Love at first sight

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Then suddenly the sound of water will break your amazement. Waves have risen in the frozen water, the rod of your rod gently swaying in it. Looking back, you will see a girl in a shiny brass jug filling the water with the waves of the pond. There is curiosity in the girl's eyes but there is no shameful numbness in the movement. He will look straight at you, notice your fatna, then turn his face again and lift the jar to his waist.

‘You don’t understand what age the girl is. Seeing the calm, sad seriousness of his face, it would seem that he has crossed the long and cruel path of life, looking at his emaciated, malnourished body, it would seem that he has stopped going through adolescence and passing through youth. Looking back as she leaves with the pitcher, the girl will suddenly say, “Why are you sitting? Pull it out. "

Reader, before the girl leaves with the pitcher, peek through the gap of the exhausted cough at the algae-covered broken ghat, see how the glowing smile played on the calm and sad face of the girl. Inside that aura, the tune of the new melody increased, only the melody was spreading through a path inside. There is no more word in the face of the hero. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! Why?

The heroine of this story is named Jamini. And the protagonist, the writer himself — Premendra Mitra. Although this scene of theirs seems to be a love affair, the writer, Jamini also fell in love with Jamini after showing those one or two minutes. That is clear in the third meeting. To know the consequences of this love, one has to go to Premendra Mitra's story 'Discovery of Telenapota'. That way maybe one day you too can discover your ‘I’.

Seeing in a blink of an eye, the mind is overwhelmed


‘Tunai is waiting for the leaf boat to float in the water of Subarnadahar and come back. His curled body. He hides his eyes from the eyes and sings to the child. Sunflower song. And I looked at the floating leaf boat. The melody of the song is shaking the water and crossing the forest of shade. How that melody is holding me, the air, the water. All the words of the world, all the melodies seem to be silent inside his melody. Said, if a melody rises in the chest, there is no stopping it. You have to listen quietly. But he doesn't know, being arrogant means crying again and again. He further said that if water trembles in someone's tune, then you will understand that he is burning inside! I see her burn. I see tunai burning, water burning, houses of air burning, love of fish, movement of leaf boats. Tunai stopped the song and saw me and the boat. Before the anchor, the boat floated away. Tunai's burnt chest and me opened a path to this loneliness, of faith. '

Love may also be the name of the path opened in this lonely solitude. The first shows the love of adolescence. Here too the protagonist is the narrator ‘I’. Before the two became one, the distance between that ‘I’ and Tunai increased. And love? Talking about that later.


Seeing a little, no-words, words, mind and body, the two of them have to walk towards the unknown path. Going this way will blend into one another’s hearts. As if the two can no longer be recognized separately. Whatever the outcome, the name of this journey may be love.

Why does this first show love? Mental health experts may be able to explain why you make the final decision in life, stay together for a long time, or not.

In reality, this is the love of seeing Shahid and Ritu (pseudonym) for the first time. According to Shahid, their first love affair started in 1992. Ritur, a student at the Nursing Institute, met Shahid in a very unemployed life while taking her younger brother to school. One's smile was on the other's face that day. Gutur gutur until the school holiday bell rang. As soon as the bell rings, their way back home becomes long. In this way, they merge heart to heart as they walk the path. Then in 1995 the two families got married with their consent. There are now three of them in the family, including one son. Even after 28 long years, they still remember that first love. Want to remember until the last day of life.

He took my mind

After reading Sarwar's poems and prose through social media, Nusrat (pseudonym) was trying to match himself with his thoughts. That's all there is to it. Nusrat seemed to hear a lot inside the short text ‘Hmmm’ written on the messenger. As soon as I read Sarwar's writing, an air would enter my chest. First seen at the book fair, for a moment. At that sight, the wind rose.

Nusrat said he fell in love with Sarwar at first sight. Two people from two cities. Far from seeing, there was very little talk on the phone. One day he dared to say, 'I love you.' The man on the other end of the phone said respectfully, 'It's a limitation.' Years go by; Crossing the border, the two keep thinking the same thing. They didn't have to walk for long to match heart to heart. He tied the knot in 2015. Their daughter is now growing up in the care of the two. They want to live together in countless eras of poetry-love-melancholy and joy so that they cannot reconcile.

This is the first show of the successful outcome of love. But the end of the love of Somani and Jaira (pseudonym) of the business family is different. The crumbs of the past are now stored in their memory. Speaking of 2017. The two fell in love at first sight. They may have decided to get married before they knew each other. In the beginning the family interrupted but later they got married in Mahadhumadham. But the cuckoo never called more than once next to their house. Before that, the two parted ways.


The reader, if he finds his own ‘I’, will see that this one I am walking alone, silently, on the path of the world. Suddenly the wound of his old love awoke inside his chest. Bhulomane called, Tunai Tunai ....

The attraction of the first sight turns into love

Ahmed Helal

Associate Professor, National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka

Love can be at first sight. According to researchers, love first appears to be a 'positive illusion'. Much like that, after mutual understanding and time, the love matured but the main reaction happened at first sight! The reason for the reaction is that when you fall in love, some chemical changes take place in the brain. The attraction that is created immediately after the first meeting, turns into love at a later time. Explaining the triangle of love in the eighties, Steinberg, a professor of psychology at Yale University in the United States, said that there are three elements of love — intimacy, passion and commitment. If intimacy and passion are created at the first sight, then love is bound to result if responsibility is created at the next time. Emotions are aroused by being attracted to the first show. Responsibility is created by emotion. In 2016, a study of 400 men and women in the Netherlands found that relationships developed gradually as attraction developed at first sight. The study found that men were more likely to fall in love at first sight than women. In the end, however, the researchers say, it is not at first sight that ‘real’ love is created, but rather intense attraction is created, from which intimacy, passion and commitment combine to give birth to ‘real’ love. Some researchers call it 'impression formation'. This impression formation is but urgent. So love can be at first sight. But in order to keep that love alive and make it successful, I want intimacy, passion and responsibility. So before you make a final decision after liking the first look, see, understand, know whether all the elements of love are in the Michelle relationship.

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