the products. She also feels her current condition to be very scary as the scarring may well be permanent.”

She reported what happened to her to the management but she was not satisfied with their service. (Not accommodating) She thought they would help her but there are no actions after all.



Her greatest lesson in this experience was You don’t have to fit in the beauty standard of the society because you already are; it just that people-of-the-so-called-society was born to be attorney in there narrow-minds that seems to be their own insecurities. This is Azilelost saying love yourself but not too much.


It was a game-changer. She cries at night, depresses, mood swings, anxiety comes crawling her when the day is about to end, and her mind becomes compulsive. She couldn’t stop it and tend to hurt the people around her but in the middle of the process her heart was not that heavy anymore when she started surrendering herself to God things seems to be so light and fine like God was carrying her (a one set of footprint). She couldn’t explain it; miracle she guesses that herself especially her mental health get back on track and started to spread awareness.

The skincare journey was really painful cause it left a scar on her body. It is sad because every time she goes out “Kahugaw or laina sa iyang panit uy” which means her skin is not looking good and looks dirty from the eyes of the people. It pinches her heart but she tends to make it her strength to be more confident.


Hey Lost Gals (teenagers)

Raise your right hand and place it in your heart and look at the mirror and repeat after me “Everyday and Every way I'm getting Wiser, Bolder, and the Prettiest version of Me.”

Your Opinions and Feelings are Valid

You don’t have to fit in always get out of the way and fight for your rights.

Note:Don’t let social media eat you because social media has learned the act of performing.

#scarredforever these tattooed little roses on her body will mark that true beauty (glow-up) doesn’t need any chemical just to fit in the beauty standard of the society because God created us beautifully like how he created the world.


I see myself as “The lady boss or Boss lady” the billionaire heart in town, a rising star, a traveler, a blogger/vlogger, an advocate, or became a planner - but one thing for sure I am the woman that I’ve been always dreaming of being (Azilelost “The Castaway Gal” ). Nothing is foggy when you believe and trust the whole process.


Elizabeth agreed to a written interview and accepted my offer to let her part of the blog.

She authorized me to select photos on her social media account.

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Written by   60
1 year ago
Topics: Philippines, 2021, Random, Diary, Family, ...
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