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Remember me...

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6 months ago

There is a song I've recently been playing alot. The lyrics go something like this;

"Remember me, when I'm gone,

Remember me, when I can no longer talk,

When it's all done, when I'm gone,

Remember me"

And truly and honestly, it has me thinking alot. It has made me look at a lot of things differently, I've had to ask myself those question. "If I die today, what will people remember about me"? Will there be those who will miss me and what impact have I had in their lives.

Those questions have made me act better and try to be a better person. I believe they will also do the same thing for you guys. All you need to do is truly ask yourselves those questions. Look down and find out if you're truly impacting people, even if it's your small circle. 

When it's all done and when you're gone. I truly do hope that you will be remembered, and not just remembered but for the right reasons. Keep doing big things my friends, love you all to the Moon and back and from me it's Salud.

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