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How many times do I think, today I think

It will be published in tomorrow's paper

Alas, where is my poem?

He hides his face in the light of day

I will never get him back.

I woke up in the middle of the night

Awesome poetry

Colorful decorations come out in the form of ornaments

Narrow waist, advanced NASA

Soft cheek silky lips

Yaksa goes only to the body of the poem

Inside the lost abyss of oblivion.

My innumerable poems day and night

Lost, in public or

In secret dreams.

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The light burning inside the chest

Maybe it will be extinguished without love

Under the influence of carbon dioxide.

Maybe my timid mentality

Deprived me

Get a touch of your happiness.

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Then ... in the chariot of the world moving tirelessly forward

With the unfortunate life constantly fighting

Destiny's cruel poisonous chobal irritates the chest

In the soft light of the sun in the distance of the distant fog

I see him ... in the twilight of love

Wounded, I run to the endless horizon

Suddenly disappears ... the sun on the forehead in the weary river water

Mesho in the darkness of night after twilight colored sari

Sixteen-year-old youth, restless mind chases me

Love is the call of the one whose eyes I have not seen

I am running in an unknown way on an unknown ferry

The hungry mind has stopped dreaming

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In every fold of your hidden realm

My reluctance to count the number of looted hearts ..

Deep in the corners of your long eyes

I have seen the death of innocent love countless times. The call of depression in the rhythm of your plump body

Blood cell intoxication, unknown shivering, endless soliloquy-

The indomitable desire to win in the blush of your radiant lips

Kissing - Hutoputi of blood thirsty desire in the sting.

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My words are not meant to pierce your eardrums!

This is my plan to stay out of your sight

The blue light of pain pierces your cornea

Retina is not supposed to reach any cell!

I did not put it in your eyes

Two drops of salt water!

But how do you understand darling?

But did my sigh touch your sixth sense?

So if you send for me an anjala love?

I didn't put it in your palm

A little line of detached verse!

I did not spread it in the air

The pungent smell of flowering trouble!

Which will evaporate and enter your heart.

The silent procession of memories from the heart is very tired today.

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Still, sure anytime

The call will come in a blue envelope.

Although I am not so prepared.

Nowhere else, nature is heaven -

The sweet sunshine in the green of the tree,

The sweet chirping of birds on the branches.

Life goes on in the rhythm of life,

The chariot of life does not stop.

Far away in the sky

Scattered clouds,

The scent of Nabanna is in the air,

The fumes of travel,

Feel the freshness of beautiful times

The obsession of fog is slowly fading.

Thoughts also revolve here in various ways

The joy of the fish in the gentle current of the river,

The mind falls here and there,

Across the vast heart of love.

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I just want to get going

Forever in your gentle presence.

I can no longer be in extreme anarchy here

I look forward to your presence

Conducting a life studded with pearls

China is my sun-moon.

Longing in a moaning voice ...

Take me, take me now.

My death dreams all the time in all diversity

As far as I'm concerned, that's where I live

My heart is broken

Only you, only you !!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2018

You will have a cup of tea in the gray afternoon

Fatigue will cover all the complex pressures!

I will keep the sorrows flying away, the kite of happiness,

I will hold the latai with strong hands and play hide and seek!

Touching the night with the sleepy eyes

Who can stop me from staying for a moment?

Someone will snatch the night after a while

There is a sea wave in the backyard.

Kusum alley will roam in the flower forest

Know that you are my first drop.

Shravan is descending in Hudaypur, Ajhordhara is flowing,

Tell me how to live without you!

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I wanted you in the light of the full moon, in solitude, in dependence,

The bright stars are anxious to touch you,


This is what I touched you,

Jotsna will want to make a book, as much trouble here.

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Nabanna is immersed in the busyness all day

Paddy one by one, carefully picked up

Tons and tons of breasts

The baby is still in the dusty body -

Crawls all over the yard!

Golden Nabanna in every house

The dream of a fully-awakened peasant with a torn chest

Bhavaya melody, rhythm immersed in the heart

The aroma of honey cake floating far away!

The vain rakhdhak of youth is in the hundreds of torn clothes of the farmer

Krishna's labor-pure body togbag love, sharp mind

The sun is shining on the golden straw of Nabanna

All the lack of pushing away for a moment; Durmar is prone

The two of them floated a drunken afternoon.

He took the treasure with a broken heart

Bad teeth trembling in the frozen winter at seven in the morning.

Repeatedly pulling the throat to see the edge of dawn

When the sun-mama will rise from the smoke of the fog!

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Today is the night of the Super Moon star

The lights would go out, but how would it be!

This is me standing at another time

I am not anyone else

Is there anyone here who will listen to the poem tonight?

It's like I'm going to change

Inevitably come back to you

Can you read me a poem?

There is no question today, no answer to the stagnant time

Just a shadow on the wall

Drawing some vague life lines

Is there anyone here who will listen to the poem tonight?

The storm just stopped

Lightning flashed in the distant sky

And one of the wonderful anxieties of listening to poetry grows

Is there anyone here who will listen to the poem tonight ...

The shady house is filled with the blue of the evening

There was a drizzle of rain in the wind

The face of the evening gets wet

The night is covered with eye shadow

The mystery of the candle stares at the shadow wall

What a way to think

The evening breeze seemed to rise in the breeze

In the evening, on the banks of the calm river, the night sinks into the dark water

Is there anyone here who will listen to the poem tonight? ”

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The weeping ones put their hands on their chests

I'm fine with this obsession,

Otherwise pretend to be good,

Jumping into the imaginary chest,

You are in the clouds of conflict

Stay away from these broken-winged birds because the rain will get wet.

The bird still keeps his eyes open,

Hoping to see the torn sun.

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Amari was probably all wrong.

Nature to me with variety of forms

Becomes pale.

I became a prisoner forever

Near closed insane delirium.

Makes you drunk

The scent of your flowers is me

Unknowingly I lose to selfishness.

Your horizon is a disjointed spiral of broad hair

There is no capacity left to carry poison.

This autumn is full of cashews,

It's for you - more attracted to you

Not my worthless love.

Lost in the midst of this folklore known to be big acquaintances

In the darkness I surrender to my own being.

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At the end of that day you

Spoke of a bloodbath;

Will the jaba flower bloom in non-water?

Will the boat float in the blood-flood?

Tear-snat all night

Gray clothes on the clouds

Conch-wings engrossed in your form

Jonak-star crouching next to Shithan ---

You told me about a flower ...

The river that flows through the forest of Nijhum

I don't know his name

You call him by the wrong name!

The transparent glass walls break

Pick up the morning-kusum boat ...

O cruel darling! Don't worry!

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The same sky

Same sun,

The same planet

The same moon

Same star -

It is as if everything is divided into two parts today.

The souls of the two were uninterrupted in love

Everything in this nature was once beautiful,

The same melody of the same song was between the two.

I am still alive waiting for a single breath

Breathless breath will come to my neck unknowingly

Some came with a gentle touch of hair!

I am still in the world with that hope in my heart.

Today we are unknown people, today we have two worlds,

Thousands of complaints lurking in his chest waiting for him

And pride has been in the loving world for so long,

This mind is desperate to get his touch today.

That soft-spoken voice comes back to my ears again and again

That lascivious eye, that passion, that filth.

Maybe I'm pretty alone, not bad at all

You're pretty much like me, I know,

Many springs have passed smoothly, many

Maybe the trouble was less than what Anandoba?

We are two lovers in the realm of love in words and non-words

Only time in love would have been lost in the same life on the shore in a tight bond

Today you are on the other side and I am here on the other side.

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Sorrow makes nonsense with me

Fichel laughs and says naughtily .........

"Write a happy poem without me?

Can you write a mystical poem in tears? "

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Standing in front of the mirror and stains

Can't see

Thinking about facial scars

Home that has tied the stain deep in the chest

Trying to figure out the spots

One can draw a cave picture

Could be left to the next

Any signal ..

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I know it will rain with tears in my eyes,

The hot flames of the fire touch the cool sea,

The constant stars will then fall, will end

The last pain, life will be touched in one star.

What a time to go on a hunger strike,

I gave place to the memory of a thousand stories-

In that stupid heart. In the land of Achinpur.

The beauty of the white clouds has suddenly disappeared

Instability plays on the ladder of the mind.

The habit of living keeps me alive

This I, accustomed to the hostility of the seasons,

I think with my mind on the wall of my heart

In the middle of hundreds of years, your face is sharp.

Smooth touch of your loose hand

In the distant primordial harmony

Dumb sky, ignorant world, I alone.

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Saturday, November 12, 2018

The night is dark, the desire to find you becomes wild

I know in the folds of the body, in the pain of existence, this is my helpless cry

I just want you in the midst of so much helplessness.

Do you scream in the corner of your mind?

Are you hungry for love like me?

The sound of the flute floating in the distance made my mind flutter

I want you in the midst of the impossible

Just like you wanted me to

Once upon a time we loved the air here

The books with the table tremble in the isolated clouds and gusts of wind

The song of the boatman floats in the river, it seems that the mind is not old yet

How many times have I dreamed a little in your eyes

I stretched my arms and hugged him to hit the chain .....

In the magic of the sun, in the shackles of day and night

I said the absolute truth in silence, I want you

My desire was more terrible than the whimsical wind

The wait is not over, so the sea of ​​eyes is bleeding today ...

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Will you sit next to me and listen to a poem?

I think I will have a different bridge with you

You will listen to my poems tonight ...!

And in a moment everything is going to be random ...

Will you sit next to me and listen to a poem?

A poem of becoming a universal of personal suffering.

An insatiable thirst to hear poetry within me;

I will find a poetic relationship with you like untouched love.

And whether anyone knows or not, one day you will know that you are my poem!

Will you listen to a poem to me tonight?

Look, I'm leaving ten years from today

I don't need any time

Look, I've gotten there

I can clearly see the flow of events or the passing of the day

One doll doll game

Some gods and goddesses

A false stage

I feel very restless

I want to be back here from that time

Will you listen to a poem tonight?

And in a moment everything is going to be random ...

Will you sit next to me and listen to a poem?

There is a great uneasiness in me,

My nightmares have made them sick like them.

Will you listen to a poem for me?

I will sit quietly and listen to poetry in your voice.

Will you be the joy of life!

Sounds like a poem?

Not any poem,

A universal poem of personal suffering.

Unknown at 1:33 AM 1 comment:


I want you beside me

In the rhythm of the strong waves of the sea.

Becoming the last witness to the setting of the sun

I wanted to pick you up

The honeymoon times of the festival

I have sacrificed to you.

I wanted you without your excitement

In spite of being expelled from the heart,

Your intense rejection is to get you

Inspires me.

I am never against your reluctance

I didn't want to force you.

I wanted you as a companion of eternal time

In the game of clouds in the open sky,

I have asked you for the infinite beauty of nature

Blood youth why only you

He stood in front of me again and again.

Your vocal presence in a shattered mind

My mind will always feel witty.

Sleep in silence, you take away the sleep from your eyes

I am alone in the solitude of the night.

I wanted you, I am tired of burning

In the eastern sky of momentary consciousness.

Blue-green address in the form of a forest

I just wanted you

On the eve of your heart-poetry.

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The bricks hold the rough desert of stone

You were walking,

Rest assured, in smooth steps.

Dhudhu lonely path,

Buildings that touch the sky on both sides,

The sad sun is watching you


Understand that your opponent is thinking.

You don't even see me,

Maybe if you think the garbage of the path.

Then the steps stopped,

Rest assured smooth steps.

The melody of your flute,

Melodious youth,

Sweet Nikkan spread in the area.

You do well to pull the hem-

Does better.

Do you think I can calculate?

I will break your wounds

The tune of the flute?

Feel free to walk in harmony.

Your love is mine

Could not fill life,

Your body is mine

Don't worry. "

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I will keep an eye on him

River of pride,

Habudubu with water

It will continue indefinitely.

I understand the rain in my mind

It will come down in a torrent,

A ray of light filled with fists

Moves the inside.

From the hesitation of the decision

Jhumri Nache Mann,

With free thinking seats

Here comes the man!

The shadow of the clouds will be lost

In the blink of an eye,

I will be a bird in the blue sky

Who cares !!

Stepping on the cloudy path

Walking like a cloud,

The sun came with pride

Hundreds of irritated.

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In every moment, in every moment

Smiley, smiling happy.

So you want me to go away

I went far, far away.

Chad has risen in the blue sky

Jotsna came and stopped at your window,

I want to be lost, in the courtyard of your mind.

I want to be lost in the thought of your love

In the silence of the crowd of many dreams,

You are a festival of joy with everyone

Not only am I with you ......

You are looking no further

I find it only in the pain of your memory .....

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In tears,

I don't understand his kind

I have a problem,

The hardships are different.

The hardships are the stars of the eye

People dream during the day.

The pain is on the lips,

The sound of gentle waves.

Just flowing across the ventricles,

The mourning of a restless melody

I have a problem,

The hardships are different.

The hardships are in my heart

Find some special meaning.

The hardships are on the side of the mind,

Loves whispering.

I have a problem,

The hardships are different.

Unknown at 6:22 AM 1 comment:


If I were to realize,

Understand then,

The deepest words of my heart.

To hear,

The heartbeat of my heart.

Where only you wander .........

To find,

There are so many reasons for you.

To understand,

What a deep love in this heart

I caught you ..

Unknown at 6:21 AM 1 comment:


Suddenly a moment comes,

All upside down at the speed of the storm.

Nothing but intensely ordinary,

Pushing me away in a corner.

I shrugged a little earlier,

The rule of restraint has been destroyed.

Kneel down to the end

Poetry is, spring also comes in Dabdaha.

Maybe I could never be devoted

To you or to poetry.

If you find it, tell me why.

Feel free to forget poetry ??

Unknown at 1:20 AM 1 comment:


Every day, every night,

A sigh of relief.



This only suits me.

The ups and downs of life

I think I will kiss you in the air,

That's where the storm breathes.

Exactly one illusion,

Gradually it continues to merge

To be good.

The desperate attempt to open the lid,

There is no wave in it even today.

Now it promises foam-rice,

Catastrophe in the future,

The sun is now seemingly calm and moving.

It was not his time to turn on the light.

Unknown at 6:17 AM 1 comment:


Hope you blew in the wind,

Assurance spread on the ground,

Emotions aroused by the waves of the sea,

And love in the green forest.

Floating in hope, reassurance, passion, and love

I therefore rose more than the last train route.

Even today the last train blew its whistle

You didn't come down,

Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not even the day before,

Will you not come

If you don't come, will you give me a letter?

If you don't have a letter, will you call?

If you don't have a phone, will you forget?

But you haven't forgotten,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Unknown at 6:17 AM 1 comment:


I want you to be a huge blue sky for me

If you want to fly, I'll fly in your bosom,

I want you to be the hot sun for me

If you want to burn, I will burn in you,

I want you to be a fast flowing river for me

If I get restless in thirst, I will drown in you,

I want you to be a tireless life for me

I seek refuge in you to survive,

I want you to sigh for me

I will run towards you with every ups and downs of breathing ....

Unknown at 2:17 AM 2 comments:


If you want, you can forget someone

Maybe I forgot about you

Only some memories remain in the mind

Maybe one day I will forget these memories

I don't want to forget but I have to forget

You know why the memories

Don't want to stay with me

Wants to release me

These are your memories.

You know how I know

The memories you left behind are known

I am no longer in the bosom of this earth.

So they want to leave me again and again.

What a weird look I have so many days

I carried your memories

Today I am lost to someone

I will live as a memory.

What an infinite pastime.

I will not slander you

I set you free

I have not hidden you from the depths of my heart.

You left a long time ago

Yet today I said one more time as far as you want to go

I won't let go ____

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I saw the rainbow of suffering

Today I am tormented by dream-breaking troubles

That's why I love suffering

I'm miserable today.

Because I cherish suffering

Trouble is in every nook and cranny of mine

The pain is in my chest

The pain is cancer of my body

So I'm miserable today.

Do you know the color of suffering?

The pain is eating away at my body

I bathed in tears

Today I am handicapped to the point of suffering

Still suffering is my happiness

I take care of the pain carefully

So today I am suffering.

Today is my day without trouble

It feels lonely.

All my troubles.

I am so miserable today

Do you know the definition of suffering?

Unknown at 6:12 AM 1 comment:


It's raining today and last night ...

You're still on your way back ...

I draw you in seven colors of feeling ...

When will you never come back angry ...

I keep you hidden under this chest for the whole moment ...

Will I ever get back to that ....

See you at Risha's classic party ....

I wake up many nights today

Do you understand this phone?

When I realize this, I come back, I am lucky ...

When the seven colors of the leaves of Sriti will end ...

Then you will find me in a country with a broken heart ..

If you ever see a face-to-face walk ...

I'll just say I'm here for you today

I'm alone ... "

Unknown at 8:11 AM 1 comment:


Times will pass even if you don't want to ...

The eyes will be blurred, the hair will be twisted,

Sleep deprivation,

The list of hardships given to loved ones will be long.

Then you will learn to understand a lot.

Along with the behavior of others

It doesn't feel good to react anymore.

It would be nice to forgive people.

Then, so many days later

You might think,

The man has not done any great wrong.

I could only forgive him.

Maybe you will be very sorry.

Maybe you will hide and cry.

So I will be very close.

I will run as soon as I get a call.

It can be given only if you want to end the relationship.

After all -----------

Being able to live together is magical.

I look forward to that magic.

Do you remember those lines?

If I get a letter from him this afternoon,

If he came himself!

If you think after so long,

It's not too late. ” Be well, my love.

Unknown at 8:10 AM 1 comment:


If the mind, in the flow of time

Sarani is also hesitant, two way two.

Still hesitant?

Whatever is there, is inside

Like shells.

Seedless or polygamous

Questions in vain today.

Just like, he’s still on screen

There is so much emphasis,

I will cover you with that force.

Far away, the path of suffering.

Call in advance.

S. Chest, in a combined happy vibration.

In the end no one is defeated

This is one of the grooves of the illusory world

Where all loses,

In the symbolic obsession of being good.

Unknown at 1:07 AM 1 comment:


You come to my dream, don't come near

Kiss with love, don't end

I know you will come, you will come

Come and take me in your heart

You have to come

Come to my imagination, don't come to reality

Touch and wake up happily but you can't

I know your lips want me

Come near and you wet me

You have to come

Wet it with a spear, but the heart is empty

Burn me with intense heat, only lips draw pictures

I am fast, but why Tesuti

I'm scared, you know

You have to come

Manmohini, you are my mature old woman

Nandini aspiring to your garland of sandalwood, you are a wise woman

You have to come ........ ”

Unknown at 1:07 AM 1 comment:


If there is no right

The relationship becomes unfounded

The relationship between rights

Carries a level of importance

So today I think differently

With your surprised look

I will fall one day

To the sound of the shore of the shore

I will know your laughter

Word address

Of your chin

Clouds near black sesame

I want to get my hands on the arrogance of stigma

Wanting to be a diamond in Anamika's ring

I'll leave my hangover

At the foot of your room ...

I believe I will win even if I lose

In the draft of my poem

You are my only poem

Far away

I will immediately sound like Danar

In your vibe ...

Stay well today

More bad for a while


I want you

Unknown at 2:08 AM 2 comments:


Today you are far from me

How far can you tell?

So far where mine

Memories don't touch you,

Doesn't remind you again and again

Someone was in love with you

More than his own .....

Today I may be walking aimlessly,

I don't know where to go.

Kalei frozen body in silent silence

Little by little,

But why is that ??

Can you tell ??

If so, is this life ??

Or is it the availability of a true car love!

You tell me ????.

Unknown at 1:04 AM 1 comment:


On this sunny day,

I still have clouds all over the sky.

You are still sitting in the rainbow light,

But at the end of the rain comes the journey of darkness.

I woke up in the morning light soaking wet,

But your tears are full of that dew particle.

I want your love to smile,

But I can find you as a mirage in my reality.

At the end of the day I am a lost traveler today,

Twilight spends the evening, today is my direction.

You live in the dream with the rhythm of the current,

Today I am getting the shelf at low tide.

Find the dream in the midst of feeling,

Today, even in the land of black and white, dreams come as nightmares.

My sad mind cries silently today,

The water of the sea is being filled with my tears today.

Unknown at 1:03 AM 1 comment:


Never-or you ruin it

The crimson glow of the falling twilight

Run with a heart-lightning spark

Face the moon. The light of the blue jotsna

Playing with your body.

Among the countless stars in the blue sky

You smile like a bright star

Lovers crowd your window.

Your eyelids are raised

How many unknown lovers became busy

In the enormity of love, in the comfort of caress.

Yet you smile, cry again ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Unknown at 7:02 AM 1 comment:


Cracks in the wall

In the pouring rain

At any touch of feeling

Do not delete unwanted sections.

The language of the eyes heated by reproach

The dull mind does not understand

So the trend of overflowing rain


Catches more cracks.

On the prasad made by making it happen

Brave liveliness of algae

The Taj Mahal is not frozen there.

The light of silence shines

The thunderbolts are silent

No melody of duet-captive

It doesn't float anymore

Just the secret fold of breakage

Increases the depth and catches cracks.

Wet mind in exiled water then

Hu hu whispers in the air

“China has water resources

Just give me two drops of water.

Unknown at 1:01 AM 1 comment:


I sit in a pile of gunpowder and listen to the song of the sky

The multiplication of newly formed stars with polar stars in the middle of the night

How much more restraint, how many flowers will fall prematurely in the game of death!

Maybe my death and Sakat and Salile,

Silently, only my footprints will remain on the chest of the earth

The moneylenders will tear my body apart

Someone will be Nandini again, will add new numbers again

Will rewrite the unfinished poems of life

Unknown at 6:00 AM 1 comment:


When I left

No one will find me,

Don't break anyone's book

I'm in pain

No one will cry,

No one will erase the eyes.

I grew up alone

I will leave everything crying,

I will not return to anyone's call.

The day goes by ...........

The days weave a web of misery

No one will ever know

The dreams became random,

My life is now colorless ...

Unknown at 5:59 AM 1 comment:


Not all people's dreams come true!

So people stop dreaming ??


People live in their dreams. It may or may not have been found in reality, but in a dream, human love is loved, it lasts a lifetime. And who knows when and how someone's dream will come true !! Maybe the one who has so much hope around him, such a long wait can one day become a reality. In reality, people create dreams and live by holding on to those dreams. Dreaming or waiting for someone is not the only obstacle for people to survive but it is the only recourse of life.

Unknown at 5:57 AM 1 comment:


Abella destroys

Hungry waiting.

The sorrow that revolves around you

My fascination is with you

Your little touch of angry arrogance.

Whatever is lost in the turbulent flow

Come back to youth in an instant.

Sari wet in the rain and you are alone

Cavyras was created then.

The secret call for blossoming roses

Rhythm and fragrance breathe life into a new dimension -

Drops of water on the lips

The desire to kiss that leads then.

The suffix of intimacy awakens in torment -

Trembling in your breath, storm in my chest

Neglected touchless folds of the body

The undiscovered mystery fills my heart.

Your pearly figure-

An illuminated surge of emotion in the dew

In the study of fierce love

You are my inspiration for poetry. ""

Unknown at 5:55 AM 1

How do you think I came to you for a day or a few days? Tell me why? If I go somewhere, I will go for you. The live wherever I am. Stay for you? You think of me, think a lot, I will give you many nights to think, I will accompany the moonlit sky. Because you know - I will never think of anyone else. Except you You have taken place in all my thoughts. Every branch of my heart is subdivided.

Your voice in the depths of the temple of the mind. That's why I think - I'm close - I'll stay. If you forget, I w

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