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His name is Ehtesham. Although he is known as Lavguru. Outside of the traditional presentation, the magic of words fascinates countless viewers and listeners. From 2009 to 2012, he worked as a profit guru in Radio Amar and gained popularity. He talked about his recent time and other issues with The story of your beginning as a profit guru in the radio world ...

Ehtesham: Since 2010 till now. My start was my radio. Then came Dhaka FMA in 2014. I have worked with love on both radios. The thing is, everyone wants to get people's love and give people love, no one can control greed. At first it was just a matter of relying on love, romantic gain. The next thing to think about is whether we can use this media and not just listen, but move towards a solution. Sit down with a little courage. Then I saw that I was successful. There are a variety of relationships that are about to break up, with two people coming to our program in two cars, and we are able to send them home in one car at the end of a relationship where someone refuses to see someone's face. These successes make us more interested in the fact that there are more means of love, not just love for a boy or a girl, love for parents, love for brothers and sisters. Love for friendship. Then I thought I would work in a big way. Then we moved to Dhaka FM. You may know that Dhaka FM is now the largest network in the whole of Bangladesh. And many people have the opportunity to reach out through Dhaka FM. At the same time, we are eager to do great things. Just in love but my program is not limited. In many ways, since the Lavguru program started, has it revolved around it? For example, our big example: Ahnav's teasing, which people have all seen. Then we have handled various big problems which are rare in any other program not only in the country's media. People are thinking of a solution through a program or through a solution. That is the courage we have shown. In many cases, however, we have succeeded. Are you aware of these incidents?

Estesham: Yes. They are fine. Many of those whose families did not accept the marriage were even officially married and sent us invitations. Many such incidents have taken place. We are doing this from the place of responsibility that is the intention of the solution. How do you match the reality with the stories?

Ehtesham: But we are not going to show the story of any guest directly. We have a check back. After listening to the story on the phone to say checkback, we have a team who take the news according to their information, how accurate and inaccurate the information given by him is. At the initial stage I am trying to pick a verification. If there is any administration related matter, we talk to the police station there. We go there in Sarojmin and try to collect some audio clips from there. Only one person came and told their story, but it was not like that.

Lavguru Ehtesham. Photo: Shahriar Tamim, Do you also have a kind of life risk?

Ehtesham: Of course there is such a thing. It is constantly happening to us. Many times I have received many kinds of threats. To be honest, at first I was a little scared. So far, not a single day of the show has gone by without stepping into the studio room without reciting the Creator. But this is not a matter of fear, in fact, I should not be weakened from the place of responsibility in any way at that time and I should be able to bring out the program in the right way. Because for me it's not just entertainment, it has a lot to do with it. I can deal with those issues perfectly. But after sitting on the show, I have no fear. Then I do not live this Ehtesham and this Ehtesham. That's all there is to it, I want the solution to come. Later I may think that I have used so many words about him that I can go to the place of one of his enemies. Do you have any formal education in this worldly subject that you are working on, talking about different people?

Ehtesham: To put it bluntly, I have no education on this subject. I don’t deserve too much myself. Whatever else I have to say for these to happen, nothing is with me. Then in two lines I can explain what Lalon said, ‘What will happen to such a human birth. Whatever you do, hurry up and think about it. 'So these two lines are ingrained in my heart. I can read people terribly. If I am asked to see 5 or 10 people and observe their activities, I can because I like it. It doesn't feel like my duty. It's like my addiction. There is nothing else inside me. So how many times did Lavguru's love come in his life?

Ehtesham: (We don't know why Guru became shy at this time, and he was saying the words in a very shy manner looking down) If I say this, love has not come in my life. He has an explanation, what has come in my life is a lot of Maya. That Maya has no boundaries. Like my wife, the mother of my baby. I have an impossible love for her but I don't know if this so-called love will ever come to me. I know that after saying these words, the price in my love market will go down. So how does he sit as an expert in this love program. Of course expert when love is thought of as combining all things. Not just romantic gains. Who inspired this path?

Ehtesham: I actually love to talk when I was little. I used to act, I used to write poems when I was in 7th-8th class. I used to debate a lot. I was the National Debate Champion. Then when the offer for hosting this program came, I had this confidence that maybe if I try I can. And then the most inspiring of all was my colleague, friend, brother in the language I speak Intezar Haq. There are still sides all the time. Intezar asks me to give an interview. Then I started walking. And I didn't have to look back.

Lavguru Ehtesam. Photo: Shahriar Tamim, Do you consider yourself a profit guru?

Ehtesham: No. There can be no guru of profit. But the goal of all my words is the same that if any culture of love can be established. Before I start this show I take some moments of love inside. For example, yesterday I saw a woman near Dhanmondi Lake teaching her two children in the light of night every day. The woman works all day, the family at the railing next to her lake. Now think about it, can it be compared with anything in the world? This woman may not be Malala Yousaf, not Michelle Obama, but someone with whom the whole world cannot be compared. Its love on the one hand and the whole world on the other hand is not balanced. Where will you find it? This is the world where you are killing your own fetus every day. She is throwing away the baby to survive on her own. There are also girls who protect their love in the same way that they are in this world. And this is the moment I want to highlight them. More and more can be brought to the people. If everyone held each other for love, I don't think there is anything wrong with the world. Such an attitude of love can actually go very well in a very small property with a small demand. And the guru is just naming one of my characters. Which is the most popular story so far?

Ehtesham: My program actually has all kinds of stories. Everything gets popularity. However, in terms of popularity, many stars are coming to my program. Especially there is no bigger star than the cricketers of our country. Among them, I was lucky enough to get Tamim Iqbal, Nasir Hossain, Shakib Al Hasan, Taskin, Ashraful with me a few times, then Mashrafe, Habibul Basar and many others came to my stage. They have also extended their hand in love with the path children. Those loves were uniquely extraordinary. And the story of Shakib Al Hasan-Shishir was very popular as a love story. But I found peace with the popularity when for Rana Plaza I don’t call for blood donation or programs to help street children. We tell them to wake up in the morning and see if you have warm clothes on. And I did it. After that, nothing is compared with Ahnav's program. Now my messenger, in fact, I can die in peace that we have been able to work for a man like him. Especially the last four or five minutes when I said I came out with a begging bag, you save this boy. About 1 crore rupees was collected in the next month and a half. (Guru was a little overwhelmed with emotion) What a program and what love I got to see that the boy is now studying at Dhaka University with pride. Surviving cancer. What do you like about yourself? RJ Ehtesham or Lavguru Ehtesham?

Ehtesham: Of course as a guru. Because I'm not RJ. Because RJs have some issues, the delivery of their words is a little different which I don't have. Tell us something about the book 'Valbasar Bangladesh' which was released at the book fair ...

Ehtesham: Actually, not me, the book was published by Dhaka FM. I just contributed. I did it because with what I get from here I will be able to work for the baby in more ways. This is my wish. What is love if you want to hear from Lavguru?

Ehtesham: Maya. And love means keeping yourself good and keeping others good. Because when I think about my relatives, I see that Maya works more in the twists and turns in my mind. If you had something to say about your future plans ...

Ehtesham: I want to tell these stories that can be good even in a few things. I want to create a sacred structure of love. And so many people want to do more for them. I want help again and again.

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