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Analysis:The legend of SampaguitašŸŒ¼

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Legend of Sampaguita

By: Eulogio B Rodriguez

What is the main idea of the story?

There were two datus from different baranggays, the Baranggay Balintawak and Baranggay Gagalangin. The young lovers' Rosita and Delfin were having a secret relationship who said to be the son and daughter of the datus. There was a battle between the two barangays because of the fences that Balintawak placed bamboos and believe according to whatever evidences he got. But sad to say the Gagalangin died before the battle and Balintawak was dead during the battle.

How the authors made the story convincing?

The author was trying to inform why it was called "Sampaguita", which comes from "Sumpa Kita" meaning "I swear". This legend of Sampaguita symbolizes the love between Rosita and Delfin despite their conflict of having a relationship. It is convincing because it has a great climax in the story when both datus are about to have a battle and how the young lovers' secret relationship will be discovered. It's a drama-romance.

What is implied in the passage?

It was implied in the passage what happened to Rosita and Delfin after the war or battle.

or What does the author suggest?

The author suggests knowing the history why on May when the moon is bright, there's a voice heard saying "Sumpa Kita" and people dig into the same ground where the young lovers met in the fences and they discovered something with a good scent of flowers and this where "Sampaguita " signifies the love of Rosita and Delfin.

If you are the author what would be the ideal title of the story?

If I will be the author of the story, the title will be "Lovers at the fences"

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Written by Ā Ā 60
1 year ago
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